The ten most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated for us to live as free, conscious beings – part one

Mike Adams – Natural News Dec 4, 2019

It is a natural tendency of human beings to focus on the emergencies at your feet today rather than the far more profound threats to existence that take time to materialize. Almost everything you might encounter in day-to-day media reports is talking about inconsequential matters compared to the big picture explained here. Trump or no Trump, human civilization is on a collision course with extermination from two vectors: Self-extermination and outside-of-our-control apocalyptic demise. Yet almost nothing is being done to halt humanities spiraling suicide march, even when the outcome is clearly disastrous.

If humanity continues on its current path, we will give rise to phenomena that will decisively end us as the dominant, intelligent species on planet Earth. Yet there are almost no voices of dissent against these accelerating pursuits, as the fear of being left behind in the global race for technological “achievement” (or political power, or profits, etc.) overrides any sense of informed caution.

In this two-part article series, I share ten of the most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated (or overcome) for us to live as free, conscious beings in a sustainable world.

#1) Space weather / solar flares and asteroid impacts

Our planet’s electrical grid can be taken out at any moment, without warning, from a sufficiently powerful solar flare. Such solar flares are produced by the sun at regular intervals and catapulted into the cosmos. Fortunately, very few of them strike planet Earth for the simple reason that Earth is a very tiny target from the point of view of the sun. (The solar system models you see in textbooks and TV documentaries universally distort scales to make it appear the Earth is much closer to the sun than is the case.)

Asteroid impacts, although extremely rare, can be catastrophic when they occur. At least one mass extinction of planet Earth, according to mainstream scientists, occurred because our planet was struck by an asteroid roughly 65 million years ago, near the Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out the dinosaurs.

Despite these risks, there is no serious effort to “ruggedize” Earth’s power grid infrastructure against the EMP effects of solar flares. There’s also no sufficient effort under way to monitor the skies for objects that may strike the Earth at high velocity. Our planet is swirling through a cosmic shooting gallery, and earthlings are flying blind, foolishly hoping nothing catastrophic will occur. That approach is incredibly shortsighted, if not suicidal.

It is the cosmic equivalent of participating in a street parade that marches through a field laces with land mines. Sooner or later, your luck streak ends badly.

#2) Genetic engineering of humans

The genetic engineering of humans produces self-replicating “genetic pollution” with unknown consequences, some of which may be catastrophic to the fertility or viability of the human species as a whole. Yet China, in particular, is aggressively pursuing genetic engineering of humans in the hopes of creating “super soldiers” — biological humanoid weapons that can fight for the interests of the communist party. This most likely means fighting against the interests of free humans, by the way.

China’s genetic experiments have already gone horribly wrong. According to a report from The Guardian, a recent effort to genetically engineer human babies resulted in “unintended mutations.” These mutations can, of course, be passed on to future generations, contaminating the human gene pool with the pollution of failed mad science experiments. As The Guardian reports, “Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the twins Lula and Nana, whose birth in late 2018 sent shockwaves through the scientific world.”

Even worse, the core philosophy of secrecy and dishonesty that now pervades the communist Chinese culture has already resulted in these researchers trying to hide the name and location of this genetically mutated baby. As The Guardian reports, “The authors also appeared to have taken steps to make it hard to find the family, like leaving the names of the fertility doctors off the paper, and including a false date of birth. He claimed November 2018 while multiple reports have indicated it was October 2018.”

Even if the goal is merely to genetically engineer “organ farm” humanoids to serve as organ harvesting vessels for the lucrative transplant industry, the moral and ethical implications of engineering, cloning and growing fields of human organ harvesting farms populated by conscious beings should demand a global halt to this research. Remember, China is a nation where human beings imprison bears and siphon biological chemicals from their gall bladders on a daily basis in order to sell this lucrative “medicine” to willing buyers. In China, there is no moral boundary that prevents the mass torture of other living beings for personal profit. When a nation that has no moral grounding also pursues genetic engineering technology without limits, the result is sure to be horrific beyond imagination.

Sadly, China is currently leading the world in genetic engineering research on humans. And this is a nation that places zero value on human beings. What could possibly go wrong?

#3) Communism / socialism

By its very nature, communism deprives conscious, self-aware human beings of the dignity and freedom that makes us human. The rise of communism (and socialism, which is “communism light”) threatens to unleash the fall of humanity, for communism rests on the idea that the power of the few must be protected and expanded at the expense of the many.

Where it achieves its desired goal of absolute dominance over the minds of men (and women), communism unleashes the destruction of free will, the demise of freedom of thought, the suppression of the freedom to engage in contracts and commerce, the destruction of the freedom of religion and the eradication of logic and reason. This is all by design, since an individual’s ability to think for himself is incompatible with the authoritarian aims of communism which dictate to all subjects the things they must believe, how they must speak and what concepts must be erased from their consciousness (such as dissent against the state).

The rise of China’s economy over the last three decades has misled many people into thinking that a hybrid model of communism and “free market” principles can achieve tremendous success in our world, yet those who fall for such beliefs are not yet aware of the three irreconcilable factors that will bring communist China to its knees. (By the way, China considers itself to be a socialist nation, not communist. This underscores the undeniable fact that socialism and communism are just two slightly different flavors of the same anti-human tyranny.)

1 – China has made a deal with the devil by trading production output for extreme, long-term domestic pollution consisting of heavy metals, extreme air pollution and the mass pollution of waterways and soils that feed their own people. The result will be seven generations of birth defects, mental retardation and neuropsychiatric illness that will ravage the nation for a century or more.

2 – Runaway debt, leveraged by greed – China is already bailing out banks nearly every week, and the debt-to-GDP ratio of the nation as a whole has reached alarming levels that threaten its entire economic foundation. Because communism operates from a command-and-control central economic authority, the deeply rooted resource allocation mistakes that lead to economic collapse have no chance of being rooted out or corrected through rational investment choices by a broad base of retail participants. Rather, critical fractures that threaten the viability of the entire economic system will be officially denied and covered up by the central authorities until the problem becomes so large that it can no longer be hidden from the masses… at which point it will be too late to solve. Remember: Capital markets cannot function efficiently without the free will of participants who are acting on transparent information. Once you take away free will and begin to dictate the demanded behavior of participants, you create catastrophic distortions that lead to eventual collapse. And part of the long-term viability of free market systems depends on “predator” investors feeding on bad resource allocation ideas by dismantling corporations which pursue bad ideas (and therefore misallocate resources).

3 – Connected people want to be free – The Hong Kong phenomenon demonstrates the fact that as technology gives rise to the instant connections among individuals who share common interests, those people sooner or later discover they’d rather be free than enslaved. It is a natural tendency of conscious, self-aware individuals to prefer autonomy over tyranny. Authoritarian societies can only remain sustainable when they isolate people from each other, which China is attempting to do through Google search manipulation technologies, censorship, facial recognition tracking, social scoring systems, etc., but despite all the layers of techno-fascism, a Chinese farmer innately seeks the same level of personal freedom as a Texas farmer. It is the natural desire of conscious beings to seek freedom and reject authoritarian limits on their ability to think, speak or act. The rise of the internet and its properties of rapid interconnections among individuals has created a vector for free-thinking people to connect and act in unison against the tyranny of the state. This is just as true in China as it is in Brazil, Venezuela, the United Kingdom or France, for that matter.

In summary, humanity must declare war on communism and eliminate it from planet Earth, for if communism is allowed to rise, it will ultimately lead to the destruction of humanity itself. Communism embodies an anti-human agenda, simply put.

#4) Censorship: Digital tyranny from the tech giants

A free society cannot function in a sustainable way if its participants are not allowed to express freedom of speech… which stems from the freedom to think. Yet today, we live under an unprecedented form of digital tyranny, where un-elected techno-fascists grant themselves the monopoly power to decide which concepts are allowed to be publicly expressed. Anything they don’t want to see debated or mentioned is simply labeled “hate speech” and removed from the web via dominant gatekeepers like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

A new effort is under way to tighten the censorship grid by proclaiming that the internet shouldn’t be used to “divide” people. Only voices that “unite” people are to be allowed to use the internet under a new agreement authored by Tim Berners-Lee, who has launched what he calls a “Magna Carta for the web.” The description of this new agreement reveals the bizarre distortions that underpin its fascist tenants, however. As explained by The Guardian, this “Magna Carta for the web” will, “protect people’s rights online from threats such as fake news, prejudice and hate.”

Hopefully, you already see the distortions in that very line. There is no such thing as a “right” to be protected from “hate,” for example, especially given that “hate” is defined as anything the Left doesn’t want to read or see. Yet it is through these perverse distortions that censorship is being re-packaged as freedom, and the crushing of dissenting voices is being marketed as “protection from hate.”

As George Orwell once wrote, war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

This has practically become the mantra of the digital tyrants as we approach 2020. Censorship is freedom. Silencing the opposition is diversity. Destroying freedom of expression is progress. We are now living under the Orwellian nightmare that was once mocked as impossible to imagine. Yet it is here, and it has a name: “Contract for the web.”

Under this new “Contract for the web,” all voices of dissent will be silenced. Only voices which are obedient to the ever-changing whims of the tolerati will be allowed to engage in the “freedom” of expression. Censorship will be justified as a way to protect the freedom of speech by invoking the absurd idea that freedom excludes the ideas of those with dissenting views.

For humanity to survive with anything resembling real freedom, the digital tyranny that now threatens human civilization must be defeated and dismantled. The internet must be set free to carry all voices, no matter how fringe, or offensive or non-conformist. The minority of the individual must be protected from the bullying of the online mob, and that means the proper role of government in regulating the tech giants is to restrict censorship of minority views and thereby initiate a new online civil rights movement that makes it a crime for corporations to silence people due to the color of their speech.

#5) The mass chemical contamination of the food supply

The mass chemical contamination of the human food supply has sharply increased since World War II, after which synthetic pesticides and herbicides were deployed on a truly alarming scale in order to achieve higher crop yield efficiencies. The obvious problem with these toxic synthetic chemicals such as organophosphates is two-fold:

1) Their chemical toxicity is not specific to the insects they target. These chemicals are also toxic to humans.

2) Once applied to food crops, the chemicals persist in both the environment and the resulting food products that are consumed by humans and ranch animals. The result is the bioaccumulation of toxic, synthetic chemicals, many of which have direct and severe neurological toxicity in nearly all life forms.

In effect, we are eating ourselves to death because we are consuming foods which are laced with pesticides and herbicides (such as glyphosate and atrazine). The use of these agricultural chemicals continues to increase, to the point where the very existence of pollinators is now severely threatened by just one class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids.

When the pollinators collapse, approximately one-third of the food supply consumed by humans ceases to exist (this includes almonds, by the way, which require pollinators to produce nuts).

The continued consumption of these toxic chemicals results in transgenerational effects, meaning the toxicity continues to interfere with human biology (infertility, neurotoxicity, etc.) across multiple generations. Even if we were to halt all pesticide use today, the human race will be subject to the lingering effects of a toxic food supply for at least four generations.

Since there is no economic penalty for farmers to add these toxic chemicals to their crops, their use has become so widespread that even many certified organic food products are now contaminated with glyphosate and other chemicals (I see this directly in the mass spec testing at my food science lab, where we routinely test foods for glyphosate and heavy metals).

And because pesticides are invisible to the human eye, consumers have no practical way to choose pesticide-free foods at the grocery store, meaning there is no economic penalty for farmers to saturate their crops with these toxic chemicals. In fact, there is an economic incentive to do so, since killing the most pests by over-spraying crops with pesticides can, in many cases, product higher crop yields (although resulting in a more dangerous level of pesticides for consumers). This is why strawberries, for example, are so heavily sprayed with various pesticide chemicals that eating non-organic strawberries is a form of slow suicide.

No mammals on the planet deliberately poison their own foods before feeding them to their children… except humans, of course. It is a slow suicide mission that can only end badly. If humanity does not figure out a way to stop poisoning its own foods — and feeding this poison to its children — we will witness the collapse of sustainable human health and fertility, followed by the collapse of human populations on a near-global scale.

Perhaps that is the plan, come to think of it.

This analysis continues in Part Two, posting tomorrow. (Link will be updated here once part two goes live.)


4 responses to “The ten most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated for us to live as free, conscious beings – part one”

  1. The biggest threat to us comes from politicians
    poly meaning many and tics meaning bloodsuckers,
    not one has said they will protect their electorate from the mass influx of foreign nationals,
    mass immigration despite government spending millions and milions to convince and brain wash us, is still resisted by the British electorate, the hatred and racism directed at us is just evil, we need these economic migrants to go home
    jobs and homes for our people first

  2. 1.) Space weather – NASA wants funding and so this “crisis” will be exaggerated in years to come.
    2.) Genetic engineering – US, Brit and Aussie labs have been doing this for decades. Likely also going on in European and Israeli labs as well. Easily covered in military expenditures, and easily justified by the decision makers. Also, human experimentation has been under way for decades, on fetuses out of the womb. We are living in a Godless amoral “civilization”, so what do you expect. Of course, we will create human monsters. All the establishment needs to justify anything, is to tell the decision makers, that the other side is doing it, or if we do it first, we will have an advantage.
    3.) Communism/socialism – Certainly an evil but ask yourself if in fact it has only occurred in places where there has been extreme economic disparity. It is a reaction. It took off from Marx reacting against 19th century industrial capitalism. He was funded by the Rothschild’s and notice he did not ever attack the banksters in his analysis. However, even in England the disparity was not enough to get the movement started, and it would never have got any footing if it had not been spawned and funded by the Western Zio banksters and money moguls. They planted it in Russia and helped it spread, threatening the whole of Europe. It led to WWII. In Cuba, Central & South America it never would have had a footing, but for the debt-rigging, intimidation, payoffs, corruption, coups backed by the IMF, the World Bank and the Western corporatocracy.
    The money barons in control of our finances thrive on Hegelian dialectics. They create conflict and polarities, with people reacting, and they play both sides against the middle. Then they offer some solution with themselves in charge and owning everything. Exploitation and hardship leads to a collective reaction by the exploited. Then in reaction to the threat of communism to wipe out your faith and everything that matters, like in Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s, the people and the local establishment react by establishing anti-communist, fascist states. War breaks out again, and who wins? Look to the banksters who became wealthy beyond measure and took even more control of our Western nations as a result.
    Adams says to declare war on communism. I don’t agree. Why not simply declare war of those who started it and made it spread and kill two birds with one stone – those responsible for Godless totalitarian, exploitive communism, and those at the centre of Godless monopolistic, exploitive capitalism? The same people.
    4.) Censorship – (digital tyranny). It is because of the “freedom” and power of monopolistic capitalism and the control by the ruling elites, that free speech is disappearing. If you own a newspaper you can print what you want and if that is what the law ought to be, then you should not have to carry the lies and distortions of people and groups you oppose in your paper. The opposition can publish their own rag. So, why not the same for the internet? The problem is that there is no trust busting of the monopolistic giants like Youtube. Once they are established, no one else can afford to compete to give alternate content. The money barons are always against fair competition and are fearful that if there was any trust busting over the internet, the same would likely happen to their various monopolies. Without free speech there can be no real checks and balances by the people even to know what is the truth on any issue. The only justification for curbs on free speech is defamation, the promotion of crime, and in my view also porn, which is proving to be very destructive.
    5.) Mass chemical contamination – This should include vaccinations and that issue is soon to explode. It has reached critical mass, and not only should the big pharma and government bastards be injected with large doses of aluminum and mercury to ensure they go senile very quickly, but all the bastards behind the fluoride and aluminum in our drinking water should also get the same treatment. For years there has been enough known about these contaminates alone that it is difficult to believe the efforts the dumb us down have not been deliberate. This is another reason why there is a suppression of free speech by the establishment. They are petrified of what will happen to them when the truth spreads. But it will spread, and none of them deserve any mercy. Bill Gates had better see a plastic surgeon and hide out somewhere with Epstein.

  3. Why no mention mention of American mortality rates increasing. Typical millenarian sectarian rhetoric and a load of Zionist rubbish propaganda thrown in on China.
    It is the US now in deep trouble with a reality of no growth and bailing out the banks every night in repurchase agreements known as repo`s yet China’s growth rate has dropped for the first time in decade’s but still stands above the US by almost 3 times and this isn’t calculated on the scam of GDP. China is the surety for investment.
    China has the most advanced green technology and most advanced ways to clean industrial waste so he is just talking shit there too and riding a lame horse when he himself uses those same heavy metals in the equipment he uses especially in science. That will be discarded in land fill one day.
    Socialism has always been the break away from Judaism inspired communism but when you take the Jews money which I have no doubt Mike does, he will never mention that.
    Everything in this article has a common denominator, capitalism, raw corrupt capitalism and that common denominator is Mr ju so well described in the article about Trump pardoning the Meat processor. But Mr just has real competition that doesn’t want to shape the world in their image and will just let it move on free of hegemony.
    We don’t have to deal with communism, socialism, Judaism, and wherever else your paranoid puritan thoughts lead you.
    We just need to deal with the corruption and subversion which takes Mr ju`s power away in one fine stroke and exposes him to the wider world. Can not and will not be done under current conditions so we are left with this trash piece of an article which is no better than a chook(chicken) running around with its head already cut off.
    The China rhetoric being pushed so hard now is purely another western propaganda exercise to stir shit which euranglolanders are “extremely” good at and ironically proud of. Bernays ghost still haunts.
    Fact is Mike, by supporting the multipolar you in actual slow down the corrupt capitalism and a bonus is you put neoliberalism back in its place
    and the biggest plus is it pisses off Mr ju no end.

  4. Oh Mike one last sting. It is now official Chinese kids are four grades higher than American kids in maths. And you put faith in the US/west(eurangloland) advancing the world.
    For the love of God get serious fooltool.
    It also seems Kissinger and the Chattam house boys are conceding defeat of the world island after 100yrs and realising that rhetoric like Mike’s only leads to warring, so why make war on behalf of western corporations why not MAKE peace. Please excuse I wasn’t thinking of your wallet Mike.