‘Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA’

Introduction – Dec 23, 2019

Udo Ulfkotte died of a heart attack in January 2017. Given the efforts to bury his book, there is good reason to believe that he was murdered to prevent him revealing anymore. This makes the English translation of his book Gekaufte Journalisten a ‘must read’, as it is an insiders account of how our so-called ‘free press’ is now a controlled organ of the powers that be. Ed.

‘Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA’

Ian Fanton – for Progressive Press Dec 20, 2019

Political lying? Biased reporting? Smear campaigns? These are now hot topics in the aftermath of the UK’s General Election. But how can all this be going on without the collusion of the press?
Now for the first time there is an English translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s book ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’, which reveals from the inside how political journalists in Germany are overwhelmingly serving the CIA – and he writes from personal experience as a former journalist with the Frankfurter Algemeine.
In an interview in English he explains that the situation in the UK is even worse than in Germany (See video in Off-Guardian articles below, ref 4: 8 mins in).
The publication of an English translation of his book ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’ was for some time being blocked by a fake announcement of an English translation that appears never to have existed. This edition by Progressive Press is a must-read for anyone wondering about the fake news being reported uncritically in today’s media – and indeed by anyone wondering how politicians can get away with so many untruths without being properly challenged.
Whilst the topic is still hot, here is some information for immediate publication:
Publishers page: http://www.progressivepress.com/book-listing/presstitutes
Publishers page for the original German edition: https://www.kopp-verlag.de/a/gekaufte-journalisten
Some press mentions to date:
  1. Paul Craig Roberts of Institute for Political Economy: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/10/22/udo-ulfkottes-book-exposing-cia-control-of-western-journalism-now-available-in-english/ (‘Udo Ulfkotte’s Book Exposing CIA Control of Western Journalism Now Available in English’ – quick initial announcement)
  2. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/11/13/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-free-press/ (‘There Is No Such Thing as a Free Press’ – a review of the book)
  3. https://off-guardian.org/2019/10/06/watch-udo-ulfkotte-bought-journalists/ (Video of a lecture by Udo Ulfkotte in German with English subtitles)
  4. https://off-guardian.org/2018/01/08/english-translation-of-udo-ulfkottes-bought-journalists-suppressed/ (This is a report of the fake English version, with an interview in English with Udo Ulfkotte, in which he states that the situation in the UK is worse than in Germany: see 8 mins in)
In Amazon:
5. The original book in German: https://www.amazon.de/Gekaufte-Journalisten-Geheimdienste-Deutschlands-Massenmedien/dp/3864451434/
6. Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1615770178
7. Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1615770178
I am pleased to attach a letter from the Publishers, Progressive Press, and also two files of excerpts from the book: a smaller file without the covers, (Prestute-20pExcerpts.pdf) and a larger file with the front and back cover (Prestute-Exerpts-Cvr.pdf)
Yours sincerely,
Ian Fantom
Halifax, UK
for Progressive Press

2 responses to “‘Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA’”

  1. This article about the MSM being an extension of the CIA by buying off Media personalities and/or journalists in Europe is welcome news as to how the CIA operates not only in America, but also in Europe. In America, most people should know by now that people like Anderson Cooper and/or Wolf Blitzer are CIA agents from years back. Their ilk received training from the CIA years ago and them infiltrated the American MSM without disclosing their background unless the Sheeple did their own research because the info is out there. The new trend is that the MSM now hires CIA agents, aka ‘Spooks”, directly after they had successful careers in the Intelligence Agencies Community, sort of a Public-Private sector revolving door. Politicians have been doing this for ages. Examples are the likes of Dick Cheney, being an Oil Service Company Executive who then went into government under George W. Bush 2 as a VP or Rahm Emmanual, Chief of Staff for President Obama, went on to become mayor of Chicago. As for those former CIA Spooks, they are now hired by the MSM as ‘Experts” so the MSM can claim that these Experts are knowledgeable and have experience in how government works especially in the Intelligence Community sector, while at the same time controlling the “Narrative” about something like the illegal surveillance, ie. “Spying” on Donald Trump as Presidential candidate and then President and those people planted around Trump to aid in that Spying. These Spooks help control the “Narrative” by being credible and then stating, due to being Experts, and Experienced, that Trump is a Liar about any Russia-Trump Collusion or any Spygate Hoax Conspiracy.

    Next the article fails to mention that the CIA, from when it changed its name from the OSS to CIA, just after WW2, under the Dulles brothers, started Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio, was an operation conducted in Europe, where False-Flag psyops were done using people that were Communists committing terror acts in countries like Italy, West Germany, France and Spain to feed the fear of a Red Communist menace. These terrorist acts (done by the CIA and its paid lackeys) fomented Soviet Union (Bolshevik Russia) invasion fears of the rest of western Europe, thus justifying the need for NATO and an Arms race, whereby the Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Complex of the Western nations, but mainly the USA, profited greatly.

    Thus this article shows that the CIA is involved in many different functions, which are: Spying, Inciting Terror (psyops, False-Flag operations) for Regime change (Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria and Hong Kong and finally just plain old propaganda both at home in the USA and abroad. The CIA is Evil and learned its tricks from the Gestapo Nazis brought over to the USA under Operation Paperclip and Psychologists/PR experts like Edward Bernays. The article exposes what has been going on a long time, but is not a complete picture unless you add the information from this comment. Thanks!

  2. Great comments, Stormin’ Norman!

    This is another case where International Jewry liquidated a guy who knew too much. What happened to him, a crisis of consciousness? Why he decided to expose the truth regardless of the consequences?

    I’m sure Udo’s book is a great read, perfect for a Christmas gift! The sheep must wake-up and create ways to keep pressure on the unaccountable State; like the Yellow Vests in France. The window of opportunity is closing. Where are the free – from the Jew – media to report the police brutality of Macron’s Regime (Rothschild’s actually)?

    You said you don’t trust dissident Jews but I think Nathanael, for example, actually does some damage, I don’t see how he can be “good for the Jews.” He isn’t. Plus, what choice dissident Jews will have if the goyim push them back? Some Jews wrote great books exposing the Jewish Conspiracy such as Gerard Menuhin’s ‘Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil’, also Victor Ostrovsky’s ‘By Way of Deception’, and many others.

    If you want to know if the Jew is false opposition ask him about 9/11.