In Iraq The U.S. Is Again An Occupation Force As It Rejects To Leave As Demanded

Moon of Alabama – Jan 10, 2020

Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi is following Iraq’s Parliament decision to remove all foreign forces from Iraq. But his request for talks with the U.S. about the U.S. withdrawal process was answered with a big “F*** You”:

Iraq’s caretaker prime minister asked Washington to start working out a road map for an American troop withdrawal, but the U.S. State Department on Friday bluntly rejected the request, saying the two sides should instead talk about how to “recommit” to their partnership.

Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in the capital and southern Iraq, many calling on both Iran and America to leave Iraq, reflecting anger and frustration over the two rivals — both Baghdad’s allies — trading blows on Iraqi soil.

The request from Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi pointed to his determination to push ahead with demands for U.S. troops to leave Iraq, stoked by the American drone strike on Jan. 3 that killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. In a phone call Thursday night, he told U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that recent U.S. strikes in Iraq were an unacceptable breach of Iraqi sovereignty and a violation of their security agreements, his office said.

He asked Pompeo to “send delegates to Iraq to prepare a mechanism” to carry out the Iraqi Parliament’s resolution on withdrawing foreign troops, according to the statement.

“The prime minister said American forces had entered Iraq and drones are flying in its airspace without permission from Iraqi authorities, and this was a violation of the bilateral agreements,” the statement added.

The Associated Press errs when it says that the move was “stoked by the American drone strike on Jan. 3 that killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani”. The move was stoked five days earlier when the U.S. killed 31 Iraqi security forces near the Syrian border despite the demands by the Iraqi prime minister and president not to do so. It was further stoked when the U.S. assassinated Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes, the deputy commander of the Popular Militia Forces and a national hero in Iraq.

The State Department issued a rather aggressive response to Abdul-Mahdi’s request:

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6 responses to “In Iraq The U.S. Is Again An Occupation Force As It Rejects To Leave As Demanded”

  1. “America is a force for good in the Middle East”. Pompeo
    Huh!! That is so over the top I don’t know what to say!!

  2. Iraq shouldn’t exist in the first place. It is a made up country. Half of it belongs to the Kurds anyway.

  3. The United States is leaving Iraq.

    They will probably not leave in a voluntary manner since they have wasted trillions and do not want to admit defeat.

    So they will be squeezed and forced out just like in Vietnam.

    Soleimani was a real threat to the remainers.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all the MSM explainers why our people are going up ladders in the green zone boarding helicopters.

    We are withdrawing with honor they will say about a nation and people who have no honor.

    There is a huge crisis brewing with United States solvency, the petro dollar standard, rising interest rates, record debts, and us financial dominance. Remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was sudden and catastrophic and the fools in the district of criminals are still in afghanistan – the graveyard of empires – tempting fate.

    All the while we are distracted by Trump’s insane antics and looney tweets and speeches the FED is monetizing trillions. There is a big crisis brewing, we are on the edge of crazy times – waiting for the shoe to drop.

  4. Gordon Duff’s article sums this up well…. another ‘Maiden’ op to maintain control of our new colony:
    Abdul-Mehdi spoke angrily about how the Americans had ruined the country and now refused to complete infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless they were promised 50% of oil revenues, which Abdul-Mehdi refused.”

    “This is why I visited China and signed an important agreement with them to undertake the construction instead. Upon my return, Trump called me to ask me to reject this agreement. When I refused, he threatened to unleash huge demonstrations against me that would end my premiership.

    Huge demonstrations against me duly materialized and Trump called again to threaten that if I did not comply with his demands, then he would have Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me.

    I refused again and handed in my resignation. To this day the Americans insist on us rescinding our deal with the Chinese.

    After this, when our Minister of Defense publicly stated that a third party was targeting both protestors and security personnel alike (just as Trump had threatened, he would do), I received a new call from Trump threatening to kill both me and the Minister of Defense if we kept on talking about this “third party”.

    I was supposed to meet him [Soleimani] later in the morning when he was killed. He came to deliver a message from Iran in response to the message we had delivered to the Iranians from the Saudis.

    The Kingdom’s statement regarding the events in Iraq stresses the Kingdom’s view of the importance of de-escalation to save the countries of the region and their people from the risks of any escalation.

    The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not consulted regarding the US strike. In light of the rapid developments, the Kingdom stresses the importance of exercising restraint to guard against all acts that may lead to escalation, with severe consequences.

    Saudi Arabia is sending a delegation to Washington to urge restraint with Iran on behalf of [Persian] Gulf states. The message will be: ‘Please spare us the pain of going through another war’.”

  5. Templar GR. Which is the made up country, America or the US district of Colombia?
    Bingo gdpetti it all comes down to the heartland which the US lost while on behalf of the London banksters which aren’t real happy about it spitting dummy`s.

  6. It is the usual story . The American occupation forces only withdraw if they are forced out like in Vietnam . !9 years of war in Afghanistan under false pretext need only some courage from Iran to provide anti-aircraft missiles to the Taleban . That will force the exit of the American forces of occupation and that ‘s the way to resolve the occupation in Iraq , Syria and the rest of the Arabian peninsula . In Europe , still the brainwashed population does not understand that beside the military occupation , the local armed forces and the police are controlled by the CIA , in this way if the local government does not obey the dictates of Washington , a coup d’etat or a death by accident of some recalcitrant politician can be organized .