1.5 per cent of rats in L.A. now carry bubonic plague

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Dec 3, 2019

Los Angeles’ head of homelessness is resigning after presiding over a 33% increase in homelessness over the course of just five years.

Peter Lynn, head of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, announced that he would leave at the end of the year, with the LAHSA having splashed out a total of more than $780 million to no avail.

The city’s homeless population jumped a further 12% from 2018 to 2019 but despite Lynn’s total failure, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed he did an excellent job and oversaw “historic action.”

One wonders how badly Lynn would have had to perform for officials to consider his tenure a failure.

Lynn’s $242,000-a-year role appears to have had little success in addressing not just homelessness, but also the directly related problems of leprosy, typhoid fever and even bubonic plague.

Earlier this year, Dr. Drew Pinsky said the public health situation in America’s second largest city was in utter turmoil.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” said Pinsky.

1.5 per cent of rats in L.A. now carry bubonic plague. If that figure hits 2 per cent, the medieval disease will start jumping to humans.

In other words, if LA doesn’t sort out its trash problem and its homeless problem, the return of bubonic plague is virtually guaranteed.

And don’t even get me started on San Francisco.

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4 responses to “1.5 per cent of rats in L.A. now carry bubonic plague”

  1. The people dont mind as long as every available penny goes to israel

  2. as long as these rats are voting democrat, thats all that counts
    the solution is simple, bomb israel

  3. According to PC Roberts,

    “The Crazed Unrealistic Democrats Now Comprise the Greatest Threat to US Unity and to Life on Earth”

    By Paul Craig Roberts on July 27, 2019

    California is the wealthiest state in the entire country, and they are being absolutely overrun by democ-rats, republic-rats, bureauc-rats, plutoc-rats, technoc-rats, Elon Muskrats…to name but a jew. {{{smiles}}}

    Of course it certainly doesn’t help that many Caliornia cities have a major trash collection problem in spite of a very efficient and elaborate cash collection system.

    As a result of all the trash and filth, even Los Angeles City Hall has become overrun by rats… Cleaners and janitors at Los Angeles’ City Hall are considering ripping all of the building’s carpets up, as rats, fleas and politicians are said to be running riot in its halls.

    “California Is Being Overrun By Rodham Rodents”

  4. Poor rats imagine catching the plague from a Californian.