A hero of our times

Irish Savant – Feb 11, 2020

“You have always been an absolute legend but never, never ever more so than this week my friend,”
Who is this paragon attracting such acclaim? Had this latter-day Spartacus single-handedly taken out an enemy machine-gun nest? or dived into a freezing lake to rescue a drowning toddler? or maybe parachuted into Idlib to take ISIS to task over their intolerance for homosexuals? None of these things. The only thing Philip Schofield did to attract such acclaim was to announce on Daytime TV that he was gay. Gay in the sense that he likes to have his ass pounded by other men.
With that announcement he’s become a messianic cultural figure whose coming out is ‘a day to celebrate and a massive moment for society in general’. But this isn’t really about Schofield, it’s more about the gay agenda. As Brendan O’Neill put it “Sensitivity, authenticity, bravery, good fashion sense, and a sacred place in popular culture, where every gay character is an unusually wise possessor of the secrets to life and happiness – this is the story of gayness now. “
But actually it’s more than gayness as well. It’s about creating a degraded and degenerate society. Listen to Lavrenti Beria, the former head of the NKVD, addressing a group of US communist students at Lenin University in 1953. “Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…”
Ultimately that’s what this is all about.

But going back to Schofield, one admirer solemnly proclaimed that “Everyone should be proud to live their own truth”. In which case Schofield has been a total fraud because he hid that truth for 27 years. And why come out now? Well for a start it’s obviously been a great career move. But it also seems that he’s been in a sexual relationship with Mathew McGreevy, a young assistant on his show, since McGreevy was 18 and Schofield 51. But they’ve had a lovers’ tiff and McGreevy was threatening to blow the whistle. Now you know.



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  1. Schofields mother tweeted her shock at his coming out. That has got to make her the stupidest women on the planet if she didn’t know he was bent. He spends his working life sitting round with a load of gormless tarts talking about make up,dresses,recipes and relationships as well as shilling for the establishment. Remember the part he played in helping to sabotage the Child Sex Abuse inquiries as he handed a David Cameron a piece of paper with the names of alleged abusers on it? Lord Mcalpine successfully won damages from all and sundry after that even though he hadn’t actually been mentioned. It certainly stopped any more accusers coming forward though. I’m surprised given Schofields service to the establishment that a his gay lover was allowed to threaten him with exposure.

  2. The BBC have had a pro Homosexual employment agenda for many years
    in fact Conspiracy News and the TruthNews both examined the case of the man sacked by the BBC when they found he was normally sexed.
    Singer George Michael was going through a mental breakdown, as many Homosexuals do
    Documents at the world famous London Psychiatric Hospital the Maudsley
    show that psychiatric help could cure Homosexuality, Tony Blair D Noticed all the paperwork including the Nene report which linked Homosexuality to Pedophilia.
    George Michael had received much counseling and was becoming normally sexed
    and was starting to blow the whistle, on perverts like Boy George Freddie Mercury and one of the Bee-Gees, the affair with Tony Blair and Cliff Richard, and other high ranking perverts such as Greville Janner and the satanic Leon Britten.
    The one person who knew more than even George Michael was Cilla Black
    it was Cilla who pointed the finger at ” loose cannon” George Michael who was then murdered. Philip Schoffield have been known as a homosexual jew for some time, nothing new here, move along.

    Tom Driberg was a leading Labour MP and communist activist, and Harold Wilson was narrowly chosen over both him and Lord George Brown to lead the Labour Party.
    On many occasions the House of Commons would grind to a halt as stewards would rush out to search public lavatories for Tom Driberg as he was a voracious homosexual.
    Masquerading as a christian he was part of the Sir Anthony Blunt/Greville Janner gang of boy abusers, this gang consisted of Clement Freud the Kray twins Leon Britten the amazing James Randi (Randall Zwingli) Peter Wyngarde Guy Burgess and other high profile jews.
    These men would abuse boys in Leicestershire care homes and Barnado’s homes on a regular basis.
    When his name was called in the house of Commons and he was not there, guffaws of laughter would break out and you would hear the homosexual anthem being sung
    “Little boys are cheap today cheaper than yesterday
    small boys are half a crown, standing up or lying down
    Bigger ones for bigger dicks Biggest ones for three-and-six
    Get yours before their gone Come now try one
    sodomise them all today
    New Labour under Tony Blair D noticed Operation Ore the international investigating into online pedophilia and the Nene report which looked into massive homosexual abuse in 16 London care homes, as both named members of his cabinet
    3 New labour cabinet ministers Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge childrens minister supported Peter Tatchells from PIE
    ( Pedophile Information Exchange) becoming an MP and changing the law to abolish the age of consent for small boys.
    Gay parades homosexual marches and displays in schools were all funded by New labour
    Peter Mandelson a known boy abuser was made director of the NSPCC, and the jewsess Ester Rantzen put in charge of Childline.
    Experts say first incest was downgraded to a non crime, then homosexuality legalised next comes the abuse of kids being made an
    ” alternative sexuality”

  4. Perverts at the BBC ? nothing new see this oldie.

    I have worked in child protection all my working life.
    The Scandal of 2000 young girls abused by Muslim men in England
    covered areas such as Manchester Rochdale Bolton in fact right across Northern England.
    At the same time we had news supressed of the Jewish gangs, Greville Janner Leon Britten Yuri Geller Peter Wyngarde The Amazing James Randi etc etc abusing boys from London care homes in what the UKColumn called on ” an industrial scale”
    What the Jews and Muslims have in common is circumcision.
    When a male baby has the protective skin cut off, the antiseptic fluid which flows under the skin dries up leaving the head of the penis open to infection.
    There are masses of nerve endings which then atrophy, the head becomes hard and leathery and loses sensitivity
    and the release or climax difficult, an ordinary woman is not tight enough, but a child is.
    This is why so many Jews and Muslims go for children, they have to and Philip Schofield is a circumcised jew so of course he would be one of these.

  6. When I watched this coming out of Phil Schofield I couldn’t help laughing at the nonsense coming from his co host Holly. She was praising him, looking at him in a way that’s hard to describe, as if his admitting to being homosexual is the most wonderful thing a man could do. It isn’t. She said she had always been proud of him, but never more than now. What?
    At the talk of his bravery I thought, just as you did savant, what has he done? He hasn’t gone over the top at the Somme, facing a hail of machine gun bullets, he’s merely admitted that he likes to have sex with another man’s excrement, something which most normal men, even today, find repulsive.
    Then I started to wonder why. Why tell the world what he has kept secret for all these 27 years?
    No.1 Either it’s a brilliant career move. After all, who could possibly fire him now, in the present political climate where being homosexual is no longer regarded as a disgraceful un-natural perversion, but for some inexplicable reason has been elevated to being a profound honour. So, a very well paid job for life.
    No.2 I thought maybe he’s being blackmailed and rather than pay up endlessly, he would rather face the almost unbearable humiliation of having to tell his wife and children. “YUK”
    No.3 The story was about to come out so he’s just pre-empted the whistle blower, and it seems from your article that this was the answer.
    So much for his faux bravery. If it wasn’t about to come out from someone else, I doubt we would ever have heard it from brave Phil.

  7. operation ore
    never forget that PIE was financed by Tony Blairs New Labour
    This operation netted a huge list bigger than Cherie Blairs backside

  8. Don’t say “‘Gay” say,……SODOMITE! Gay is a rainbow coloured sticking plaster term for Jobby Jabbing Sausage Jockeys!

  9. Genesis 19:4-5 says, But before they lay down, the MEN of the city, even the MEN of Sodom, compassed the house round, both OLD and YOUNG, all the people from every quarter: And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, “Where are the MEN which came in unto you this night: bring them out to us, that we may know them [ in the Bible, in this case, know means to have sexual relations with].”

    For if God spared not the angels that sinned…, And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example to those that after should live ungodly…2nd Peter:2:4 and 6.

    GOD’s Word is sovereign whether people like it or not. When the world’s people fight against GOD, who do you think will win?

  10. I think the real issue is not with him but the media deification of him. If Elton John etc came out and say “I’m not homosexual..In fact I’ve been heterosexual all along. I’ve been living a lie !” Would we expect to see his canonisation ? hmmm no…

    Male homosexuals have always been around. Perhaps environmental factors do play a part with some. But there are genuine camp individuals who are, I believe, born that way. In the past they were – and still are – prime candidates for high political office because of their blackmailability.

    The bottom line is again promoting population reduction, by encouraging those not biologically primarily disposed to homosexuality, to follow that lifestyle.

  11. I remember, back in the 80’s,when Philip Schofield presented CBBC. I knew back then then he was more bent than a crowbar. You’ll find that the majority of people working in ‘show business’ are either homosexual or bi. They choose these careers, not only because they’re egotistical, narcissists but because they know what they do is wrong and seek validation and acceptance through the fame that being a celebrity brings.

    Homosexuality are incredibly selfish people. They live by the manta “carpe diem” because being sodomites and lesbians, they don’t procreate (naturally) and therefore have no future and the passing on of their genes to progeny. This therefore makes them worth no value in any nation and its this very reason they’re the most privileged minority in the west. If they’re black, disabled and Muslim, they trump all the others within their minority.

    There’s nothing brave, principled, heroic and powerful about a man who takes another man’s penis up his posterior. All he emphasises is the moral degradation within society. Homosexuality is simply wrong. You can’t argue this. They have no moral high ground whatsoever.
    Again, the rise of homosexuality, in the west is merely a symptom of the disease known as Judaism. Society will continue worsening until this ‘disease’ is cured. There’s the hard or the soft option and I really don’t need to explain what they are. But either way, western man (of which Jewry does not belong) has a choice – remove the disease or your nations and civilisation perishes. You can’t get any more black and white than that.

    As I’ve continually stated, Jews project their natural hated, racism and supremacy onto every other people but themselves. The continuing mantra of the west being too white is yet again more of exactly this. When we hear Jews state “Norway suffers from whiteness that needs to be destroyed”, they’re simply projecting the fact that the problems, in the west, are down to Jewishness and its Jewishness that needs to be destroyed.

  12. What is brave and heroic about being a botty basher?

  13. don’t forget Philip Schofield got his start on BBC kids tv – first as a programme announcer with a ducky puppet in the CBBC “aunties broom closet” (u couldn’t make that up)
    then later as main host of Going Live a kids Saturday morning magazine show.
    rather seems as if the BBC are a bit unlucky with their kids tv presenters.

  14. Thanks All for your courageous commentaries. I’ll just keep this short and simple and quote this classic: The shit hole is not a love hole.

  15. Another example of the mainstream media making the world over in its own image. It has been instrumental in creating a culture totally devoid of virtue, grace, meaning, and life. They who make it up are the priests of the new religion performing soap-opera, talk-show and inane rituals all dutifully ushering in the Satanic age. They neutralize the minds of young and old alike with fake news, false histories, phony people,and foolish fantasies, possessing them with an empty restlessness, and endless images of gratuitous sex, mayhem, violence and killings, until the people become just like them, with no spiritual stature, no real integrity, unable to stand on their own, controlled and easily led right to nihilistic ends – in other words, hell.

  16. cornelius from kings lynn,

    what a load of crap. Circumcision does not make one a child abuser. Their state of mind makes them who they are. Catch them and prosecute them according to your laws but do not blame it on circumcision.

  17. Have you noticed how many homosexuals are either autistic or psychopathic? Due to my work in the building trade I visit 100s of houses per year and i can tell straightaway if the customer is a homosexual usually within minutes of being there. They’re obsessively clean and tidy and even if I have my normal shoes on I get asked to take them off so I don’t walk on their carpets. I also noticed the behaviour of the local homosexuals in the pub who would collect arses like some people collect stamps,they’d then brag about who they’ve slept with in a quite brutal way and none of them could have a relationship. Its generally a shallow meaningless existence and within a few years of practicing sodomy they suffer the inevitable fecal leaks for the rest of their lives. Promiscuity is a symptom of psychopathy so it would explain why the likes of Tony Blair felt the need to go cottaging in public toilets during the early 80s.

  18. Studies done in japan Norway and Denmark do prove that circumcised men commit far more sex crimes
    The evidence is there, and as the writer says its jews and Muslims, just watch the news
    PS read the medical journals they say excatly this

  19. One could be forgiven for guessing that the anti-homosexual types commenting here would very likely be religious.