Trump’s Senate trial could backfire on the Democrats

Introduction – Jan 16, 2020

This website DOES NOT support President Trump. However, we suspect that Democrats trying to impeach the president may unintentionally be handing him another term in office.
As psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker has pointed out, Trump could paint efforts to impeach him as part of a broader conspiracy and use it to portray himself as a champion of ordinary Americans against the “deep state”.
Of course, he’s nothing of the sort but moves to impeach Trump could provide him with a golden opportunity to portray the president as such. Thereby providing him with much campaign mileage and another term in the White House. Ed.

Trump’s Senate trial could backfire on the Democrats

Cordelia Lynch – Sky News Jan 16, 2020

It was a ceremonial, symbolic today. Democrats would have you believe it a hugely important one too. It was indisputably a rare moment. For only the third time in US history, a president will now face a Senate trial.

Democrats sounded incredulous at claims they’d delayed handing over the impeachment articles for their own political gain.

Instead, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, insisted the extra time had given them valuable space to uncover new, incriminating evidence.

Among the documents they released over night, were texts alleging the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was placed under surveillance as part of Donald Trump’s pressure campaign.

One letter, allegedly from Rudy Giuliani also requested a meeting with Ukraine’s president “as personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent”.

Their 11th hour revelations though, only served to add more fuel to the Republican argument that they’re clutching at straws, trying to find someone or something to make the case they’ve failed to convince anyone but themselves on.

The fact is, the ball is now in Republicans court and they don’t want a protracted game, peppered with some stretched out penalty time.

They’ve made clear they don’t think they need to hear from new witnesses – something Democrats are desperate for. That could mean no Rudy Giuliani, no John Bolton.


3 responses to “Trump’s Senate trial could backfire on the Democrats”

  1. The US deep state is planning it to backfire. Impeachment was proven to be Bill Clinton’s ticket to a second term. They are also running nothing but losers on the Dem side of the contest. The last thing the MIC will allow to happen is for the people to elect a government to control their own lives or to control them. When they have hundreds of billions every year to throw around, all filched from taxpayers, with the money barons calling the shots of whom is to run for the top position, and mutually reticent about any real control from the people, they will use the impeachment process to ensure Trump gets a second term.

  2. This “impeachment” was planned right from the beginning as a clever reelection ploy. Trump is the Jews ultimate wet dream and is not going anywhere . .

  3. Fred B:

    That is very true and one goal of the strategy. The other is that Trump will use the Impeachment trial to destroy the Demonrats and expose the criminality of the Obama administration from Obama, Hillary, the Bidens, and all politicians involved in the Ukraine / Burisma scandal. This is also why the Ukrainian Airliner was the plane that was shot down and NOT the other planes from other countries. It ties together the Obama administration money laudering and weapons scheme through Ukraine to Iran under the Iran Nuclear deal (JCPOA). The only hitch in the scheme is that some Republicans (RINOs, John Kerry, McCain, Mitt Romney and others) are also involved in laundering money for themselves. Thus Trump would also be fighting members of his own party and Republican pretend supporters of Trump. We shall see! Good to see your Great and Thinking man’s comment!