Zuckerberg Asks German Government for Instructions on ‘What Discourse Should Be Allowed’

The Death of Free Speech?

Jonathan Turley – Russia Insider Feb 22, 2020

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Angela Merkel. Click to enlarge

I have written for years on the effort of European countries to expand their crackdown on free speech globally through restrictions on social media and Internet speech. It appears that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has relented in what may prove the death knell for free speech in the West. Zuckerberg seems to relent in asking governments for regulations stipulating what speech will be permitted on Facebook and other platforms. It is the ultimate victory of France, Germany, and England in their continuing attack on free expression though hate speech laws and speech regulation.

Zuckerberg told an assembly of Western leaders Saturday at the Munich Security Conference that “There should be more guidance and regulation from the states on basically — take political advertising as an example — what discourse should be allowed?” He did add: “Or, on the balance of free expression and some things that people call harmful expression, where do you draw the line?” The problem is that his comments were received as accepting that government will now dictate the range of free speech. What is missing is the bright line rule long maintained by the free speech community.

As tragically demonstrated in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, speech regulations inevitably expand with time. The desire to silence one’s critics becomes insatiable for both governments and individuals.

Zuckerberg is facing great pressure, including from Democratic leaders in the United States, to regulate political speech and he seems to be moving away from the bright-line position against such regulation as a principle. Instead, he is accepting the fluid concept of “balanced” regulations that has always preceded expanding speech codes and criminalization:

“There are a lot of decisions in these areas that are really just balances between different social values. It’s about coming up with an answer that society feels is legitimate and that they can get behind and understand that you drew the line here on the balance of free expression and safety. It’s not just that there’s one right answer. People need to feel like, ‘OK, enough people weighed in, and that’s why the answer should be this, and we can get behind that.’”

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Original source Jonathan Turley

3 responses to “Zuckerberg Asks German Government for Instructions on ‘What Discourse Should Be Allowed’”

  1. There has never been any sign from Zuckerberg of doing right by the machine that feeds his intelligence tool. That being, being itself in people.
    Now to take a leaf out of Mr ju`s book of nasties why can’t they create social net offence insurance to make those of delicate sensibilities feel like they’ve had a small win and been compensated. Zuck did mention safety let the insurance companies deal with it.
    Nothing he said has anything autonomous about it in fact he just keeps running around the same old circles. “OK enough people weighed in” yes weighed in with the likes of Soros loot.

  2. He is telling Frau Merkel that Facebook will filter out any populist content her government does not like, in exchange for assurances to continue with unwavering support for the Rothschild cartel and the Zionist Nazis movement in Israel.

  3. Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

    You are such a noble, ethical, honest, forthright, wise and upstanding member of our community. I completely trust you and your fellow fact checkers to uphold the truth as being sacred and to put a stop to misinformation proliferation on the Internet and everywhere else.

    You have demonstrated your unique ability to fight cyberhate and antisemitism, clearly the most important issue of our times. I am absolutely relieved to find out that facegook is up to the challenge of stamping out those offensive and inappropriate expressions of pure hate we so often come across as we peruse the Internet,

    I have heard that you have many career opportunities and it would be an immense honor for me to work for your organization. I would like to help you in every way possible, and to that end, I have listed below just a few examples of truly offensive, hateful and hurtful words and deeds.l

    Thanking you in advance for censoring these awful sources of hate:

    1) The Talmud.

    2) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    3) The New York Times, Washington Post and many other so-called “news sources” have conspired in colossal crimes such as the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen (via Saudi Arabia), Gaza, etc… They indulge in massive cover-ups of events such as 9/11, the 7/7 London bombing, the Madrid bombing, the Bali Indonesia bombing, etc… They manufacture war propaganda, support terrorist organizations like the US government, the British government and the Israeli government to name but a few. They are accomplices in the criminal invasions of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. They indulge in true hate speech by spreading lies about Putin and the Russians, Iran, North Korea, Assad in Syria, the Palestinians, Venezuela, etc…

    They hide all the insidious attacks on the people of the world via chemtrails, vaccines, genetically modified organisms, radioactivity, microwaves, etc…

    They promote racial hatred and are the biggest racists.

    4) Netanyahu’s endless diatribes against a nuclear Iran, when it is Israel that needs its nukes removed.

    5) The continuous demonization of Putin, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, white nationalists, the white race, those who expose conspiracies, those who expose high crimes, truth seekers, people who are sick of the continuous lies.

    6) The Lies about World War 1 and World War 2; the mistreatment of Germans after war’s end; all caused by jewish bankers and their minions including well paid presstitutes in Shitstream Media.

    7) Post WW2 Holocaust and defamation of Germany while fabricating, exaggerating, glorifying and enshrining THEIR holocaust as THE Holocaust. Quite the chutzpah when one considers the fact that THEY are the biggest and most consistent perpetrators of holocausts throughout history…!!

    8) The lies about nuclear power being safe and sustainable.

    9) Etc…