Yes: Reporters Are Bought and Paid for

Paul Craig Roberts – American Free Press Jan 8, 2020

Udo Ulfkotte’s amazing book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalism) was published by Kopp Verlag in 2014. The book was a sensation and sold 1.5 million copies in Germany, but no major U.S. publisher would bring out an English translation. Finally, last month a small publisher, Progressive Press, published an English language edition titled Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA.

Ulfkotte’s book destroys the illusion/delusion that there is anywhere in the Western world an independent press. Ulfkotte describes in detail the cognitive appropriation of journalists by elites. Journalists serve as propagandists and public relations agents for intelligence agencies, businesses, lobbying organizations, politicians, and U.S. foreign policy. The function of journalism is to deliver to the people the explanations that serve the interests of elites and Washington’s foreign policy. This message was so effectively delivered to the German people that readership of the main German newspapers collapsed.

Ulfkotte describes how journalists are recruited when they are still students and find themselves indebted to and dependent on serving other interests than the truth. All from the lowest reporter to the highest editor to the owners of the news organization are caught up in enabling the elites to control the explanations. Ulfkotte names names and lists the organizations that bring journalists together with intelligence services and related think tanks, politicians, and foreign policy associations. Incestuous relationships between journalists, intelligence agencies, businesses, politicians, and U.S. foreign policy aims are so pervasive that no one thinks anything of it. The only ones who get in trouble are those who don’t go along.

Ulfkotte’s book is written for Germans. Americans might find the German detail boring, but in the detail is the picture of how the subtle process of turning journalists into functionaries of intelligence services, politicians, and businesses is accomplished. The book starts off slowly. Ulfkotte knows that he would face readers’ disbelief if he jumped right into the horror story, so he begins with the perks and rewards of accommodating “sources” and censoring real news, such as the use of German poison gas by Iraq against Iran.

One interesting story is how the German press handled the wave of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania into Germany. The German government favored this further watering down of ethnic Germans by enlisting the press to describe the migrants as the hardworking, never-unemployed “Prussians of the Balkans.” False claims were made, such as the unemployment rate of Bulgarian and Romanian migrants was less than that of Germans. The false story was repeated endlessly without verification. Once the migrants were incorporated into Germany, the facts came out: The number of immigrants on welfare continues “to rise significantly” and has “increased 60% over the previous year.” The experts, who had warned that this would be the case, were demonized as “nationalists” and “Nazis.” Thus, the media served to keep the facts out and fake news in.

The carefully woven matrix of controlled explanations explains why Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, and other voices for real change are regarded as major threats to elite control. Marine le Pen faces continuous threats of prosecution, and the CIA/FBI/DNC orchestrated hoaxes are used by the presstitutes to drive Trump from office. With the Western media suborned, democracy and accountable government are not possible. Making this clear is Ulfkotte’s contribution.

Here are some of Ulfkotte’s amusing and revealing topics:

  • “ ‘Truths’ on Sale from Our Sponsors: Elite Networks and Intelligence Agencies”
  • “How Do Journalists Pay for Their Villas in Tuscany?”
  • “Our Lockstep Media: Synchronized, Obedient, and No Questions Asked”
  • “In the Stranglehold of the Intelligence Agencies”
  • “Obama’s Trolls: America’s Fifth Column”
  • “Rockefeller’s Ghost—The Trilateral Commission”
  • “The Power of the Bilderbergers: Conspiracy Theory or Reality?”
  • “Two in Three Journalists are for Sale”
  • “The Higher Goal: Amputating Germany’s Identity”
  • “Merkel’s Fairy-Tale Hour: How the German Government Lies to Its Citizens”

Ulfkotte said that he could write the book, because he had no children or family to protect from retaliation. At the end of the book Ulfkotte says it is part one of a three-book series. Ulfkotte died from a heart attack not long after the book was published. His death at 56 years of age raised doubts as to whether the heart attack was real or induced.

Ulfkotte’s Wikipedia biography was written by those he had exposed. Wikipedia is part of the control matrix. It is not an independent source. Wikipedia’s main function is to slander truthtellers.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and was associate editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal. He has been a professor of economics in six universities and is the author of numerous books available at the American Free Press bookstore.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

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    ITS OBSCENE…..let’s get real…..but removing these corrupt obscenities is almost impossible they usually have connections with key members of the oligarchy.

    Meantime Assange is being held on permanent detention….its illegal and one thing is for sure the Stahls of this world wouldn’t give a damn.

  2. Logic doesn’t grace the west, if it did the strangulation of the egregore`s voice would be first priority. However most euranglolanders actually aspire to the glossyness of media because that’s all they see. This I see is part of exceptionalism.
    It is obvious though thetruthseeker has never understood how close to God you get when you hurl a V8 down the quarter in under 9sec. Different strokes for different blokes hey admin lol. Please my idiocy(individual) my responsibility.
    Ulfkotte has come up a lot in study luganpresse seems to be just run of the mill for the west the place of exceptional standards which isn’t normal is it.

  3. Abc

  4. PC Roberts avoids the root cause of mass media evil and the simple truth that it’s Jews who run the Jews Media. PC Roberts says NOTHING about Jews controlling mass media in this article.

    PC Roberts has no clue who runs the jews media, or else PC is owned by the Jews himself or PC is too scared to even mention the J word. The word Jew is nowhere to be found in this article.

    PC Roberts is misdirecting people away from the truth and the root of the problem which is that mass media is owned by rich Jews. It’s the anti-gentiles behind the media madness.

    For anyone who doesn’t already know this and doubts it, just google “Jews Media” and see for yourself who owns and runs ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, AP, Reuters, Time Warner, Fox, NY Times, Sky News, and the rest of mass media.

    What the study shows is that CEOs, presidents, chairmen, and heads of mass media corporations are all Jews and puppets of Jews. Major TV, radio, newspaper, and publishing is controlled by anti-gentiles !!

    Bankster Jews documented their plan for control of the media in their Protocols of the Elders of Zion over 120 years ago. Since then the plan has been carried out and has become a reality –

  5. Jews Media, you need to calm down. Don’t be an enemy of the good in pursuit of perfection. Your position is immature.

    PCR often notices the “Jew” and he is not afraid to name him.

    Sometimes people in the limelight need to go easy, whereas you can flame away hiding behind your false internet identity.

    Most of us know that Jews own the media through cross directorates. This owning was done on purpose, so Jews could control the narrative.

    The bigger question is why and how are the intelligence services in alignment with Zion? That answer is by way of finance. For example, Saudi recycles petrodollars through CIA to buy weapons for Takfiri soldiers, otherwise known as ISIS, ISIL or whatever. CIA, MI6 are part of Zionist world government, and Presstitues are also part of ZOG.

    Control of money is used to bribe and get compromat on Politicians. The CIA and MI6 are arms of ZOG. ZOG in turn is Jewish at conception, and its animating force is usury, which in turn is bank credit at debt.

    Jews have always been usurers and have ALWAYS tried to control the narrative by owing the press, or buying off and influencing the press.

    PCR is merely talking about the CIA component.

    PCR is red-pilled on the Jewish question. See this article by him.


    As W W 2 looked increasingly likely in the 1930s, the Synagogues put out the
    message for all jews to get into anything to do with war supplies, Winston Churchill and Herbert Morrison
    the Home Office minister and minister for provisions, made sure everything came from jewish suppliers.
    Lord Lindeman, the cut out man between Rothschild and Churchill, said on Jewish news,
    quote ” This is one very good business opportunity for us all”
    Herbert Morrison was Peter Mandlesons grandfather, Aleister Crowley Churchills freind
    and fellow 33rd degree mason, said of Morrison “he is so bent he cant even piss straight”
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    This left the country at the mercy of swathes of jewish men.
    London suffered very badly with these gangs, the Kray twins took over from Peter Rachman
    who took over from Jack “spot” Comer and Billy Hill, until recently organised crime gangs were jewish and supported by Mossad.
    Similarly in Northern Ireland drugs like ectasy tablets etc came in by the thousand from Mossad to be sold by the Para-Militaries to raise money to buy israeli guns and explosives.
    Master criminal Mad Frankie Fraser said in a TV interview that during the wartime blackout,
    the jewish gangs would go out at night to the shops and businesses who refused to pay them protection money, and rob them then set them on fire, they would then say it was caused by a stray German bomb.
    Churchill himself used this excuse when he had the British Geneology centre burnt down with its births and deaths documents going back centuries, this was so that later he could claim that there were always people of colour here when they only started coming in after w w 2.
    Houses and businesses were burgled, and the contents would be sold in London’s Petticoat Lane
    an area well known for fencing stolen goods.
    Black marketeers con men spivs fences and forged food coupon sellers, all jews and all operating in london, the expression “oh what a lovely war” was heard on many jewish lips.
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    So the Muslim gangs who were recently exposed as raping hundreds of young kids is nothing new,
    and our government let both cases go on and on.
    The broadcaster William Joyce had his face slashed for speaking out about wartime jewish crime.
    I remember as a small boy my mothers small parlour in Londons East End would have the neighbours
    all cram in to hear William Joyce broadcasts, because British soldiers would call the BBC ” Bullshit time”
    and as the war ended, people would say its over and we won, we did not win
    we lost big time, but the jews all made fortunes, and they were all able to move to upmarket homes away
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    One can read online about the Battle of Cable street, , i watched it from my window and the truth was very different.
    There was more fear in London of the jewish gangs than of Hitler, Oswald Mosely was a British Patriot and such a skilled politician that the Jews asked him to lead both UK political parties, but he refused.
    Oswald Mosely set up the Blackshirts, men easily recognisable who could be called on for help,
    these men old or very young, as our strong healthy men were away fighting to get Germany away from Hitler and back under jewish control, these brave men would stand guard outside shops and homes during the nights of the blackout to protect them, this was what caused the jews communists and racist types
    to fight the English families in Cable st.

  7. @ Jews Media:

    Your claim about PCR is correct! However, he is an independent thinker and writer, with vast experience. He does write about Jews, but is never overly critical about them. If he is too blatant and too harsh on the JEW question, he risks his livelihood and / or his life. Like Ulfkotte, maybe PCR would wind up dead from suspicious causes.

    Remember too, that only fellow or former JEWS can criticize other JEWS. They are all part of the racket and Controlled Opposition for and to each other. Gilad Atzmon, Israil Shamir, Ron UNZ, Brother Nathanael, Henry Makow, Adam Green and Michael Snyder are all examples. They reveal some facts and lies at the same time. It is your job to sort out which is which from what you have learned up to now (your present knowledge).
    There is a reason why The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the most successful playbook of all time. Even this article demonstrates it!

  8. “explains why Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, and other voices for real change are regarded as major threats to elite control.” . . . ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!

    Trump has more than proven himself to be the ultimate Judas goat betrayer. Christians need to wake up to the fact that the devil, not God is running the show on this planet and that includes the Rothschild State of Israel. The sad thing is that most Americans have slowly but surely become a dumbed down and largely clueless people that have NO discernment, or even the slightest awareness of the HUGE risk that the criminally insane government in Washington is taking with their lives.

    In every presidential election in recent memory, the reason why we don’t have any truly genuine presidential candidates is precisely because Jews choose the next president from their list of pre-approved acceptable lackey stooges. Just look at the behavior of the last four U.S. presidents and observe how low has been their moral character.

    Make NO mistake, America’s next president,as now, will be the one who best articulates the plans of the Jewish billionaires who run the world.