Peter Whittle challenges Commissioner Cressida Dick on grooming gangs!

Brexit Alliance – Dec 2017

7 responses to “Peter Whittle challenges Commissioner Cressida Dick on grooming gangs!”

  1. By knowing about these crimes and deliberately “looking the other way”, the police and their masters in politics were, and still are, actively involved in the abuse of these young girls (and boys as well?).

    The (((government))) is demonstrably insane and determined to destroy our once-great nation in every way possible. They have to go if we are to have a future – and I’m not referring just to the traitors in parliament. The Rothschild family has to be disempowered too.

    All it would take to start the process is to declare all existing and future money the absolute property of THE PEOPLE. No need for “new” money that would immediately be counterfeited. Just continue to use what we already have, but eliminate imaginary debt by making it OURS.

  2. This is good.

    We know about the Muslim grooming gangs but news of the Jewish gangs is not given any media coverage. Thanks to Truthseeker we know Menarchem Begin protected Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath, but the Greville Janner gang of around 20 jewish abusers has been kept out of the news.
    The UKColumn said 16 London boys homes were used by jewish homosexuals on an Industrial scale.
    The jews and Muslims have one thing in common, they are circumcised.
    With male circumcision the penis head becomes hard leathery and dry, it makes it hard for the man to feel much, and the average woman is not tight enough, but childrens bottoms are, and this is why the Nene report inked Homosexuals and pedophiles together so strongly.
    Lord Longford spent years going into prisons and speaking to sexual criminals
    his evidence in the Longford Documents was like Operation ore and the nene report
    D noticed and shredded by Tony Blair, who had the remit from its founder Lord Levy to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year

  3. The one guy right at the point where the video was ending, stated quite clearly that if it was white men abusing Asian girls there would be an outrage, is basically what he said. This is quite clear. The average person knows this to be a fact. Yet the police refuse to term the grooming in those factual terms. Just more proof that the indigenous white people of Britain(and lots of other Western countries, like sweden, Germany, Canada for example), have taken out a suicide pact to genocide their own people, as bizarre as that sounds. People in authority such as the police in Britain are obviously under strict orders not to publicly air the true facts. A sort of conspiracy theory in reverse, but a very real one.

  4. Saw a shocking video yesterday, where a “father” with “connections” was abusing his 14 year old daughter, verbally, and with threats, he then whipped out a knife, and threatened to cut out her dogs eyeball, probably because the dog tried to defend the girl by growling. She had reported the situation repeatedly to the cops, and was ignored, until she installed a camera in her bedroom..

  5. “Police” are privately beld corporations, nothing else. Do the correct research. They have no “authority” what so ever.. They hire people with chronological age range of 22-35, with a psychological age range of 12-14, this to get them to accept liabilities far beyond their mental capacities and thus get the dirt job done without blame. With-out really stupid cops, none of this would take place.

  6. Haha, and just look at the masonic tie.. The stupid cunt is waving the HIGH TREASON flag right in peoples face.. But the people is too stupid to see..

    The forbidden secret oaths act of 1797

    The forbidden secret societies act of 1799

    There was a reason for these acts, does anyone have enough brainpower to look it up????

  7. Cressida Dick, what a joke.
    This all went on for decades because police, social services, local MP’s etc. all knew exactly what was happening but were terrified to speak up as they were afraid of being called racist.
    Cressida Dick has just proved that she is still too afraid to say what is really happening for the same reason.
    The only people brave enough to say what was happening were Nick Griffin and Mark Collet of the BNP, and they were both put on trial at Leeds crown court for it.
    Thankfully they were both found not guilty as they were both telling the truth.
    If it weren’t for these two, (Nick and Mark) things would still be going along as they were all those years ago.