Peter Hitchens: Today, I’m publishing the document that could save us from war

Peter Hitchens – Mail on Online March 1, 2020

Long ago, a wise teacher told me to remember these words: ‘Truth is the Daughter of Time, not of Authority.’ I had no idea how important they were. Now, after many years of experiencing official dishonesty, they are my motto.

One day, a lot of other people, in the media and politics, will accept that in the past few months they have failed in their duty to the truth, by staying silent or – worse – joining in a braying attempt to suppress crucial facts.

But by then it is quite possible that the peoples of the Western world will have been whipped into a warlike frenzy by false information, just as happened in the Iraq disaster 17 years ago. Because if nothing is done about the scandal I have been writing about, such an outcome is highly possible, even likely.

Victims of an alleged Syrian government ‘chemical weapons’ attck in Douam, in Feb 2018, Click to enlarge

A few months ago I was told of an attempt by authority to suppress an important truth about an alleged atrocity in Syria. Claims that poison gas had been used by the Syrian state at Douma in April 2018 were not, in fact, confirmed by the scientific evidence.

This was deeply embarrassing to three governments – our own, France’s and the USA, all of which had bombed Syria soon afterwards in the unchecked belief that the claims were true.

All three are members of the UN Security Council, and are supposed to uphold international law with special care. But the facts suggested they had all violated that law.

I did not much welcome the knowledge. It was frightening to possess it. I knew that if I published it, I would face trouble. But I had to.

And I duly did. I was immediately smeared on social media as a ‘war crimes denier’, an absurd accusation. I was falsely accused of being a patsy for the horrible Assad regime in Syria, despite my record of hostility to the Assads going back more than 20 years.

I actually have a more consistent anti-Assad record than the British Government, which in 2002 compelled the poor Queen to invite President Bashar Assad to Buckingham Palace.

The vicious slanderers who attacked me paid no attention to my rebuttals, and repeated the smears, from behind false names. Their purpose was to scare others away from the story.

I suspect there have been, and will be, other consequences. I have annoyed some powerful people. But I was a minor victim of this spiteful rage.

The brave dissenters who had protested against the hiding of the truth are very serious men, totally unpolitical scientists who simply could not abide the suppression of the evidence they had gathered and examined. They have been hosed down with slime by their former employers.

They have also been attacked by a slippery operation known as Bellingcat, which far too many journalists and politicians treat with wide-eyed indulgence, as if it was a brave independent enterprise.

Why do they never mention that it is partly funded by the US government, through its front organisation the National Endowment for Democracy? Could it be that it would not be quite such a convincing source if it was known to be subsidised by Donald Trump? I imagine so.

The two scientists remain absolutely confident that their doubts are justified.

But their reward was to be severely, publicly attacked by their former employers, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Again, a lot of people lazily or weakly accepted this official attack on powerless individuals as true. They did not notice, or did not care, that the two men had been given no opportunity to defend themselves, that the resulting indictment was completely one-sided.

Well, it is now my privilege to publish their defence in detail.

It is on the Peter Hitchens Blog at

I hope it will stand as a vital resource for anyone seriously interested in the truth about what I regard as the biggest scandal of its kind since the dodgy dossiers and non-existent WMD that were used to hurry us into invading Iraq.

I, and others who have read it, have found it impressive and powerful. I do not think that anyone could read it without seeing that something has gone seriously wrong. Let us hope that we have enough time, before the next war, for the truth to prevail.



9 responses to “Peter Hitchens: Today, I’m publishing the document that could save us from war”

  1. Well done to the brave scientists and Mr Hitchens for upholding the truth. The world needs more people like you.

  2. It would be as well to protect any scientists who buck the party line….keep in mind the fate of Dr Kelly who “committed suicide “……

  3. Peter Hitchens means well… but he’s still got his head buried so far up The Offical Narrative’s a$$ that’ he’s in serous danger of asphyxiation by noxious gas

    Thus he states:
    France, the UK & the US (F-UK-US) “bombed Syria soon afterwards in the unchecked belief that the claims (of Asssad using Poison Gas) were true”
    Note the use of the phrase “Unchecked BELIEF” – as if the attack on Syria wasn’t ALREADY PRE-MEDITATED by the Axis Of FUKUS!

    It apparently NEVER OCCURS to HItchens that FUKUS bombed SYria KNOWING FULL WELL that ANY POISON GAS was used by FUKUS’s own ‘ISIS PROXIES’ and then BLAMED ON Assad by the FUKUS LIARS

    THus HItchens claims it was all an innocent mistake – with “GOD FORBID!” even his “poor Queen” misled on occasion – so he doesn’t have to face that fact that his OWN cou try is an integral componnent of the Axis OF Terror

  4. If the US, UK and Israel get their war against Russia, Russia could use its new missile systems to change the nature of warfare forever. Use the missiles to target the warmongers in the west, and not just politicians but the generals, arms company CEOs and media bosses. Take war to their front door; ensure they’re amongst the first to die in this one.

    Target not just their homes but their second homes, their lakeside cabins, their boats at harbour, their favourite holiday villa and so forth. After just a few have been killed they’ll see the bigger picture, then sue for peace, then never vote for war again.

  5. @ The REALIST and Michael McNulty :
    Thank you

  6. hitchens – I query the reason for your hostility toward Assad over the past 20 years. He has an 80% approval rating by the people. Can you explain why? He has unstitched the former constitution with input drawn from various sections of society and with the help of the Russians and asked the people to vote on it. The people approved it. Why? you need to concentrate on the UK. look at the miscarriage of justice, torture and kangaroo court in regard to Assange or that of Green or the secret family courts. do we have justice – your answer on a card please. Perhaps is time for you to put your thinking cap on and think outside the box

  7. Truth is in many respects the daughter of time. However, by the time it comes out it is usually quite irrelevant to change anything. The authorities in the US, for instance, always working with their many agencies, technology, special effects experts, the military, and a completely controlled and dissembling media, simply pull off one major stunt after another, hoodwinking not just Americans, but the entire world. Once the deed has been done, the jaded public does not seem to care about having been deceived. It is as if they think all past deceptions and atrocities are just ancient history, and likely something necessary to keep the economy going or gas prices down at the pumps.

    We do eventually find out about everyone of their crimes, like for instance: the Kennedy assassination; the Gulf of Tonkin false flag; the USS Victory false flag; the fake US moon landings; the Mossad fake terrorist transmissions framing Gaddaffi for the US to bomb Libya; US Army’s 1994 publication Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces – updated in 2004 – directing all the false flag terrorist attacks in Latin America and other regions, no known as part of the CIA’s “Dirty Wars“; 9/11; WMD’s; the recruiting, training, arming, deploying and funding of al Qaeda & ISIS mercs for destabilization and terrorist operations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations; plus all of the fake gas attacks in Syria.

    Like our moral values over right and wrong, the thinking seems to be that if good and evil are subject to moral relativism, then why not the truth be relativistic as well. Are not our interests paramount, and if so why should they be subject to what some of us call “the truth”? That appears to be the thinking of the day. Truth and the facts are simply subject to the interests of those who control them, and as long as we accept that, evil will reign, and our civilization will die, as it is dying all around us – as anyone who has lived over 50 years can clearly see.

    If truth becomes relative to our interests, then reason is either another causality, or it goes over to the other side and becomes the tool of the liars.

    If it is a crime to lie to the police, then why is it not a crime for the government, politicians, and the media to lie to the people? Are not the police, governments, politicians, and the media supposed to be the servants of the people? Are we not living in a democracy? Yet, for the government to regulate speech or to institute a Ministry of Truth, that will entail censorship and a selection of facts shrouding the truth even more, which process will never be disinterested, and always subject to the interests of some imperious elites making the decisions.

    Regardless, of first suggesting solutions for the problem of the chronic lying and deceptions by our “authorities”, the public first has to wake up to the fact that without the truth, there can be no real democracy, no real justice, nor real fairness, no real awareness, no real trust, and no real safety or security, and that in any real or fake “crisis” they likely will be duped, yet again. To get there, they first have first to value the truth for its own sake, and to do that they have to be able to objectify it from their own interests. Then with reason and with our moral standards of what is right and wrong, matters can be judged. As for 9/11, it has not gone away. Even if more than half the people know it was a false flag, most still trust that in any case it was necessary. What this signals for this millennium is the death of truth in the West, and for the future of the West.

  8. Hitchens writes: “I actually have a more consistent anti-Assad record than the British Government … ”

    I do not see that as admirable. Firstly, the sins of the father should not be automatically assigned to the son, who only became the President of Syria because his older brother died in an accident. Secondly, the alleged crimes of Bashar al-Assad have been written in the West and are therefore highly unlikely to be valid (as Douma has been proven to be, albeit too late). Mr. Hitchens seems to believe he is revealing an amazing truth here but anyone who has followed the true jourrnalism of Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley has known about this since the “Assad is gassing his own people!” accusations began. Also, these two women have long ago dinged the Bellingcat’s wrong-note bell. Furthermore I don’t believe the governments of the UK, France and USA feel regret or even embarassment over the hasty bombing of Syria or any other chaos by proxy they have created there. Truth is of no consequence to them. It’s only their regime-change agenda, perfectly coupled with Israel’s goals, that matters.

  9. anyone who has followed the true jourrnalism of Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley has known about this since the “Assad is gassing his own people!” accusations began.

    One would have thought that Mr Hithchens would have known about these brilliant women or did he want to give the impression he was the only one trying to bring truth to the fore?