Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World

What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be?

Michael Walsh – Russia Insider Jan 21, 2020

The question that challenges the shrewdest philosophers and prophets is how the world will respond when the holocaust narrative is no longer considered believable. What happens when the holocaust is regarded as far-fetched as Santa Claus, an illusion as is the fable of Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.
Contemporary revelations of revisionists, historians and scholars have their equivalence with the heresies of Galileo (1564 – 1642) and heretics like Alexander Solzhenitsyn who dared to question what George Orwell described as ‘the prevailing truth’.
In China, India, the Far East and Middle East, disbelief in the holocaust narrative is commonplace. In Africa and Latin America, the holocaust is a non-story; a sanctuary for those whom media dismiss as ‘holocaust deniers’.

Even in the West, where plebeians have the holocaust constantly rammed down their protesting throats, the holocaust narrative is crumbling.
Today, there are few places where pollsters dare to ask questions relating to the official take on the holocaust. However, we do know that 79% of Poles consider the holocaust to be propaganda. Hungarians are even more sceptical with only 17 percent believing in the holocaust storyline.
The litmus test is the United States where the American peoples have been brainwashed by holocaust propaganda more than any others. Yet today, an impressive one-third of Americans think ‘substantially less’ than six million were murdered. Such loss of credibility simply cannot be recovered.
It was once confided in me that following the end of World War I (1914 – 1918) the British government formally acknowledged that slanders heaped upon troops of Imperial Germany were fictional and was merely propaganda to stir the masses into a war psychosis. The outcome was an unprecedented outpouring of sympathy for the wronged and much-maligned Germans

Uncensor the holohoax

Imagine then the consequences if it is conceded that the holocaust narrative is unsustainable. Worse, unlike the propaganda of World War I, the holocaust myth has shamelessly and illegally been used to milk the Germans and other nations of billions of Euros.
No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accept that historical revisionism ought to be recognised. But both advised caution and control as the consequences of revisionism (historical propaganda-free truths) were beyond contemplation.
One can only speculate as to the reaction of millions who realise that not only have they been deceived by the holocaust lobby but actually aided the fraudsters by defending the holocaust narrative.
Another matter for speculation as to how the now panicking holocaust lobbyists, the media, educationalists, judiciary, and the political elite will defend their previous positions.

The costs of the holocaust storyline being disproved are incalculable. Every book or periodical that sustained the holocaust lie will soon have little use other than birdcage liner; libraries, the contents of public library’s history sections will be worthless as will millions of movies and documentaries. The outcome could be equal to the discovery that oil or the U.S. dollar no longer has a value; it will be life-changing.
The holocaust lobby is at a loss as to how the holocaust storyline can be sustained. Their last stronghold is to apply ‘further education’ along similar lines to the 1946 postwar ‘Denazification Programs’ which Germans were forced to attend before they could get jobs or homes.
My guess is that having accepted that the holocaust is considered no more credible than is Santa Claus or the Emperor’s new raiment, holocaust propaganda will be quietly shelved but the shekels will continue unabated perhaps under the auspices of money-laundering described as ‘foreign aid’.

If the Germans were so clever why did they not do as the Allies did? They held German POWs in open air prisons and starved 1.4 million of them to death (1944-1945). Click to enlarge

Then, the revisionist campaign will move to the attack to ensure that the international Jew’s cash cow is put out of its misery. Imagine for a moment the treasure trove if the murdered victim for whom compensation is extorted is found to be alive and well.
In April 1945, German Minister of Information Joseph Goebbels wrote to his stepson Harald: ‘The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our aims and beliefs have always been.’
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30 responses to “Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World”

  1. Jews say they have already won, soon there will just be one bank one currency one world army and one world government all based in jerusalem, * not Tel Aviv as some experts say”
    You will all be slaves of the jew, and they say this is in sight now, so many jews are admitting the holocaust hoax, and laughing at us.
    Cambridge magazine had a poll of intellectuals and 82% did not believe the official line
    told to us.
    In Germany an 89 year old German lady who lived near the camps and was an expert witness on what did and did not go on, was recently sent to prison for speaking out
    Ursula Haverback has become a world wide hero over her courage.
    In Russia Pes Putin has threatened to release the Russian files on auschwtiz
    if Nutandyahoo does not stop bombing Syria and Palestine
    Putin is a hero in the west, and the jews are terrified he may do this soon


    The graves of Adolfs Hitlers parents were recently dug up and moved
    This was to deter sightsers and pilgrims from all over the world coming to visit the site,
    During this time experts in Berlin and London checked the remains.
    Rumours persist that Hitler lived to be 95 years old and fathered a female child called Angela Merkel.
    Angela is an East German Jewess.
    No Jewish DNA was found from the examination of Hitlers parents, rumours also persist that Hitler was the son of a Rothschild, and was a secret Jew.
    Hitler in fact put a Rothschild in prison, and took the economy away from the jews.
    The Depression was caused by the banks, people died in the USA the UK and Germany of starvation, Hitler stopped the international money dealers, insider traders, currency raiders and speculators, and gave the profits to his people.
    The jewbankers realised if Hitler was allowed to make a success of running his country without the jews or other countries woud follow suit.
    So the 3 countries owned by the jews Russia the USA and the UK all went to war to destroy Germany and its people.
    The recent videos showing Hitler and Eva living out peaceful lives in scotland have upset many people,
    forged FBI files are shown in the vid along with local residents speaking fondly of the German couple.
    A farmer and his wife are seen claiming no one really knew who they were, and they kept themselves to themselves.
    Hitlerites speak of Hitlers deputy on his peace mission flying to Scotland, as part of Hitlers people lived there.
    All the vids entitled “Hitler in Scotland” have now been removed from youtube.
    But is it true ?
    No none of it, in past years various manufactured stories of Hitler in Chile, Argentina even Israel have been produced all backed up with fake FBI files.
    Do you honestly think, that the jews who spend millions each year searching for German nationals from W W 2 would sit by and allow this man to retire peacefully some where ?
    Its when the public get sick and tired of hearing about Hitler and the Jewish holocaust, some new version comes out, as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said, ” The holocaust story had to be devised to cover up
    the awful crimes the allies did, during and after the war to Germany”
    Do the verdict of Hitler being a jew, Rothschilds son, a British agent the father of Angela Merkel
    and living out his life in Scotland is more pure stinking jewish bullshit.

  3. We are already enslaved by the jew, with the average working man taking home only 5% of his true income, making it impossible to raise a family unless the wife works as well, and with nothing left over for enjoying life.

    As for the holy hoax, information regarding cremation times is hard to come by, so I could be wrong in my estimation, but according to my rough calculations, to cremate just ONE million bodies with the facilities at Auschwitz (15 “muffles”), and assuming no down-time, would take around 300 years.

  4. catholic preists would go in and out of the German camps at visiting times
    all this had to be written up for catholioc archives,
    Bishop Wiliamson curious to find out the truth spent months going through letters and documents from the period, in the massive Vatican underground library and he found no evidence of gassings burnings and in fact
    the Germans bent over backwards to keep the inmates working, as they were valueable to the war effort.

  5. The hatred of the jew knows no depths
    trial of 93 year old German National collapses as jewish witness is caught lying
    The people are sick of this, will in 75 years time people be searching the world for the perpetrators of jewish crimes in palestine etc ?
    The NWO use the occult, it was long predicted that in this year 20 20 people will have 20 20 vision.
    Palace watchers say that Prince Harry found out who killed his mother, this is why hes gone abroad to sulk and think on it, the queen is said to be worried sick.
    The official narrative on the Holocaust is becoming very transparent, and is seen as fake,
    Tony Blair agreeing to the Mossad kiling of Dr David Kelly Princess Di and Robin Cook and several other important things are coming to pass as so much whistleblowing is going on now

  6. re “… how the world will respond when the holocaust narrative is no longer considered believable”

    Short Answer —>>> THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!

  7. I worked with a couple of Germans here in Texas a few years ago. Was actually reading something about WW2 on this website, when it hit me. I asked 1 of the Germans (Simon), what they learned in school about WW2. I explained my reason for asking by saying “History is written by the winners…. and yall lost.” He asked what I wanted to know. I said, “why did Hitler hate the Jews?” Simon’s exact words were…..”Hitler didn’t hate the Jews, there were too many of them and they owned everything. The land, the banks, the businesses and the debt. And Hitler wanted complete control of everything, but couldn’t have that control while the Jewish people had so much power.”

    That really struck a nerve with me. Made me really question the crap I was taught in school. It never made much sense to me that he would kill millions of people just because he “hated” them. Sure there would have to be hate involved but there had to be an actual reason for it. By capturing them and taking everything they owned, Hitler essentially took control of every country he invaded. But he couldn’t stop there, There would still be people in other countries who had influence, control and money over Germany and Austria and Poland…ect. (now this is just what I have theorized off of what Simon told me years ago. There may be some holes in it that are hard to explain. The research on suck topics are hard to find, especially here in Texas)

  8. Please see, “Skeptic Society Forum”, subsection, “Holocaust, Genocide…” Be prepared to have read ALL the primary texts ala Hilberg etc. In fact, be prepared to have read EVERYTHING pro/con “holocaust”. You WILL be shredded.

  9. While American taxpayers are forced to cough up BILLIONS of dollars in “aid” every year to a country with a higher per capita income than America….ISRAEL…the country’s own citizens are denied proper health care and housing and education…THATS how bad it is.
    Washington is now Washingstein…In the book The Zionist Connection (Lilienthal) it states that govt offices empty out on Jewish religious holidays.
    Then there are all the crypto Jews masquerading (often) as Catholics.. PELOSI does this like Madeline Albright used to do until she “discovered” she was a jew.
    Unfortunately people buy the Democrats vs Republicans BS….if there is a good guy there has to be a bad guy and V.V…..Americans haven’t cottoned on to the fact that it’s a case of bad guy VS bad guy.
    The proof of that is the FACT that no matter which party makes it to the White House….THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS continue to flow into the banks of Tel Aviv…..uninterrupted.

    Documents from the period of W W two still in RAMC archives
    describe truck loads of German bodies coming in from Dresden and being pied up
    to be shown as Jews from the camps.
    But those who dealt with the bodies all say the smell was awful and almost all were uncircumcised, so they obviously were not jews, were they ?

  11. I used to believe the official holocaust story, and thought that Ann Frank had been gassed at Auschwitz. That was until I read that she had been in the hospital at Auschwitz; a hospital? in a death camp? and had then been transported west to Belsen to get away from the advancing Red Army. The poor child died there of disease, probably typhus.

    In the Confederate POW camp at Andersonville, Georgia, 13,000 out of 45,000 Union prisoners died of typhus, TB, dysentery etc in a period of 14 months. These used to be called “Institutional Diseases” and occur when people are crowded together in bad conditions. They occured in the German camps. In 1944-5 the infrastructure of Germany was ruined by allied bombing, which resulted in starvation, not just in the camps but also in German cities.

    Because International Jewry had declared financial war on Germany in 1933, Jews were regarded as enemy aliens. They were interned, as were US citizens of Japanese ethnicity in the USA, and Germans and Italians in Britain.

    The Holocaust story we have been subjected to for 75 years is propaganda.

  12. Unfortunately, you should add Italy to the list, here is the legal reference:

    “The Italian parliament, extending an anti-racism law from 1975, approved Law 16 June 2016 n. 115, criminalizing the spreading of Holocaust denial and making conviction for the crime subject to imprisonment for two to six years”


    Anyway, the height of the peaks is that in Italy the Jews are only about seventy thousand out of a population of about sixty million, in practice, they make up only about 0.11% of the total population!!

    So, why an unfair law like that?

    Italy is still just a colony of USA in Europe and which is the most powerful lobby in USA?

    You should know the answer!

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

  13. My father, an immigrant who landed in London in 1948 from Donegal in the North-West of the Irish Republic, told me he was amazed that after WW2 he found that ordinary Londoners held German prisoners of war in the highest regard. They talked to the Germans in a most friendly manner. He said he had the feeling that they “looked up” to them which, unsurprisingly, made no sense to him at all.

  14. What needs to be done is a class action lawsuit against the Jews for teaching false history.

    World vs. Jewry. We want our money back. A historical hoax is a fraud, and every Jew that participated is guilty of promoting a hoax for financial gain. RICO laws apply.

  15. What really convinced me was the Fred Zundel site. I spent days reading that along with others. The real clincher was as Barney as said earlier getting rid of all bodies. The thing prior to that that made me realise that we were being lied to about much else was the JFK assassination.

    I don’t know if anyone has cottoned on to it, but they seem to be not mentioning the “gas chamber” element so much now. It was lies from the start, but no longer so much rather propaganda narrative; it’s becoming an extra book of the Old Testament as the “survivors” die off.

  16. @Yukon Jack

    Class action lawsuit in Kosher Kangaroo Kourts??

    No we need much, much more than that.

  17. I’m with Yukon Jack in demanding our money back, a court case against world jewery, and a return of all money to Germany by Israel that was stolen under false pretensions.

  18. Yukon and Stephen,

    What money precisely? You mean the pieces of paper, dots on a screen? For that is all they are. Since the Bank of England was established in the latter 17th century and the first American National Bank at the end of the 18th, 99% of the money in circulation doesn’t exist!
    There is no reserve currency. All banks are Jewish, lending out pieces of paper, at high interest, that people pay them through their labour.
    When you deposit £/$10,the bank creates £/$90 out of thin air. This happens every time. This has been going on for centuries. How much is the money worth? I wouldn’t be surprised if the money in circulation has a negative value.
    That stated, the fake money has bought Jews everything they want!

    There are two solutions to the Jewish question :

    1. The notorious one that Hitler was falsely blamed for.
    2. The immediate arrest of all elite Jews, the instant freezing and seizure of all assets, then subsequently tried for clear treason. And the rest, sent packing, off to an island, locked in, monitored and all contact with the rest of the world, broken off.

    The latter is by far the best option. The Jews want a world of their own. Give it to them a segregated, island in the middle of nowhere. However, install the new world order on them, that is, CCTV’s everywhere, monitoring their every move, along with full audio recording of every conversation, 24/7. Allow them no technology. Have them work the land and live like the Amish. Limit all reproduction to 2 children per family, with no single mothers.

    This, as far as I’m concerned, is the most humane solution for a cult, utterly incapable of living in peace with the rest of the world. Let them live, in complete isolation from humanity, no different to some, some age tribe living in South America, untouched by the modern world.

    You all need to stop this crap about ‘compensation’. What’s done is done. The money system needs to end. The holocaust is the martyr of the Jewish religion. It is their faux sacrifice for the worshiping of their God – themselves. It is now being exposed, rightfully as the colossal lie that it is. And with it, Jewry and its right to exist amongst the rest of the world’s peoples.

    Or only solution for world peace is to remove those stopping it. We need to put Jews in a land, keep them there, monitor them to make sure they’re not building some Moab, or bio-weapon, to destroy the world and educate future generations of what will become the ‘Forgotten Ones’. If we keep them, amongst us, they’ll just continue doing their best to destroy us all.

  19. Read somewhere that the jews are tired of the “anti-semitic” label, and now prefer “jew hate”..
    Also, yesterday, a caller to Robert Reyvolts show said he had just heard that a bunch of jews had torched as many as 43 Christian churches in Palestine, and said that it was time that Christians in America stop sending billions of tax payers dollars to these barbaric heathens..

  20. Belief in the HollowCAUST? No, especially the Zionist one. (I believe in the POLISH ONE and the RUSSIAN ONE). I’m with Yukon Jack on this one, so let’s get the money back from Shlomo. I believe the world has worked out their SCAM and is calling them out. (even this questioning article). Now if the Fake Jews in Israel want to believe in their PSYCHOSIS or refuse to confront it ( the copyrighted Holocaust) well they can have it but please set it up in Israel. No Gas chambers in the Camps?. Better to build a Death Camp with gas chambers in Israel Tel Aviv and call it a JEWISH DEATH CAMP and hit the copyright button so that it will not be called a POLISH DEATH CAMP (you collect the cash at the turnstile) a type of Fun Park a copy/clone of Auschwitz . No need to send young Israelis to visit Auschwitz in Poland to be TRAUMATISED and start believing that they were gassed there (young Israelis) as that is how they feel after they have been brainwashed since birth. Better still the tourist money stays in Israel and then after getting their TRAUMA HIT of “WE only Suffered” they can go and have a coffee and discuss their next scam. To me, it looks like BiBi nie ten YAHOO (you know the one) is ahead of the game. Bibi has invited All his mates (even Angela Merkel the German Clown so she and Vlad Putin the Impaler can hold hands together and blame the POLES for the HOLOCAUST) to Israel to celebrate the Liberation of Auschwitz. A win-win for the Germans and Soviets to falsify history. Both Stalin and Hitler will be remembered fondly for filling Israeli coffers Post 1948. I am sure there will be a lot of joking and back-slapping among the invited guests as they commemorate the Liberation of Auschwitz. Poland will have its own commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz as Polish President Duda ( a Polite Jew) will not be Attending. Mr. Duda should have learned by now that the worst enemy of a Jew is another Jew. Well, at least Poland will not have to put up with traumatized Jewish delinquents trashing Polish Hotels as we commemorate the LIBERATION of Auschwitz. Peace brothers.

  21. no name: Based on some of the views of Yukon Jack there is some mighty strong evidence that Hitler and Eva may have been hid out on the property of Jack’s family when he was growing up, and that they influenced his views just a touch. Up there half the people live outside of the law and you could live your whole life and if anyone was to come by your cabin they would never have heard of Hitler anyway or ever seen a Jew in their life time, because once the gold was all scooped up a 100 years ago, they all lit out to warm their buns in Oregon where Jack now lives. He never forgave them when he swapped his Action Comic #1 – Earth to Superman to a Jew who ran a local pawn shop for $5 and then seen it trading on ebay for $3.2 million the next week. Now he wants to sue the whole lot of them.

  22. Some years ago in the large London’s Peoples Library, i attended a series of talks by Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame, his friend Trevor Stokes gave most of the talk which subsequently went online. Stokes was old then and in failing health, i believe the third man present could have been the Rabbi Louise Jacobs.

  23. HoloCo$$$T – Ka Ching! Ka Ching! – The Gift that Keeps On Giving! ( to The “Chosen”)

    Only an Orwellian Police State can keep the ludicrous religion of HoloCo$$$Tanity
    alive… which is WHY the West is morphing into ONE BIG Orwellian Police State by the day.

  24. Photo here of the jewish Auschwitz orchestra, yes not only a swimming pool a laundry
    a hospital a post office but a brothel too for the comfort of the men

  25. Your claim that “79% of Poles consider the holocaust to be propaganda” is totally untrue. Poles DO question the veracity of the new holocaust narrative which was started by the Jewish propaganda machine in the early 1970’s, as it falsely accused Poles and the wartime Polish government-in-exile of complicity in the mass murder of Jews during WW II. This accusation was officially withdrawn by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in June 2018.
    Nobody in Poland denies the fact that during the second half of WW II several million Jews (as well as 3 million Poles) were murdered by the Germans — nor the fact that during the first half of WW II over a million Poles (usually singled out by Jewish collaborators) were murdered by the Russians, who were then Hitler’s allies.

  26. @ Yukon Jack

    Baba kamma 113a,

    (…) it was taught: ‘Where a suit arises between an Israelite and a heathen, if you can justify the former according to the laws of Israel, justify him and say: ‘This is our law’; so also if you can justify him by the laws of the heathens justify him and say [to the other party: ‘This is your law’; but if this can not be done, we use subterfuges to circumvent him.

  27. Truth does not fear debate. In other words if the standard mass media portrayal of the Holocaust ( 3 Tenets: order to exterminate the Jews, Gas Chambers as the main killing instrument, and 6 million Jews murdered ) is true it should not only NOT fear debate but should welcome it as the Holocaust revisionists would be called out and destroyed. But this is not the case. There is no doubt that there is inherent fear by the authorities for an open and FAIR debate as the opposite ( Holocaust Hoax ) would be exposed. And this is why for many countries one can be fined and imprisoned for questioning any aspect of the standard story. The authorities furthermore justify these laws to protect the honor and integrity of the Holocaust victims and their families. This justification is laughable as Norman G. Finkelstein’ s Book ” The Holocaust Industry – Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering” details the Holocaust mainly as a financial industry for monetary gain as well as a political bludgeoning instrument and shield for Israeli offensive policies especially towards the Palestinians.

  28. Keven C – I am not defending Hitler or his enemies, but the Zio banking cartel and their finances screwed the Germans in WWI for Balfour, and from all reliable appearances the same group (mainly the Schiff Zio connection) funded and started the communist revolution in Russia. After 1920 when Schiff died Zio elements and financiers continued to support the revolution, and the communists threat spread like a plague wiping out Christianity where it could. Fascism was not fueled by any threat of democracy but mainly by the threat of communism, especially in Germany where the nation had been crippled by war reparations all throughout the 1920’s, with German Jews “riding the high horse” as convert Benjamin Freedman said. The resentment was huge.

    The Zio disclaimers and history writers just deny, deny, deny and never admit any wrong or responsibility, and in fact it is parcel of their loyalty to never criticize their own no matter what. Without any value judgement, there was no way Hitler could practically allow those who were controlling the German economy to continue to do so. Also, from all appearances and especially in his own nation the same ethnic groups was behind the communist movement which had already taken over a number of German cities after the 1929 depression began, and was threatening the win the 1933 general election.

    Harbinger and Yukon Jack complain of the same kind of abuses of power and wealth which any objective person would have to be blind not to see with just a little research. But the problem is mainly with us. The solution suggested of ostracizing Jews to their own homeland was tried by Hitler was one even promoted by the Zionists at the time in Germany to get their own homeland (right in the middle of oil country), but of course without abandoning control of any nation they were to leave. In order to persecute and ostracize the Jews, it is interesting to note that the Nazis had to do what Yukon Jack has done, and that was to shed their Christian religion which they believed made them vassals of the Jews, and weak to prevent exploitation. Hitler even blamed St. Paul for “corrupting” Christianity to make it Jewish.

    These ideas of isolating an entire ethic group by sending them abroad or putting them in a ghetto, many of whose members have received no perks or favors from those who wield such powers, have been tried, and have led to a lot of misery, suffering and injustice. This is a group which asserts superiority just like the Nazis did in order to seize and wield power to advance their interests and place in the sun. We remember what the North American whites did to the natives. Lincoln said when opening up the West for settlement during the Civil War, that there were two options regarding the plains indian tribes. He said their were those who were advocating that they be exterminated and then there was the more “Christian” option of putting them on reservations. He chose the second option. It is therefore clear that based on cultural, ethnic, or racial ideas of superiority and without the view that we are all children of God, or what I call “true Christian”, or “true universal principles of justice” there will always be exploitation and injustice to serve the interests of those who wield power.

    Additionally from Harbinger and Jack we have the idea of returning to the Rule of Law and suing the Jews in the courts, which Jews remains problematic without including a lot of non Jews if you want actual perps, and which courts is even more problematic as we have not footing, and besides, they are all controlled by the corrupt power elites anyway. If we are denied free speech by the courts, then the courts are going to be the last place to go to find any redress. The state-appointed judges will never allow the courts to be used as forum to hear and broadcast disinterested complaints and grievances for the very things they are already suppressing by their denials of free speech.

    So what do we do? We go where no “man” (women included) has ever gone before in analysis of the problems. However, the truth takes us to places we often do not want to go and we have to be brave and trusting, and that is why no matter what we do we need God in the equation – which is exactly what the evil cabal has been trying to eradicate from our affairs for the last 200 years. No one who is really interested in the truth about the abuses of power by any cabal, religious group or society to which they do not belong, has a problem criticizing or exposing such abuses. Yet when it comes to recognizing the abuses of any organization to which they belong or are any ways dependent upon, that is a different story. Anyone with common sense and who is interested in the truth, many Jews included, have know for decades that the Holocaust was mostly fake Zio propaganda following WWII and it was even a Jew who coined the phrase, “There is no business like Sheol business.” Also, as for 9/11 there are mostly Zio fingerprints all over the place together with those of the US authorities. You have to be a cretin or a willing dupe to believe the Arabs did it. Those are just two examples of zero accountability because the Zios hold the reins of power.

    But why do they wield such power even now over our churches? It is because we are in fact weak and the sign of that weakness is how we continue to ignore the truth in our midsts because it may in some way detract from our own immediate or temporal interests. Yet, if we want to avoid hate and injustice and want to make all our lives better and to increase mutual trust in the world we constantly need the checks and balances of the truth exposed in broad daylight, which exclusive power mongering and ruthless organizations like in the Zionists, the Communist movement, the Masons, etc. will continue to suppress. Our weakness is the lack of unity based on true universal principles of justice, and an independent system of communication and judgment free of any controls or influence from our corrupt governments or such powerful organizations or individuals violating those principles. How to unify such outsiders to become more effective to override all the controls of the power elites is the problem, but this site is a start and must be protected and supported, and real political networking should come from it. If it is to be suppressed, taken over, or washed out like Zerohedge then we have to move on, and try other means.

    The problem is not just the Zionists, the Masons, Catholics, Christians, Jews, or Muslims, globalists, communists or fascists. These are just labels for various loyalties in the political realm of the real majority. The problem with respect to all of the abuses of power, it is with the weakness of the middle (meaning the majority) which is constantly being divided and polarized by the power elites so that we remain conquered. As long as we remain subservient and insecure in debt and allow money to control our political and legal systems, and not real universal principles of justice to rule, then nothing will change but only get worse, and we will become more fragmented, insecure and vulnerable. In fact we are in a fight for our very survival.

    All these explointers rule over us because we let them. They have no unified opposition to their power mongering and abuses and they keep usurping more and more control over our ignorant lives. In fact, to control and polarize us even more, they were decades and even a century ahead of us. One faction of the power elites and exploiters with their hidden hand used Marx and crafted and propagated the communist movement, to appear as the universal panacea to exploitation by the rich. They couched their rhetoric on lofty but groundless principles of universal justice, while casting out the only real and durable based that of religion and God – the very source of all ture universalism and ultimate accountability. Of course what this hollow movement did was to polarize and divide people totally on the materialistic plain. When we see what this cabal did to Russia with such “principles” we recognize what a crude and demonic creed it actually was and remains, and how it is actually a perfect reflection of the twisted minds of its progenitors.

  29. What is the point of giving back dots in a computer screen. Go easy if people shatter their 6 million figure no moshiac can be had so they’ll have to create the 6 million figure for real.
    Remember we are dealing with the worst humanity has to offer. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck it should get roasted like a duck. Everything is traced back to the sect they cannot cloak that any longer with illusions like race. Good o, what they put out will come back not like a boomerang but like a rubber band.

  30. I like what Harbinger suggests in his comment above regarding separating that tribe of demons from the rest of the (semi)civilized world. Jewry is a satanic, toxic virus which needs to be quarantined.

    @ Monica Katz Spare us your ridiculous bullshit, you shameless shill. The “fact” that “several millions Jews…were murdered by the Germans” in Poland alone?? Bwahaha If anything, that “fact” continues to get proven to be a gross distortion, an exponential inflation, if not an outright lie. You are a shit-stain on the fabric of truth.