Global Warming: CO2 in Perspective

Malcolm Roberts — YouTube May 15, 2019

2 responses to “Global Warming: CO2 in Perspective”

  1. The Global Warming / Climate Change advocates can not and will not debate on the Science, because they know they will lose. However, they do use their made up / rigged (lies) Science to justify their position. The Carbon Tax is designed to make the common people’s lives miserable while transferring wealth (Money) from the taxpayer to the Rich Global Elite, who then bribe the politicians to implement the tax. The Global Elite want your money and then want you dead. The con is using emotion, love for Mother Earth (Greta) to get you to believe the lie. Remember, a sucker is born every minute, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Sooner or later they catch on!

  2. Good video, here is the original rice illustrated video by a grade school teacher.