Obama on Mount Rushmore: Move Over Guys, Room for One More Con Artist

Philip Giraldi – Strategic Review Dec 5, 2019

I am on the emailing lists of both the Republican and Democratic Parties because I like to know what the enemies of the American people are up to. Recently there has been a lot of squeaking from the GOP in an attempt to put lipstick on the Trump pig, but the truly remarkable emailing has been coming out of the Democratic Party, which is desperately seeking to convince the public that it actually represents something.

Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea have been particularly active promoting their allegedly co-authored The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience. They apparently see themselves as “gutsy” as opposed to parasitical, entitled and corrupt while also leaving out the book’s chapter telling one what to do when a husband is receiving oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office or raping a campaign worker in Arkansas.

But Hillary is ancient history even though there is talk of her making another “run.” And she certainly has done her best to repay the donors of the hundreds of millions of dollars given to the Clinton Family Foundation by attempting to destroy the candidacy of Tulsi Gabbard, the only Democrat who appears to be genuinely opposed to perpetual war and globalism.

Of more recent vintage among “traditional” Democrats is ex-president Barack Obama, who has been beatified by the media, and who has now dedicated himself to the task of removing Trump. It is an admirable goal surely, but for the fact that the Democrats have difficulty in finding a candidate and stitching together a platform that actually resonates with American voters.

Obama has always had a lot going for him. Being half-black meant that he got top marks from the Democratic Party Social Justice Warrior wing just because of what he was genetically when he was born. He is always presentable and well-spoken and does not seem interested in having sex with women other than his wife. He plays basketball, which demonstrated to ghetto voters that he had not lost his roots, even though he was raised by his mother in a largely white middle class environment.

But Obama’s actual achievements after eight years in office can be counted on the fingers of one hand. From a foreign policy perspective, one would include only the easing of restrictions on trade and travel with Cuba and the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran, both of which have been rescinded by Trump. On the domestic side, his hallmark Affordable Care Act has ironically made insurance unaffordable for many. The president basically turned over medical care to a predatory and inefficient health care industry that raised premiums while also diminishing coverage for those Americans who actually had jobs to pay for their insurance. In the foundation I worked at when Obamacare came in group plan premiums doubled in the first year, doubled again in the following year and were about to go up another 25% when we decided that we could no longer afford health insurance. Sure, some Americans got free or subsidized health insurance but the rest of us paid for it and the heartless and soulless health care industry reaped the benefits.

So what else did Saint Obama do? For starters, Obama was the first president in US history to be at war for every single day of his eight year presidency. As president, Obama approved military action in seven countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen as well as special operations on a smaller scale all over the globe.

Obama presided over an offshore prison (which he had promised to close) at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Individuals suspected of being terrorists, however that is defined, were confined there and not a single one was tried. It is believed that many of them have been tortured. The United States Constitution’s Sixth Amendment guarantees a public and “speedy” trial to all those accused of crimes and Obama, by the way, is supposed to be an expert on constitutional law.

Obama exceeded the number of killings by drone carried out by his predecessor George W. Bush. His administration also institutionalized the “profile” killing of individuals on the ground. That meant in the case of Afghanistan any male walking around carrying a gun, as is common in rural areas. Or in some cases, it was guilt even without a gun if it was a male aged over 18. All males over age 18 in Afghanistan were considered to be possible terrorists.

Obama was the first and only president to spend his Tuesday mornings in meetings with his security staff drawing up “kill lists” that included American citizens who were somewhere overseas and considered dangerous. Acting off that list, he was the first and only president to actually execute American citizens without any due process using lethal drones. Anwar al-Awlaki and his son Abdulrahman were targeted and killed in Yemen together with another American citizen, and four other citizens were also executed under Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The al-Awlaki son had not been accused or any crimes or membership in any terrorist groups. Many other foreigners, plus families, friends and neighbors were also killed off the lists based purely on the fact that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of the killing overseas has been carried out in countries with which the United States is not at war, so they are unconstitutional as well as illegal.

Obama ran for president promising to do his best to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He then authorized the spending of $1 trillion to upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal.

Under Obama, National Security Agency spying on American citizens accelerated using the authorities granted by the two Patriot Acts. The public would not know about the spying but for the actions of several whistleblowers, to include Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Obama declared “war on whistleblowers,” punishing more of them more severely than any other president.

Obama and his team of women warmongers destroyed the nation of Libya without there being any US national security interest in so doing. They turned it into a failed state and a haven for terrorists, with its looted weapons arsenals supplying radical groups in Africa and the Middle East. Prior to Obama, Moammar Gaddafi’s Libya had been the richest and most developed nation in Africa.

Obama’s desire to bring about regime change in Syria led to the US covert arming of factions of “freedom fighters” with weapons from Libya that produced something like a civil war which killed hundreds of thousands and created a wave of millions of refugees. Most of the fighters trained and equipped by the US joined ISIS or al-Qaeda affiliates. Syria, like Libya, was no threat to the United States when it was attacked by Washington.

Obama directed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his hostile Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul to explore a reset with Russia with predictable results, initiating the steadily worsening relationship that has continued to this day. He subsequently presided over the attempts to spin the narrative and blame Moscow for Hillary’s loss while also encouraging accusations that Trump and his team were Russian agents. His national security team prepared a dossier that included numerous lies about both Trump and some of his key appointees.

Obama allowed neocon extraordinaire Victoria Nuland to lead the charge against Ukraine, with the intention of bringing about regime change of a government that he considered to be too pro-Russian. He succeeded but spent $5 billion doing so and Ukraine wound up with a puppet government presiding over a country that is both the poorest and most corrupt in Europe.

Obama made a famous “New Beginning” speech in Cairo in June 2009 that led directly to his being awarded a Nobel Peace prize later that year. He promised to reach out to the Muslim world and improve relations with Washington but promptly ignored what he had said for the following seven years, preferring to take the easy path by deferring to Israel’s expressed interests.

Obama always looked the other way when the Saudi Arabians bombed civilians in Yemen. Likewise, when the Israelis bombed Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. And he allowed the monstrous Benjamin Netanyahu to collude with Congress to manage US foreign policy in the Middle East with hardly any pushback from his foreign policy and national security team.

Off-Guardian prepared a bit of a retrospective on Obama during the week when he handed over the reins of power to Donald Trump in January 2017. It could not have described the man and his failings better: “Obama is, in terms of influence, nothing more than a used-car salesman. His job is not to create policy, but to sell neocon ideas to the general public, but his lack of agency cannot excuse his lack of vision or morals. Under Obama’s notional leadership the world has moved to the very brink of self-immolation in the name of protecting American hegemony. Domestically America still crumbles. He had a nice smile, and a good turn of phrase. He was witty, and cool, and looked good in a suit…but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t just more of the same. He could say the right things, and sound like he meant them, but he was still a monster.”


Philip Giraldi is a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

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  1. According to Dr David Cohen, it was a bet between wealthy jews if they could get a black communist homosexual into the white house, it was a joke apparently that was enjoyed all across israel, America is now a laughing stock

  2. The main reason that war was declared on 7 innocent Middle east states
    was that they refused rothschild banking, e g paying interest upon interest on loans
    so stupid americans on israels oders went in and destroyed these countries so that then they woud have to go to the world bank the IMF or any of the others, all of whom are rothschild for money to rebuild, and then rothschild would have them too same with N korea who have flatly refused rothschild.

  3. If any “leader” epitomised the idea that someone nominally in charge of a powerful nation needs must have feet of clay, then it’s this guy: likely not American born – see passportgate; drugs and homosexual behaviour; and “marriage” to a transvestite.

    BUT the real problem is that he was the Wall Street candidate who bailed out the banks. Michael Hudson describes him as the man who decriminalised financial fraud. The other side of course that he is black. Now this more than anything showcases the superficiality of western political sensibilities.

  4. Don’t forget about the tons of gold that evaporated ( 9/11 ) from Libya & Ukraine or the billions of dollars that have disappeared in Iran,( millions ) Iraq, Afghanistan and again the Ukraine and billions that are being used worldwide to strong arm other countries into Fascist neo-con states in the name of democracy. Money is at the root of evil but it has several companions from the dark side that are always in play also.

    GAD: god of fortune The G in Freemasonry compass and square ?
    “The overlap between Gad and El is particularly apparent in the Arabian sphere” …
    “Gad is found in a polemical accusation that members of the Jerusalem community have abandoned YHWH to worship Gad and Meni, the god and goddess of fortune and fate.”
    YHWH was inserted into the Scriptures by the Pharisees, it is the Moon god, as is Allah.
    The Tetragrammaton is NOT “God’s Sacred Name!” https://endblab.com/tetragrammaton-not-gods-sacred-name/
    YHWH and Moon God http://robertmascharan.blogspot.com/2013/04/egyptian-moon-g-d-yah-investigating.html

  5. Deified in stone? NNNNaaaaa let’s perish that thought…besides he’s already got a
    nobel, and he’s getting an expensive library, that’s enough!
    OK, maybe somebody anonomously donated a used email server already, but that’s all!

  6. Obama and wife lived in Illinois, years ago.
    Sherman Skolnick was a court room activist (wheel chair bound) who attended many court cases in Illinois. He wrote about Obama and wife being convicted of insurance fraud
    in Chicago. The court gave him a choice, go to jail or give up practising law in Illinois.
    Perhaps, if you could find the files of Skolnick, you would be able read what he reported
    about obama and wife.

  7. Wasn’t Obongo born in Kenya?



    For the last 3 months on before its news website they said Obama got arrested, sent to Gitmo, then court-martialed and executed. This past weekend Obama’s closed on Martha Vineyards home which is at sea level.


    Still alive, the right wing kooks that are always front page

    Steve Quayle totally full of crap

    Lisa Haven totally full of crap

    Mark Taylor (Zionist prophet) totally full of crap

    QANON totally full of crap

    x22 reports totally full of crap

    David Wilcock totally full of crap

    Tom Horn totally full of crap

    Ben Fulford totally full of crap

    any personality feature on https://beforeitsnews.com/ is utter b.s. (BTW Almost all of them are ultra Zionist conservative christians)

    Speaking of loser Presidents, the ultra right said the country would rise up if Trump was impeached. Well today he was indicted and no one protested (just like I said).

    Who is going to take to the street to protest the sleazebag Trump removal?

    Name me one person. Trump is toast and the pathetic thing is he is not being impeached for his war crimes, selling arms to the Saudi pigs, or his loyalty to Israel.