The Truth About Trump’s Anti-Semitism Executive Order

Adam Green – Know More News Dec 11, 2019

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  1. This is Trump’s ticket for reelection. Meanwhile the Jewish elite which has taken most of their eggs and have put them in the China and Israeli basket continue with the devastating outsourcing mainly to China while Trump pulls back on tariffs.

  2. Now that traitor Trump is shredding the last of our freedoms – the right to think and speak our minds lets review who got Trump wrong.

    Who pumped Trump nonstop until it became so obvious even a moron could no longer tolerate the traitor? Dr. David Duke. It was sickening to here Duke pump Trump every radio show for over two years into his presidency, it got so bad I had to turn him off. As smart as Dr. Duke is he got totally fooled (plus every single one of his guests)

    I don’t know why but he does say he’s a Christian (and thus the gullibility). Now just to point out how stupid people really are, the conservatives ALL say there is no alternative to Trump as the 2020 candidate. What? Under no circumstances should anyone promote Trump or want him to be our president, can you imagine another 4 years of that destroyer clown?

    Who was spot on about Trump right off the bat? Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting and then a close second radio host Jeff Rense. Kyle calls Duke “dr. david dupe” for good reason. Funny and accurate. There is this kid Brandon Martinez who I think did that “Trump is the Swamp” way before Trump became BLOTUS.

    I don’t like to bash any personality but someone has to out the controlled opposition because things are getting bad and could go from real bad to catastrophic especially if the Orange Clown Whore of Israel starts WW3 with Iran.

    I look forward to the upcoming chaos, because it will be the only way for the sheeple to snap out of their loyalty trance to Israel. One more big false flag will push us over the edge into new territory. Call it the Great Awakening, when Jews are outed as the cause of ALL of our problems.

  3. To the editors of this fine website, I think it is time to start posting the videos as Bitchute not Youtube, because it is only a matter of time before Adam Greene is shut down on Jewtube. “Shut it down Adum” sayeth the Jew in guttural Neanderthal speak.

    All the Youtube links on the truthseeker will soon be dead.

    Here is the Bitchute link to the above video:

  4. We are dealing here with the ultimate of Zionist twists and double speaks and false flag abstractions to enable the new World Order. It seems that the Zionists have so much time and money on their hands to corner every road and nook and cranny as they are so well funded with fiat currency. It will very difficult to defeat them as the opposing side lacks the funding necessary. Almost everything that could be said in the defense of reason will be defeated as the Zionists control the major media outlets. It almost seems as a lock for the new World Order to win. Things look very dark right now. The only real hope that I see is for Jewish anti – Zionist groups to do their bidding to confront the extreme violent Zionists who are looking for a world takeover.

  5. Even though, Adam Green ( missing ending berg like Zucker / Zuckerberg) is telling the truth, something smells. I smell a Jew pretending to be some happy-go-lucky college graduate that appeals to millennials. Under the TOS (Terms of Service) of the likes of Twitter, Google, Jutube, and Facebook, any Social Media, Adam Green’s comments would be considered Hate-speech. He would be demonitized, shadow-banded or removed from the platforms. Why is he still on / using those platforms? The Answer is that like Gilad Atzmon, Henry Makow,, Hoffman and Unz Review, they are all Jewish CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Remember, the JEW controls all sides of any argument / debate. They control the message and the narrative, in order to confuse you and cause division that is used to conquer the goyim. The rapid machine-gun fire approach to the goyim’s demise. The take-away from Adam Green is that he is showing you how the JEWS control you, the goyim. You can NOT do anything without their approval. Adam Green is part of it and in on it, the JEWS Racket.

  6. Well said Stormin….GREEN is a very common Jewish surname.They also use other colours as surnames like BLUE,BROWN,WHITE,BLACK.
    And another oddity is their use of tree names as surnames….like Birch,Elm,Oak etc. (But not American tree species.The above are generally Jewish but not specifically.. Shirley Temple BLACK fir example was Jewish.

  7. Yes to the comments that Adam Greene could be controlled opposition. And good point how is it that he still is up on Jewish platform Youtube? The same is true for Ryan Dawson.

    This mystery of who’s working for who is far deeper than what is being imagined by the patriots, the real problem I believe is that our minds have been colonized by Jewish thought at the level of base reality. Hear me out on this one. We live in a Jewish simulacrum or Jewish simulated reality (which I believe is alien ET inspired).

    The Jews have been set up by a superior mind to rule over us. The Bible says that, they were chosen by “god”, substitute ET for god and now you are on to something. If you demystify the Bible, particularly Genesis, like Zacharia Sitchin has, all of a sudden how humans came to be make rational sense. Not by magic, by aliens who came here and created humans as slaves/pets.

    The legacy of our creation is religious myth written from the point of view of the human slave class. This is all discussed on Ancient Aliens and other shows. Religions are Anunnaki cargo cults, we are whorshipping aliens as God when they are not gods at all but imposters. A superior technological race created us a hybrids. Humans are part alien DNA. Many “breeds” were created along the way during earth occupation.

    Thus we have been set up from the gitgo to fight amongst ourselves, we are not all one race per say, we are like different dog breeds with each breed having it’s own traits and behavior patterns.  Thus one division are Jews vs. Goyim.  Another Whites vs. Latinos.  The game is dominance, each breed trying to dominate the other.

    Another group of ET comes along and inspires us with holy verse, to get along.  Grays using telepathy inspire writers to create Universal brotherhood amongst men with Catholicism.  But because men want power, especially religious men, they form new breakaway religions and thus reformation and thousands of protest variants.  All fighting for dominance, all cargo cults, all in a life and death struggle to define reality. 

    Jews dominate this because they hold the original text, the original holy code of Anunnaki intervention on earth – but they too are lost thinking Yahweh is supreme God when he is really the Anunnaki prick Enlil. (So sayeth all the scholars that study this material).  Jews have the upper hand given to them by these imposter gods, Jews were put in position to lead and guide the Goyim but it has devolved into prison staff.

    Earth is a prison for humans.  That is literally true.  Jews are the jailers, tis true.  But there is another layer, ET is using human slave cattle population to terraform the planet without our knowledge.  Also the human body is a container for the soul, souls unwanted by space empire and forced to reincarnate on earth.

    Thus Adam Greene may be a true soul seeker and looking to uncover truth, he is engaging the lies and deceptions of the Jew breed.  But what stormin norman detects – the smell – is his jewishness.  Let’s quantify exactly what that stink is.  He has bought into the Jewish simulacrum at a soul level, he believes the lies of the Bible about a Jewish savior.

    His surname Greene could be Jewish – but far worse that poor young man bought into Jewish reality – that as a Goyim he has to get saved by the Jew.  That my friends is the biggest bald faced lie of all time.  First there is no such thing as “sin” nobody is ever getting judged by the big God, the Creator God.  We are only judged by Jewish assholes on earth in Jewish courts under Jewish law, etc. 

    Anyone corrupted by the Gospel is under the spell of the Jew breed.  But to make sure we get this right, the NT says that Jesus came to save HIS people – Jews.  If you ain’t a Jew then Jesus is not for you at all, end of story, period.  Listen to the good preacher Charlie Giuliani he goes over this again and again in agonizing detail and I agree with almost every single word he says.  He’s on Renegade Broadcasting – make him your preacher.

    Jesus is the biggest holy ruse of all time.  No one needs to be saved, you are already in hell, under total lockdown on a prison planet run by Jews in a never ending to the death battle with Jewish overlords put in charge by evil ET.  The problem with Adam Greene is he’s bought into the Bible bullshit – thus he is lost in the Jewish simulacrum – and he can’t be our leader.  No Christian can be our leader, get it?

  8. There were several massacres of innocents at YouTube and Adam Green’s channel survived them all. Why?

    His activity at YT is a symptom that he is promoted. Controlled oposition.

  9. @ Yukon Jack:

    Well said concerning everything you stated except for the part about the Bible, where we agree to disagree. As for this ET business you talk about, I wonder if you are aware of the Lucifer telescope in Arizona funded by the Vatican and Arizona State University to detect Alien life and Alien communication. What, the Vatican interested in ET? What a shock! Is the Vatican’s god an Alien/ ET. Probably, but to understand that you have to Research Project Blue Beam. Project Blue Beam is an Intelligence Agency (CIA and global alphabet soup, FSB, MI6, BND, Mossad etc.) and Space program (NASA, ESA, China /Russia / India and Canada Space Agency, ISS (International Space Station)) where through 5G technology and cooperation by the Alphabet Soup Space Groups, will project Holographic images throughout the world to simulate a Devine being (whatever religion you believe) that is coming down to rescue / save us from ourselves. To understand this globally, think of a movie projector displaying video on a movie screen, where the movie screen is the earth’s atmosphere. Thus a future Antichrist/ ET (Satan) will be presented as a saviour, when in fact he/she/it is our enslaver and will probably be Jewish. This is how Satan will rule the world visibly, whereas at present it is only spiritually. After all Satan/Lucifer is a copycat/ deceiver and a liar. After this Satanic rule happens the real Saviour (Jesus) comes to destroy Satan and the Natural Law Order, which GOD is and possesses, will take over. That’s the facts Jack! Danke! Also now I know Yukon Jack is Americanski! Hail to your beloved Stalin, I mean your Russia Georgian friend, Drughashvilli, otherwise known as an AshkeNazi JEW! And JU to you too! Ha Ha Ha! Dobre, Spasiba und Ein Prosit! Sieg Heil! Hail to the Chief and Jew Destroyer (almost), Hitler!

  10. @ Stormin’ Norman

    “Also now I know Yukon Jack is Americanski! Hail to your beloved Stalin, I mean your Russia Georgian friend, Drughashvilli,”

    never heard of that guy looked it up and found this:

    “After this Satanic rule happens the real Saviour (Jesus) comes to destroy Satan and the Natural Law Order, which GOD is and possesses, will take over. That’s the facts Jack! ”

    Not a fact, it is myth, the aliens are never going to return to save us, Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional sun god narrative written up by Josephus who was employed by Vespasian Flavian and Titus.

    Just because I know the origin of the Christian myth doesn’t make the devil or some Russian hack or a son of Stalin.