Prosecutors Claim That Prince Andrew Openly Groped Girls On Epstein’s Pedophile Island

Michael K – D Listed Feb 17, 2020

Prince Andrew pictured in 2011 with Jeffrey Epstein. Click to enlarge

If you had to go to work today, on President’s Day, then go up to your boss, and tell them that you just read the headline: Prosecutors Claim That Prince Andrew Openly Groped Girls On Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island. If they care about you at all, they will give you the rest of the day off and also give you a few $20 bills from petty cash for you to use to pick up a bottle of something mind-numbing as well as battery acid to pour into your ear holes hoping it will erase the memory of this mess.

Denise George, the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, says that an employee of dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private island Little St. James witnessed Prince Andrew getting on girls out in the open… as if he was a pedophile on Pedophile Island. And I hope that employee’s eyeballs are resting well on a beach far, far away from Pedophile Island since I’m sure they pulled themselves out of their owner’s sockets after witnessing the kind of demonic shit that went down on Pedophile Island.

Denise George talked to Vanity Fair about the Epstein case, and said that the investigation has been a bitch because of nondisclosure agreements that Epstein employees signed. Epstein’s estate is enforcing those NDAs for obvious reasons and Denise George says the agreements are being used to “conceal the criminal activity of Epstein and his associates who are still there.” Denise has been able to put liens on Epstein’s estate to make sure his victims get what they deserve.

“If he owns anything else that’s not connected to here, then we will have no jurisdiction,” says George in her office in St. Thomas’s Government Employees’ Retirement System building. “As the investigation continues, we will find that out. But as of now, as far as what is in the estate, it appears that a well-substantial amount is connected to his entities right here in the Virgin Islands.”

Even though NDAs have kept Epstein’s employees from opening their mouths while on the record, one did tell Denise that he witnessed Prince Andrew pedo-ing it up on a balcony.

The people who worked on Epstein’s island, tended to his various companies such as Southern Trust, drove his boats, piloted his planes, etc., probably know more about Epstein’s activities than anyone else—and all are likely bound by nondisclosure agreements. “An employee told me that he saw Prince Andrew on a balcony out at Little St. James groping girls right out in the open,” George says. “He said he remembered walking up to him and saying, ‘Good morning, your Highness.’”

Prince Andrew, 16-year-old Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell. Click to enlarge

Andrew has denied knowing about his BFF Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile and sex trafficking ways, and even though Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking victim recruiter Ghislane Maxwell was a regular at Buckingham Palace. Andrew even denied meeting Virginia Giuffre who says she was forced to have sex with him by Epstein when she was underage.

If Prince Andrew is ever asked about this latest claim, I’m sure he’ll have another believable excuse. He could not have been on that balcony on Pedophile Island that day because he just so happened to be at another Pizza Express. And he just remembered that when he was shot at during the Falklands War, he not only lost the ability to sweat, he also developed an allergic reaction where his hands would break out into hives and temporarily paralyze if he touched a girl that was not of legal age in whatever place he was in. So it was medically impossible for him to repeatedly grope underage girls on Pedophile Island!


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  1. He’s a Royal. Nothing’s going to happen to him. After all nothing happened to Prince Philip when he ordered a hit on Princess Diana.

  2. All this talk of Andrew. Seen the pictures of Charles with Savile and the paedophile bishop? Philip at a nazi funeral? Harry with a swastika armband? That’s not even a tip of the iceberg. They are all rotten to the core. And the “sawdust for brains” masses elevate them to God status. That’s why there will never be justice, and nothing will change. A few thousand?? control 7 billion on Planet Evil. Try sending this article to somebody you know and watch the programmed meme come out of their mouths ” You’re a conspiracy theorist”
    It’s like taking candy from a baby, to the Overlords. They can’t stop laughing at the masses. By the way, if any kind of waking up did start, websites like this would come down quicker than the guillotines they have ready for the enlightened.