A Reader Reviews Recent Trump Rally

henrymakow.com — Dec 13, 2019

America finally has a full fledged demagogue as President. His mission is to start World War Three. This should be obvious from his about-face on Russia, his military build-up and his overwhelming devotion to Israel and Jews, demonstrated recently by his ban on criticizing them.
His willingness to overturn the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, tells you his true loyalties lie with a fanatical doomsday cult.  
Wesley Everest reviews Trump’s speech in Hershey PA last week.

Trump Rally – Hershey PA Dec.10 

by Wesley Everest — (henrymakow.com)

I must admit, Trump is funny. It’s the life of an actor to have those skills.
I tuned in to see enough of VP Pence’s introduction to realize he is one scary man. As far as warming up the crowd and ass-kissing in a most exponential way, touting success in the economy I personally don’t see in my town, his wind-up at the end sent shivers down my spine.
Saying in his best down home Pentecostal preacher voice “I have faith. And I will follow him.” I assume he meant Him, but that means DJT, seems the same in his mind. But four stars for presentation and drama in the propaganda sense.
These rallies do have a Third Reichian quality and I’m the last person that hurls the “just like Hitler’ scenario. In the terms of theater and political agitation, they are very effective. Even though I’m one of millions tuning in, it seems I’m on the inside of a very special group.


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2 responses to “A Reader Reviews Recent Trump Rally”

  1. As shown above, Donald Trump has now demonstrated that he is nothing more than an inarticulate sideshow clown and a counterfeit medieval medicine man offering cheap miracle and ILLUSIONARY fixes for America’s problems here and abroad. He is incapable of humility, tact or withholding self-praise. This President has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is simply a Jew-owned puppet.

    And we ALL know by now that Trump is no genius, certainly not an adult and without a doubt, a sociopath. There is no controversy in any of this.
    This is another “mystery man,” a great leader, great athlete, a human “sex-machine” who hides behind the most comprehensive press management empire imaginable, one traced entirely to the Israel lobby and one that uses “muscle,” not just from crackpot lawyers but mobsters who all are known Israeli intelligence assets.
    They exist around Trump because he is a brand, a pure facade, and absolutely everything about him is not only false, but intended to be false from the beginning.
    Trump’s wasn’t born, he was “scripted.”

    Donald Trump is really Donald Drumpf, and his real name reveals some of the true secrets behind his character. Trump appears not even to be his family’s legal name.
    Donald’s great-grandparents, Christian Johannes Drumpf and Katherina Kober, had sons, Christian Drumpf and Christ Chirst.[16] Christian was Sleazy Freddy’s father. By his name, Christ Christ, may had converted to Judaism. Nevertheless, Donald’s great-grandmother, Kathernia Kober, appears to have been Jewish.
    What we know is that the surname Kober is German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from a derivative of the personal name Jakob or Yakov. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Kober “basket“.
    Recently Donald Trump released a Chanukah greeting along with a message of solidarity for his “Jewish brothers and sisters”. He tweeted out a wish for a “happy and healthy eight nights” along with a formal message on behalf of himself and the First Lady, Melania – who aint no lady!
    He said: “Chanukah is a time for Jewish families around the world to come together around the lighting of the menorah and celebrate the miracles of the past and promises of the future. Melania and I wish all of our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating this meaningful holiday a happy and healthy eight nights in the company of those they love.” He went on to explain the Chanukah story, concluding that he was “proud to stand with the Jewish people who shine as a light to all nations. We also stand with the people of Israel, the Jewish State, which has itself a miraculous history of . . . overcoming the greatest of odds. ”
    As with most who desire to be rich, Donald Drumpf has made his pact with the DEVIL a long time ago and he doesn’t mind showing you who his father is and his Jewish kin are who now totally dominate the White House. In fact it is now becoming crystal clear that “democracy” is simply an auction awarded to the highest bidder and Trump is doing Jewry’s bidding straight from the Oval Office.

    In 1987 Donald Trump purchased 93% of Resorts International, a CIA front founded by Crown Agents Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950’s. A year later Trump bought the Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal Casino from Resorts International, then began buying up other properties on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
    Soon Trump was tapped out and couldn’t make his debt payments.
    Enter Wilbur Ross, billionaire bond trader portrayed by the Illuminati financial media as an “independent investor”. In fact, in 1992 Ross was heading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advising team, which represented bondholders who were threatening to foreclose on Donald’s house of cards.
    Ross saw how Trump had the ability to sway masses of people, something certainly not missed by his bosses at Rothschild. So he struck a sweetheart bankruptcy deal for Trump, where he would relinquish a 50% stake in his Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal casino in return for better debt terms and a Presidency to be named later.
    Rothschild and their City of London Jewish partners in crime, not only got a new East Coast money laundering center in Atlantic City. They now had their straw man Trump by the balls.

    AIPAC is the monied Deep State and Trump is one of their many swamp creatures that are playing his blinded Christian Zionist supporters better than Obama, the Bush’s, the Clintons could do combined. He is truly the perfect Zionist operative.

    In a 1991 book, John O’Donnell, the former president of the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, said Trump told him: “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day” and later confirmed in an interview with Playboy (which he no doubt reads for the articles) that what was written was “probably true”.
    What we now get with Trump is loyalty confusion, cultural division, unyielding debt, more war, a police state, and to be called ‘antisemitic’ when we point out who is really pulling the strings in the Deep State of Washington Politics.
    Trump has proven himself to be the ultimate Judas goat betrayer. Christians need to wake up to the fact that the devil, not God is running the show on this planet and that includes the Rothschild State of Israel. The second Temple was called Herod’s Temple, and Jesus cursed it and predicted its collapse, the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will undoubtedly be called the Rothschild Temple once built, it doesn’t take a genius to see where all this Trump madness is headed.

  2. They will never get a chance to rebuild that Temple and this they are becoming aware of.
    As for the “supposed” Christians they forget one of the main teachings, “Seek not the law in scriptures for the law is LIFE, For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without LIFE”
    Supposed Christians are now conned into the older the bible text the more authoritative it is and this goes against the grain of LIFE.
    Not hard to see the third Reich all over this and seeing how the Bellamy(salute) was introduced in American schools before the third Reich took it on, is it any wonder. A regimented society is not a free society.
    The question is, will the third Reich equalise the communists bringing a kind of rattled balance or will it take over completely.
    It doesn’t really matter I see the merger of government, finance, industry and military now anyway. Why haven’t the great thinkers come up with a noun for the merger of communism and fascism, I suspect history has done that for me already in Judaism.
    Great read Ray, Thanks.