China reports 33% surge in coronavirus infections over 24 hours

Bringing new (rigged) total to over 60,300

Mike Adams – Natural News Feb 12, 2020

Literally overnight, China just clocked a 33% surge in coronavirus infections, adding over 15,000 new infections to yesterday’s previous total of around 45,000, bringing the new total to 60,329 (with 1,367 reported dead).

This sudden surge in reporting infection numbers just blew away all the pandemic denialists, naysayers and poo-pooers who have been absurdly claiming the pandemic is already over and that “China has it under control.”

Clearly China’s situation is completely out of control, and it’s widely believed by credible scientists and researchers that even these new, astonishing numbers are rigged by the Chinese government to substantially downplay the real severity of this outbreak.

In reality, everything China reports should be multiplied by about ten, so the very likely “real” numbers are probably a lot closer to 600,000 infected and at least 13,000 dead. But China will never report the real numbers, of course, so here’s a look at the “official” (rigged) numbers for today:

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If you do the math, by the way, there are now over 520 coronavirus infections outside of China, completely blowing away any silly claim that this is just “a China thing.”

Remember when the entire fake news media told us China had it all under control?

It’s amazing how quickly the propaganda has collapsed, both from China and the lying fake news media in the western world. Back in January, China first told us there was no pandemic at all (what, me worry?). Then, once the exploding infections could no longer be covered up, they slapped a draconian quarantine on Wuhan and told us the pandemic would be “contained at all costs” by February 8th. (The “we’ve got it all under control” chapter of this tragic comedy.)

Now that we’re already four days beyond Feb. 8th, the pandemic numbers are exploding like never before, surging in ways that are eviscerating all the prediction models which were concluding that a “worst case” by today would show just 48,000 infections.

I guess the worst case just got “worster.”

And nobody is yet modelling the “worster” case, because no one dared imagine this whole thing would not be contained.

Well, a correction: I did. And so did Alex Jones, and Francis Boyle, and the writers at Zero Hedge, and Mac Slavo and Dave Hodges, too. We all knew this had the makings of a global pandemic that couldn’t be stopped. So as it turns out, we were weeks ahead of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post at telling you what was coming.

Now, the denialists who once said this was “no worse than the flu” are having to quickly recalibrate. Perhaps they mean “no worse than the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918,” but even that may pale in comparison to what’s coming. That pandemic killed 50 million people, or roughly about 3% of the world population at the time. This current coronavirus pandemic may infect up to 60% of the world population, according to credible analysts, and with a mortality rate of anywhere from 2% to 17%, the number of potential deaths could easily reach hundreds of millions if the virus is not contained.

This is already on track to be far worse than the Spanish Flu. And if you want to know the party responsible for a big part of this cover-up, WHOs on first.

When will the coronavirus pandemic collide with the stock market bubble?

My big question concerns what will happen when the reality of the coronavirus pandemic collides with the delusion of the stock market bubble. With China’s factories all but shuttered, exports have plunged. Key components for consumer goods are no longer being manufactured, which means once the containers that are currently en route run out, the world’s supply chain is going to experience an unprecedented chaotic disruption that will inevitably lead to severe shortages of both finished goods and manufacturing parts, across numerous industries (including automotive, air transport, consumer electronics, textiles, industrial parts and more).

Amazingly, no one in the investment industry is yet factoring this obvious outcome into their analysis. Everyone is steaming ahead at full bore, pretending that the coronavirus-induced economic shutdown of China will somehow have zero impact on the rest of the world, even when half of everything, it seems, is manufactured there.

The whole world is about 4-5 weeks away from a very disturbing day of reckoning that will eventually result in a wave of bankruptcies sweeping across a vast array of industries on a global scale. At some point, people will come to realize what I’ve been warning about for years (and Trump has, too): You should never outsource all your manufacturing to some communist nation across the ocean, because the day will come that your entire supply line is cut off.


It turns out that “cheaper from China” has a very painful cost when those black swans arrive. And right now, the sky is swarming with black swans, and they’re dumping black swan doo all over the global expansion plans of the communists.

Listen to my podcast for more discussion on this very point:


4 responses to “China reports 334 surge in coronavirus infections over 24 hours”

  1. it’s almost as if they are deliberately spreading the virus.
    what with the uk government arranging special flights for over 200 infected holidaymakers fresh from China.
    Spanish flu outbreak just after WW1 killed more people than the war did
    (at least 50 million souls)
    but they wouldn’t deliberately spread 💀Coronavirus💀 would they ???

  2. If there was half a brain between all the manufacturers and politicians in Australia they would restart our local manufacture of goods, which we once had, asap, and not only create jobs but prevent the economic meltdown that’s a few months away when our dependency on Chinese goods comes to haunt us as they dry up. The infrastructure is still here but the “what’s your best price” mentality rules Australia and our children will pay the price for our wanting everything for free, the best deal, the I got it for such a good price boast, while I helped put my locals out of business.
    The plan is to crash the global economy so our “mates”, The Bankers, can finally buy up everything at 2 cents on the dollar and complete the enslavement of us all through their monopoly of everything.
    Bring it on, then for the first time in our history we might actually have a true revolution against tyranny.

  3. @dan Did you seriously claim the Spanish flu killed more than ww2?
    What with over 20 million Chinese murdered by the Japanese Imperial forces, over 10 million Russian citizens or former USSR block being sent back to Russia in ww2, to be murdered as traitors in Siberian death camps.
    Over 12 million Germans by the end of the war, another few million Japanese.
    This does not include the Western citizens, African and Asian citizens and those conscripted to fight for the British Empire etc…
    Heck over 12 million died from Hindustan, but woe be a Western nation indebted to their former slaves in history, so as usual, modern history claims less than 50 million died globally, when there was probably more than double/quadrouple even of that!

    @Alexis It is easy to claim to just start up the machines, but you need skilled operators to run those machines, highly skilled people to maintain and set them up etc, experienced people to quality control the end product, esentially you are talking about years of training and decades of experience, over night…
    Even the so called in place equipment is outdated, probably not fit for purpose in most cases, beyond economical repair, so they would need to buy in vast amounts of new equipment. Which would still require years of work to get back to self sufficent economies.
    Guess what? Majority of those machines are now made in, you guessed it, China…

    If anyone wants to make a killing, invest your money in manufacturing parts that will run out soon given China is no longer making them, like memory chips for phones and computers, other similar tech that is always in demand and relatively cheap to buy as is.
    Once there is non available, people will be willing to pay higher than normal prices to continue their manufacturing and make money themselves.
    But even if you do make a killing, it will not stop the bankers sweeping everything up for free as a debt payment or for pennies etc.

    Then will come the global food crises and manufactured excuse to starve people to death due to high food prices.
    Given over 60% of the UK earns less than £20,000 per family, there is no way the Western families can afford 100% or more food price rises and cars being outlawed due to the global crisis scam, then public transport prices will shoot up, making it impossible to hold down a low wage job when you spend all your wage on food and transport, with nothing left for rent, mortgage, a ticking time bomb for civil unrest and marshal law to follow.
    Then comes the conscription, with the threat of welfare being revoked for you and your family if you refuse…
    The DWP has proved time and again in the UK, they are happy for families to get sanctioned to the point they get pennies per month, forced to use food banks etc.
    Only food banks will vanish over night when they cannot sustain the people using them and those who donate at present, cannot afford to feed themselves, let alone others.

  4. I call bullshit. Not one death reported in U.S. Scare tactics or Pharmaceutical companies to make money.