Trump Appoints Staunch ZIONIST Richard Grenell as Intelligence Chief

Adam Green – Know More News Feb 20, 2020


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3 responses to “Trump Appoints Staunch ZIONIST Richard Grenell as Intelligence Chief”

  1. U.S.A. ( United – Sugar Daddy of Israel – of America ).

  2. A staunch zionist idiot devoid of intelligence is appointed by President Bullshit, the imbecile in-chief, to the position of “acting director of national intelligence”.

    What national intelligence? There is no such thing as national intelligence. There is only infinite criminality and insanity in that God damn den of tramps and thieves.

    The newly appointed shithead will just be “acting” like he’s in charge of intelligence when in fact, you’ll only hear the most moronic and inane bullshit coming out of this newly appointed piece of garbage. Nothing new here; just another asshole being paid an astronomical salary to lie, cheat, steal and murder, as usual.

    US intelligence = Infinite hypocrisy, stupidity and evil. There is no intelligence there at all: it’s a pack of overpaid lying sacks of shit in suits.

  3. These people can all be “Bushwhacked” but no-one does it.