Being Ahead of Time

Gilad Atzmon – Feb 17, 2020

In my recent book, Being in Time, I analyse Jewish controlled opposition. I argue that some self-identified Jews end up being on both polar extremes of every debate that is even mildly relevant to Jewish existence: Those who have recently been disturbed about the Jews who are at the centre of the impeachment trial have also found that Jews hold key positions on Trump’s defense team. Those who accuse Jews of pushing immigration and multiculturalism can’t deny that Trump’s senior policy advisor on immigration is Stephen Miller and that was “conceived in Jerusalem.” The Palestinians’ solidarity movement is dominated by a few well organized Jewish solidarity groups that do little but divert the discourse from the Palestinian right of return and exhaust the movement in their relentless witch-hunting of truth speakers and seekers.
In Being in Time, I point out that as soon as an issue or event is identified as a potential Jewish problem, a Jewish satellite dissent emerges to ‘calm things down.’ As soon as Corbyn became the modern Amalek (‘existential threat’), Jews for Jeremy was formed to dismantle the idea that Jews hate Corbyn collectively. Those who view Capitalism as a Jewish construct are similarly reminded that Marx was also a Jew. In Being in Time I argue that none of this is necessarily conspiratorial. It is only natural for Jews to denounce the crimes that are committed on ‘their behalf’ by a state that defines itself as ‘The Jewish State.’ The same applies to Jews who are genuinely tormented by the vast over representation of Jews in some problematic spheres. Yet, the outcome of all this is potentially volatile: every crucial debate regarding the West and its future; Globalism, Neocons wars, capitalism, immigration, multiculturalism, Israel and so on, is too frequently reduced into an internal Jewish exchange.
It was therefore just a matter of time before some Jews would admit that the involvement of a few prominent Jewish celebrities in some spectacular sex crimes is becoming rather embarrassing and even dangerous for the Jews.
It seems as if Jonah Goldberg has launched the ‘Jews against pedophilia’ campaign. Today, The Jewish World Review published an article titled “French pedo flap a cautionary tale for OUR cultural aristocrats. In the commentary, Goldberg digs into the activities of Jewish radical ideology, along with those of the notorious paedophile, Gabriel Matzneff.
Goldberg was triggered by a New York Times article that examined the rise and fall of the paedophilia devotee. Matzneff is 83, an old man now, but he has been the darling of the French literary world and media for decades: his work was supported by leading newspapers and literary publications. “He’d appear on highbrow TV shows,” Goldberg writes, where he’d “regale interviewers and audiences with the sublime pleasures of having sex with children in France and on sex tours of southeast Asia.”
In his book “Under 16 Years Old,” Matzneff wrote, “To sleep with a child, it’s a holy experience, a baptismal event, a sacred adventure.”
But the contrast Goldberg draws between Jeffrey Epstein and Matzneff is surprisingly clumsy: “The well-connected billionaire spent vast sums to keep his sexual abuses at least somewhat secret. Matzneff not only confessed to his crimes, his confessions were celebrated as literary contributions.” I feel the need to remind Goldberg that nicknaming one’s plane the “Lolita Express” is hardly an attempt to hide one’s sexual morbidity and crimes. If anything Matzneff is like Epstein in that both celebrated a peculiar sense of impunity. Needless to mention, no Jewish outlet denounced either of them or their not very secretive activities before they were caught and charged.

Jewish Radicals and the role of the Orgasm

Next comes the ‘rationalisation.’ “Matzneff was a Child of 68,” Goldberg writes, “a product of the left-wing ‘May 68’ movement that shook France in the 1960s. These radicals subscribed to the idea that anything smacking of traditionalism or bourgeois morality was backward. Conventional sexual morality was part of the same rotten edifice as imperialism and racism.”
Goldberg doesn’t approve of the ‘Jewish radicals and their ideology. He reminds us that “a few years ago, Daniel Cohn-Bendit (a.k.a. Dany le Rouge), the famous former radical and leader of the European Green movement, got in hot water for his earlier writings and statements about “erotic” encounters with 5-year-olds. He (Cohn-Bendit ) dodged major consequences by disavowing his own words, saying they were merely intended to provoke.”
Goldberg is a well-known and successful writer, he could have published his criticism of Matzneff and Jewish radicals in numerous national American news outlets but, presumably he made the decision to use a Jewish outlet. Whether intentionally or not, Goldberg provides an insight into Jewish survival strategy in general and Jewish controlled opposition in particular. Criticizing radical philosophy and the advocacy of pedophilia on ideological grounds by Jews in a Jewish media outlet conveys the image that Jews can deal with their problems. The goyim should let it go or, even better, move on.
But Goldberg’s account is either mistaken or misleading. The sex revolution that branched into advocating paedophilia wasn’t invented in 1968. Its radical Jewish roots take us back to the 1920-30s and, in particular, to the early work of Wilhelm Reich.
The Following is an excerpt from Being in Time in which I delve into Wilhelm Reich and his ‘genital utopia.’
In his 1933 work, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Jewish Marxist and Freudian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich attempted to explain the striking victory of ‘reactionary’ Fascism over ‘progressive’ Communism. Reich was desperate to rescue the relevance of revolutionary Marxism. In order to do so he formed a new ‘post Marxist’ theoretical outlook to explain why the Germans of his time favoured ‘authoritarianism’ over a ‘preferable’ communist revolution.
According to Reich, the attraction of reactionary and conservative politics and the inclination towards fascism is driven by a long history of rigid, authoritarian patriarchy which affects the family, parenting, primal education and eventually, society as a whole.
Of course, the remarkable popularity of fascism in Europe could have provided the scientifically-orientated Reich with a clear refutation of Marxist working class politics, theories and predictions. After all, dialectical Marxism had failed as a social theory as well as a methodical prophecy. But for some reason, he, like many other Jewish intellectuals of his time, decided to stick with Marx. Hoping to rescue what was left of dialectical materialism, and insisting that true communist political revolution would prevail once sexual repression was overthrown, Reich synthesized Marx and Freud into a ‘Sex Revolution.’
Wilhelm Reich posited that sexual liberation on a mass scale would save Marxist dogmatism and working people as well. In chapter five of The Mass Psychology of Fascism, he declared war on the patriarchal and conservative family which he saw as being at the core of mass conservatism: “From the standpoint of social development,” Reich wrote, “the family cannot be considered the basis of the authoritarian state, only as one of the most important institutions which support it.” The traditional family is a “central reactionary germ cell, the most important place of reproduction of the reactionary and conservative individual. Being itself caused by the authoritarian system, the family becomes the most important institution for its conservation.”
In the eyes of the neo-Marxist affection, both romanticism and traditional family values were obstacles to socialist reform and Reich’s vehicle towards the new world order was … orgasm! In his 1927 study, The Function of the Orgasm, he came to the conclusion that: “there is only one thing wrong with neurotic patients: the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction.” In the hands of Reich, the Marx-Freud hybrid was leading to what some critical cynics dubbed “genital utopia.”
Reich believed that for women within the patriarchal society, sex was within the realm of duty and/or restricted to procreation. “The maintenance of the authoritarian family institution requires more than economic dependence of wife and children on husband and father. This dependence can be tolerated only under the condition that the consciousness of being a sexual being is extinguished as far as possible in women and children. The woman is not supposed to be a sexual being, only the producer of children.”(The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Wilhelm Reich pg 56 37. Ibid pg 56)
Within the traditional society, the woman was robbed of any libidinal consciousness: “This idealization of motherhood is essentially a means of keeping women from developing a sexual consciousness and from breaking through the barriers of sexual repression, of keeping alive their sexual anxieties and guilt feelings. The very existence of woman as a sexual being would threaten authoritarian ideology; her recognition and social affirmation would mean its collapse.” Women were mere baby factories, who had only an instrumental role because: “Imperialistic wars require that there be no rebellion in the women against the function that is imposed on them, that of being nothing but child-bearing machines.” This description of the woman and the family fits the traditional Jewish orthodox family rather better than, say, the German, French, Italian or Spanish family cell.
But Wilhelm Reich wasn’t only a dialectic social revolutionary, he was also a pragmatist. He invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator, a wooden box about the size of a telephone booth, lined with metal and insulated with steel wool. The Orgone itself was a vague concept: an esoteric energy, a universal life force that was massless yet omnipresent and promised to charge up the body with the life force that circulated in the atmosphere and which he christened “orgone energy.” His Orgone box promised to improve “orgastic potency” and, by extension, physical and mental health Thus, the newly liberated Western subject was invited to experience the true meaning of Marx and Freud through sweating towards full emancipation by means of accumulating ‘Orgone energy’ in this wooden box.
Those who watched Woody Allen’s comedy film Sleeper (1973) probably remember the Orgasmatron – the orgasm inducing machine. In Allen’s satirical take on Reich’s Orgone box, it is actually the authoritarian regime that encourages its citizens to emancipate themselves by means of their genitalia. In Allen’s prophetic movie, the orgasm, like consumerism is a reward from the oppressive regime that diverts the masses’ attention from their existential misery.

The ‘authoritarian’ Germans, both fascist and communist, quickly expelled Reich from their ranks. By 1934, even Freud didn’t want anything to do with Reich. The progressive Americans however, tolerated his ideas, at least for a while. Reich was eventually arrested and died in an American prison leaving behind some radical minds, still convinced that the Orgone box was acting as a greenhouse for cosmic, libidinal energy. Within the free-ranging pornographic realm in which we live, the universe has become an extended Orgone container: pornography is free to all; genital sex is deemed almost Victorian; heterosexuality, at a certain stage, was on the verge of becoming a marginal adventure. And yet authoritarianism hasn’t disappeared. Quite the opposite; to borrow Marx’s metaphor – it is sex and pornography rather than religion that have become the opium of the masses. And yet, this ‘progressive’ universe in which we live didn’t defeat the inclination towards violence. We are killing millions by proxy in the name of moral interventionism and Coca Cola.

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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

8 responses to “Being Ahead of Time”

  1. When I was growing up, it was very much a case of “no sex please, we’re British.” It was Europe, that was very much ‘liberated’ when it came to sexual expression, especially Italy, France and of course Germany.
    Now people are obsessed with sex. As Makow once wrote: “heterosexual sex is now homosexual sex”. He didn’t mean it in the concept that heterosexuals now sodomise their female partners (and vice versa in the case of some perverts) but that the purpose of sex is no longer what it’s solely there for – the procreation of the human race, but instead the pursuit of the orgasm. It’s now an incredibly selfish act.

    And of course, they changed “having sex” to “making love” which most certainly is not what it is. You don’t ‘make’ love. You either love someone or you don’t and you don’t create love by having sex. It’s another lie that’s been conveniently portrayed, through the msm, in order to turn people into rampant, sex beasts, rutting like rabbits at every given opportunity.
    Although I never watched the program (as I don’t do anything on TV really) there was a good quote, by Don Draper, in the American TV show ‘Mad Men’ – “what you call love, was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.”
    Sex sells and it’s why it’s now the centrepoint of human life, but for the wrong reasons.

    Sex controls people. As Augustine of Hippo stated:

    “Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but what is worse, as many masters as he has vices”.

    Sex is now a vice. Prostitution is the oldest trade (if you can call it that as nothing is created) known to man. And more and more women are getting into prostitution. I mean, think about it? What would young women today, with no morals and ethics, choose to do? Would they rather work 40 hours a week, with take home pay after tax of some £250, on their feet all day, working behind a bar, in a clothes shop, as a care nurse, or whatever, or would they rather, lie on their back, for 30 mins a day, having sex with a man, for around £140? Total weekly income if you choose this path, for 2.5 hours = £700. And of course, these women will probably have multiple partners a day, taking weekly earnings well into four figures. This is why cities are flooded with Eastern Europeans, who rent flats in the centre of cities to ply their trade.
    And one step up from that are the women who move from lap dancing into hardcore pornograpic movies, earning around £1,200 for a scene that can last from 20 mins to 40. These women take home a five figure salary weekly.

    When you remove morals and ethics from society, you see a huge rise in pornography and sex services. As stated, if you’re a young women today, who’s pretty, with a good figure, where homosexuality, transgenderism, multiple genders is the norm, there’s no problem about having sex on camera. More so, if they play their cards right, they can easily buy multiple properties, working in the adult film industry in their first year, hence why so many do it.

    And to finish, who controls the porn industry? Yup, you guessed it, our friends with the hook noses, beady eyes, belonging to that cult of ethnocentric supremacism, racism and hatred. And there’s nothing these folk like doing than getting into the knickers of the ‘shiksas’, hence why the porn industry is not only owned and run by them, but they’re also most of the male pornstars within.

    As I’ve continually stated, the Jew has won. I’m sorry for my defeatist attitude, but I simply read the current situation. It’s very much like the Weimar Republic and unless a Hitler figure rises, watch the suicide rate go up along with even more, rampant degeneracy. As stated, many young women, today, if they’re not actually working as escorts or lap dancers they’re getting into pornography. Worse, we now see that there are many women, in universities, signing up to being ‘sugar babies’ which is essentially very expensive prostitutes, who get their fees paid for by wealthy men.
    We have lost the under 50 generation to sex and materialism. Their lives are about careers and trolling for sex. It’s about trying to get onto the property ladder as the cost of living continue to rise rapidly, thanks to banks constant creation of money out of thin air and the standard continues to lower. Instead of people uniting, to stop the wrongs happening, they instead, are all to busy, climbing up that ladder, stepping on whomever to escape Shitsville they live in.

    As Mel Gibson stated in the film Braveheart, one of the greatest quotes in any film quite frankly: “Every man dies, but not every man lives”.
    And this is why there are so many Zombie films, TV shows and video games being made, because they simply mirror society – people are the walking dead. They’re completely soulless, mindless, controlled automatons and nothing more.

  2. Aren’t most of those East Euro women in the sex industry victims of men who control the industry? Most seem to have been either groomed or enslaved, and those in control have friends to protect them and their industry, same in the financial world, same in religion, media etc.

    We live in the closing days of what some call ‘purgatory’… typical ofall planets, first the positive/Eden experience, then the temptation of the “Fall” as sex, violence etc serve as inducements to switch polarities and the dark side/negative polarity take s over… that Eve symbolism of the apple and the Tree of Knowledge… as knowledge is power, thus highly controlled here in ‘purgatory’ so that the sheeple don’t really ‘wake up’, but are encouraged to think they have etc etc… and so the lessons in this classroom continue until learned. Is porn really a problem or just a tool? It’s a first step, the infrastructure that the rest is built upon, without it, there would be no Tree of Life, would there? Truth creates the Lie, the Untruth in order to mirror itself, in order to ‘know thyself’… which is what we are all doing… and getting stuck in the quicksand is how the lessons are learned here in purgatory… no pain, no gain… if it was easy, it wouldn’t teach us much about ourselves, would it? We are fractals of the Creator…. that is the basic principle of free will in our interactive universe…. It’s all designed to get our attention, and sex and violence do that best. This then gets into the Choice… those seeking to return to the positive polarity will need to find the exit in our Maze/Matrix/Platos Cave…. as the shadow light show goes on to entice us, distract us, delude us into thinking we are ‘woke’ when we are anything but…. learning perspicacity is this process…. and how are choices are given weighting that ‘magnetizes’ the Adamic’s path/tao… so that it means something more than just another day in the life… another frame of our life’s film.

    Porn, prostitution etc… is it any different than our fake politics, our fake economics, media, education etc? All obstacles set up in our obstacle course… our school… to challenge ourselves to really wake up… to make real choices that determine all that follows.. this is the symbols of the Major Arcana of the Tarot… the Royal Way etc….we swim in a sea of symbols…. like learning how to put together the puzzle of our lives which fit as pieces of the puzzle of creation etc…. the fractals spread out and return… as does the ‘breath’ of God/Creator/Gravity etc.

    Focuses on sex, porn or prostitution seems a trap of the intellect… it gets us to stop our progress on the Way ‘up the mountaintop’…. when they are but the basic foundations of our environment and nothing more…. they are a problem if you get stuck there… and remember how this plays into the PreAdamic/Adamic equation in this ‘schoolhouse’… that is the real ‘race’ issue again purged from understanding, rarely mentioned in most esoteric literature as well.. usually hidden within the symbol set for protection, as knowledge is power and seeing the man behind the curtain here in ‘Oz’ comes at a cost…. that ‘veil’ starts to slip… epigenetic triggers start to occur… as choices are made.

    Keep your eyes on the prize and not the distractions all around it… that is the challenge to those really waking up and choosing sides… even those that choose to graduate to the ‘dark side’ or negative polarity have to learn this lesson…. to maintain focus… to learn discipline.. this is how the creation works.. to challenge ourselves etc. The 4th way is truer in this sense of learning the ways of the world, the tricks of the tradecraft practiced upon the sheeple to maintain control… as they ‘out their OWO’ so they can install their NWO, global police state, before Mother Nature arrives to close the current school term.

    There is a method to the madness…. it’s all a challenge…. are built in features of our schoolhouse… setup like an obstacle course for greater self conscious awareness… as we repeat the eternal/infinite ‘awakening’ of the Creator within its Creation…. and beyond that is the Unmanifest… the Unnamed …. etc. But first come the baby steps…. learning to walk, talk, take a stand, know what you are standing up for and why…. and finally choosing sides on the Tree of Life/Knowledge/Creation… all manifestation is run within this dynamic of positive and negative energy flows… predators have their role, same as the prey…. one looks superior, but is it? To those with more (conscious awareness), more is asked… more is offered…. more catalyst is given.. a more difficult obstacle course…. from one level of awareness to the next… the journey continues back to itself where it started…. in the field of eternal time, which like the frames of our life’s film, can be seen in various ways, which is why we have memory in the mind..

    Again, ‘being ahead of time’, means understanding time.. which is only a field like space… isn’t this what Einstein rediscovered with his unpublished UFT? The variability of this temporal field? How does sex, violence etc figure into this equation? More like subpartices, right? Is there no end to how micro that can go? The macro has itself as the limit… as limitations in our ‘veil’ are lifted, our field of view widens… the many incarnations of the Adamic are seen as the many attempts to learn our Way/Tao as an individual fractal…. all seeking to know themselves… of course, the basics in the infrastructure will be manipulated by those ‘dark shepherds’ in control here in purgatory… to control the obstacle course of study… that is their role… as Mephistopheles said in that play by Faust…. ~’doing good’ while trying to do bad’…. interactive… each has their role, be it real or fake… creative or destructive… predator or prey…. the ‘game’ or course of study changes as do we…. our environment reflects ourselves… some seek to control that, which is their ‘right’.. free will.. as they seek the Moonlight instead of the Sunlight of Truth etc etc.

    Sex, porn , prostitution is sold as distractions… trapping many as victims or prey for predators to enjoy… feeding lust over love…. the negative over the positive… as that is their Way/Tao as a fractal… to control, dominate others…. challenged mostly by their own kind and the few that dare to do so in the open that seek the Light… as it exposes those in the Dark…. the eternal battle that feeds creation… that keeps it going… like sex… without it, the Tree would not stand… without the Lie/Untruth, the Truth would only be the center axis of that Tree… no limbs, no experience of Self, which defeats the meaning of life itself.

    Isn’t that ‘awakening’ for those seeking the truth, to see things as they are? Half of humanity is PreAdamic, the other half Adamic…. learning this simple fact changes much of our view of things…. do you blame the baby for not being an adult? Learning to put things in their place… learning the names of things… part of waking up… the real kind, and not the fake kind of ‘wokeness’ promoted in the memes of today… distractions, same as always, especially as the school term comes to a close.

  3. “to borrow Marx’s metaphor – it is sex and pornography rather than religion that have become the opium of the masses.”

    They told Khomeini the same thing, they said in this day and age you can’t do anything with religion, his response was one of the coolest, he said: “We will do it and then you change your world view to accommodate our reality!” Religion became the unstoppable source of energy and movement and great motivation. Michel Foucault the french philosopher was amazed by Iran’s revolution, it fitted his postmodern view.

    In contrast the real opium of masses is the “entertainment industry”, the word has an inhuman weight to it and I found it disrespectful to one’s self to be entertained!

  4. Dear Harbinger, please don’t be disheartened – I always enjoy your insights. Keep your eyes in your precious prize, as aptly said by gdpetti, lovingly designed by our Prizegiver! The world knows enough hell; throughout ours days let’s show others a little more heaven. As the darkness deepens, our lights shine brighter, and this increasing contrast ramps up the weeding so that the Great Harvest will be undeniably witnessed as just and true. Thank you, Gilad, for unfalteringly shouldering your calling of exposing the Whosurpers.

  5. OPIATE….NOT…..opium.

  6. I came here yesterday on the path of truth seeking … and I have already forgotten what the article was about yesterday as I began this day reading the above comments … where I have just now found so much truth it is almost mind-boggling … very encouraging and heart warming also. That, packed into the comment by gdpetti, really says it all to me … of course I probably only recognize that because I did really “wake-up” about 25 years ago (I am now 80) … it being “then” that I was given the “mission” to “tell others” … in order to tell others best I continue to read and learn in order t best do that … Thanks to all here for so helping me, and I hope many others, along that path to truth … TRUTH, which I have found, is GOD, the GOD of LOVE … not the Gods and gods of “Other” !

    Also, because it is very evident that the folks here are not “the swine”, I also would like to leave (cast) my own “Pearl” before you … It is commonly seen that the world we live in operates on a Duality of (+/-), where we are taught that the extremes where the “more” Positive (+) is always to be sought as in VERSUS (/) the Negative (-) … REAL TRUTH then consists of The TRINITY of (+=-)!

    What I have labeled the BET (Basic Equation of Truth) (+=-) … in that GOD is the both THE ALL,THE WHOLE, ie; ONE, as well containing Infinity (both directions), there being no Number greater than THAT ONE. (sorry about the “Caps”, not “yelling”, only emphasizing) …

    Those of us here know this and use it in a Positive way while the few “others” mentioned as the “dark side” also know, in their own twisted esotericness, the “power” to persuade, and thus effectively control the unknowing … the control through the inversion and perversion of Hegel’s Dialective where “They” have usurped the role of the “Good Spirit” (=) all the while keeping The Truth of (+=-) from us as They turn it around into a (-=+) as They (the perverted (=)) “hide” while They DIVIDE (/) and CONTROL the masses, commonly shepherding (sheep herding) through Problem/Reaction/Solution where They make and present us with the Problem of Their choosing, knowing our Reaction will make us choose Their Solution … the “guidance” “down” Their Path into The Darkness.

    I only wish that I had the “intelligence” and the ability to better word all of this, which is IMnsHO, WISDOM when understood. I could go on and on (and too often do) in an attempt to help enlighten others, and only do so here to maybe shine a “different light” on the subject so that you others might also use the BET formulae of (+=-) if, where and when, it might be useful on your missions similar to my own of offering Truth, and therein Love, to others. Anyway, THANKS!

    BET (+=-)>(+/-) … yet all the while there being so much more to it, as in:

    [ (+=-) > (+/-) ] = [ (+=-) = (-=+) ] = [ (+=-) ] = [ALL = NOthing] = (=) !!! ~ BET (Basic Equation of Truth)! ~ AKA: the TOE (Theory of Everything) ~ the GUT (Grand Unifying Theory) ~ Holy Grail ~ GOD ~ Multi-Verse of UNI-Verses! (should one not accept the totality of simply THE UNIVERSE).

    This (+=-) is the most ABSOLUTE SIMPLIFICATION POSSIBLE of ALL, and/or, NOthing. Unless of course YOU desire to THINK otherwise … to each their own, KARMA prevails.

    IMnsHO and E so far.

    I had to “space out” the characters in order to be able to copy and paste with “clean” symbology. 1530 Tue 5/16/2017 jck

  7. The thing is alternative people go to festivals they love Giald at thes eevents but he does not seem to do them anymore, he should be headling at glasto wilderness larmertree etc
    we would all love to see him and hear his music

  8. Yeah. It’s humbling at times to hear Jewish folks acknowledge the failings of fellow Jews. And to be honest, despite the amount of ink spilt on the matter I find myself no wiser to whether Jewishness is a religion, a race, both or neither. I’m aware that a significant minority of Jews shouldn’t condemn the (possibly?) naive majority to judgement. Within this realisation, the the idea that the vast body may be unwitting dupes just as much as any so called shabbos goys also comes up for consideration.

    I cannot ignore lies about the “Holocaust”, The Red genocide, the ideology of mass immigration, the hijacking of the press and universities for tribal hegemony, and the promotion of private banking. And perhaps the inherit Judaic supremacism that is vindicated by the violence of the law, and protected by the doctrine of religious inviolability.

    The qualities of breathtaking hypocrisy, lying, projection, and accusing others of what they do to others being done to them is like some sort of sick mental illness that seeks temporary earthly dominion at the cost of a true eternal perspective; an eternal perspective for Jewish Supremacists seems to be linked purely to transitory material success. News Flash You can’t buy off that great big bloody ball of light that we departing souls are drawn to at time of death !

    I don’t know whether Judaism informs the conduct, or if genetic antecedence informed the Judaic doctrine of Old Testament supremacism in the first place, or perhaps there is some sort of feed back loop making the whole process indiscernible anyway!

    The worldly success of the Jews in the twentieth century must owe something to their eloquence,verbal intelligence, often engaging personalities, and insightful natures; qualities of the “middlemen professions and trades”; and should the laws of the land relating to tax and banking be just then these said professions of “Jacob” would be invaluable as those of “Esau” in promoting healthy societies.

    The curious thing is, the few Jews I’ve known personally, I’ve actually liked more often than not. (Perhaps I’ll get a more comfortable gulag if the Tel Aviv scribblers make a note of that comment on my file 🙂 )