Michael Hoffman Attacks Nostalgia for Hitler

henrymakow.com – Dec 3, 2019 

“Revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman revises the revisionists with this new chronicle of the unprecedented disasters Adolf Hitler needlessly brought down upon the heads of the German people, and countless others. 
Excavating Hitler’s occult initiation, his Nazi ideology of self-worship, and his first high profile bloodshed — the murders of his own colleagues — the culmination of Hoffman’s thesis is his review of Hitler’s invasion of Soviet Russia, demonstrating that it had no chance of victory, and was in fact a mass suicide operation by a reckless, apocalyptic gambler who saw himself transcending the fate of the burned, beaten and prostrate German people as he was transfigured into the presiding spirit of Götterdämmerung, the final act of Wagnerian legend.”
See Michael Hoffman’s reply below my review.

by Henry Makow PhD

The promotional blurb above summarizes the thesis of Michael Hoffman’s latest book, Hitler – Enemy of the German People.” Hoffman believes that Hitler does not deserve the veneration he gets from the alt right because he was delusional, leading a woefully under equipped army to inevitable defeat.
Hoffman repeats this thesis again and again with sparse evidence.  He claims that Stalin had no intention of attacking Europe but he ignores the fact that the Soviet armies were made vulnerable because they were in offensive formations. Stalin and Churchill had a secret agreement to attack Germany.  Moreover, the Nazis could have defeated the Russians had Hitler allowed his generals free rein.
In fact, Hitler sabotaged the Nazi war effort, and the question is why. 
Herein lies my biggest complaint. Hoffman attributes Hitler’s behavior to “magical thinking” i.e. Cabalism. Although this was a factor, Hoffman has not sullied his mind by consulting my many articles making the case that Hitler was an Allied (Illuminati) agent and a traitor. I argue that he was in cahoots with Stalin and the “Allies” to kill as many gentiles as possible and debilitate Western civilization.
I hold Michael Hoffman in the highest regard and often repost his work. Apparently the respect is not reciprocated.  Nevertheless, I will always tip my hat to this prodigious researcher who, who with the late Texe Marrs, has done more than anyone to expose Judaism for what it is.  See also Judaism is Satanism.”
However Hoffman has many blindspots. He seems to go out of his way to absolve Jews of blame and spread it around among the goyim.
For example,he dismisses the Protocols of Zion as “cartoonish” and “probably fake.”
In my opinion, this is a major lapse. Otherwise, he may have noticed that the Protocols say that no one is allowed to lead an antisemitic movement except by design. This is the key to Hitler’s failure and to Hoffman’s.



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15 responses to “Michael Hoffman Attacks Nostalgia for Hitler”

  1. It was only the soviet spies at Britiah inteligence who gave Stalin the info on German
    troop movements even before they gave them to the British, which prevented Germany beating the soviet menace
    After the war the cold war with Russia would never have happened if Hitler had been allowed to defeat russia,
    All German signals were being read, food clothing arms ammunition tanks everything
    was bombed before it reached the German army, more than that German air cover was prevented by bombing them on the ground, still they almost won,Had Britain kept out of the Germany versus Russia conflict, we would not have this problem with the jews we have today

  2. I’ve always respected the work of Makow, He even made me think that, yes, there is the possibility that Hitler could have been an agent of Britain, but that all fell through when I saw the constant attempts by Hitler to make peace with Britain and to unite the west against Russia.
    I just think it’s complete madness that Hoffman believes that Russia had no desires for an offensive into Germany, let alone Europe. However, my main concern with Hoffman is his attack on the right for essentially showing support for a man, whom like over a thousand men before him, took to booting out the Jews, from his nation, yet again.

    We have E Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman, both who have written extensively on Judaism, but are banging the ‘everyone should become a Catholic’ drum, truly (and ignorantly) believing that if this happens, the problems with Jews are just going to disappear. They most certainly are not, well that is of course, if a mass conversion to Catholicism would see everyone of Jewish decent booted out of the west along with their shabbos goys arrested on treason charges, tried, found guilty and executed. E Michael Jones constantly reminds everyone, in his videos and books of the Catholic Church’s position on the Jews – The Jews must not interfere in the culture of the Christians and the Christians must not harm the Jews. And we’ve seen exactly where that attitude has brought the western society haven’t we?

    These two are just insane in their Christian beliefs. You CANNOT protect a civilisation when your society is built on pathological altruism, simply because pathological altruism, only works in a world where EVERYONE is pathologically altruistic and in the regards to religion, everyone has a likewise code to one another that the Catholic has towards Jews. And of course, the Talmud need only be mentioned when it comes to how the Jews feel about non Jews, in order to put this argument, firmly to bed.

    I’m beginning to have second thoughts on Hoffman of late. He and E Michael Jones are getting awfully cosy with Islam. Hoffman, however has praised the blatant black racist, Minister Louis Farrakhan, which in my book is a big no-no. Bottom line is I’m just getting tired of these Catholics, who seeing that Catholicism has failed, somehow and maddeningly want to bring it back.
    Christianity has failed and it always will fail when you allow Judaism a foothold in any land it resides within. Christianity has failed so much so, that it is now a joke. I grew up a Christian and while I still have the utmost respect for Christ, I have none for the religion.
    A return to paganism is really what’s needed I’m sorry to have to state. Christianity is simply going to come more and more under the control of Judaism, as more and more Jews infiltrate and control it. If a return to paganism means sacrifice and horrors that previously happened, so be it because quite frankly, any way of life is far better to one under the control of the Jew. Heck, I’d even become a worshipper of Khali and become a Thugee before I’d bow down to Talmudism.

  3. Hoffman is a crypto Jew….most likely applying Lenins maxim….”the best way to control your opposition is to run it”.

    Ditto the whole gang of Jews at the truthseeker….Strange that isn’t it….all those Jews working for a website which purports to expose Jewish Power and influence…

    This begs the question on Paul Craig Roberts whose articles routinely appear.

    Is Roberts actually a crypto Jew…he doesn’t look it…..he routinely hangs out with Jews which is somewhat unusual…
    As for Catholics….the best advice is to steer well clear of them….the Catholic Church is riddled with crypto Jews,absolutely riddled……Madeline Albright and John Kerry being two high profile cases…..and then there is the absolute fuckwi Stephen Colbert a talk show host on U.S. TV.He purports to be a Catholic….HE IS A MARRANO JEW without a shred of doubt.
    There are ordinary Catholics….however the elite high profile Catholics are usually crypto Jews…..including Himmler and Goebbels.
    Hoffman??…..give me an effing break….even his surname is Jewish.

  4. Henry Makow insists Hitler was an agent of the Rothchilds, or something…LOL!! Henry is continually on this theme which is easily debunked by such books as “Germany’s War” by John Wear as just one example. There is a necessary and so far successful propaganda effort to demonize Hitler and National Socialism. I say successful, but slowly opening the flood gates of real history of WW2. Because if the truth be told of National Socialist policies, which is the blue print for national awakening and throwing off the Zionist bankers; if that ever comes out, there will be Hell to pay and billions of dollars to be paid back to Germany.

  5. Is Harbinger some kind of troll? People who are preoccupied for blaming the Jews for everything these days should be suspect, even people of Jewish descent turned alleged whistleblowers. Why? Because the Jewish establishment has the money, the means, and the objective of world hegemony. Coudenhove-Kalergi, whose plan of mass migration of diverse cultures and races into Europe (the plan presently being implemented), was a paid agent of the Zio Rothschild’s and his views was that the Jews were very special and not to be mixed in the planned melting pot. They were to have their own nation and be the “leader” race of the world.

    Presently, we have the Zionist establishment doing everything it can, as they were doing as early as the 1930’s to cajole and pressure more and more Jewish people to resettle in Israel. Not only in selling the idea of how they intend to transform the ME in their plans of a Greater Israel, but historically they have consistently used trumped-up and carefully orchestrated anti-Semitism to induce their own people to resettle in Israel. Following WWII, their persecutors were vanquished. Together with communist Russia and their puppet USA they virtually eradicated the anti-Semitism, and there was no reason for Jewish people to flee to Israel for any kind of protection or refuge. The 6 million number which their leaders promoted and the scare mongering of being “exterminated” was also very usefully tool for getting hundreds of thousands of Jewish people to leave European nations and North America.

    Unz has some very interesting stuff, but one wonders if he too is doing a little bit of very carefully controlled fake orchestration. The sophistication of the Zio establishment is so advanced, and the there is the fact that Unz hails from Harvard Zio think tanks. Controlling both ends of the spectrum on the anti-Semitism issue would be typical. As for people who think like Harbinger, if he is not a troll, then why the preoccupation and the crazy idea that if you simply get rid of Jews all our problems will be solved. However, I do believe that if many more Jews would convert to Christianity, the religion would get a huge boost, not in money but in zeal.

    As for condemning altruism, Harbinger, again is off base, and he sounds very Zionist or Nazi underneath. For instance, if the bankster cabal and the US corporatocracy had not debt-rigged and been so corrupting and exploitive in South American nations, there would have been a lot more of good will today, and you would not have socialist reactions everywhere. Apart from the failings of Christianity, there has been nothing more effective in the way of a model to extend the neighbor principle and universal justice in a context of freedom. Without Christianity the West would not have had Christian monasticism to establish not only places of refuge but actual places of higher learning, and there would be no universities. As for our medical and hospital system, if not for the Church, we would still be in the dark ages. Despite all of the temporal spin-offs, the purpose of the religion is for eternal ends with one’s choices making a person compatible with the true nature of God through that one person, Jesus. This includes personal salvation, liberation from the control of sin, and refraining from harming innocent, non-aggressive others.


    Nobody will ever sort it out . Poor German People who all had to suffer it and will never know what was DONE to them. Worst the british People , they fought against themselfes and are still admiring those bloody Warmongers like Churchill . The Butcher of Europe .
    It is all SICKENING !

    And yet , I will not believe that this stupid and bloody Game is going to go on for ever.

  7. Fred B,

    It is the Jews and it always has been the Jews. This is a reply I wrote to a commenter on the Unz Review which most agreed with on why people hate the Jews:
    (This comment goes into explaining the so called ‘good’ and ‘innocent’ Jews you like to promote).

    You call me a troll, when if anyone is a troll on here it’s you, constantly promoting your Christ religion and protection of Jews. You call me a Zionist and a nazi, when everyone knows I am what is called an anarcho-nationalist. I oppose socialism in every way, shape and form that is I completely oppose the state and the concept that one has authority over another without their consent. That happens to be tyranny believe it or not.

    Fred B, the bottom line about you is that you are a promoter of the Abrahamic religion, of the middle east, which has resulted in constant bloodshed, over the last 2,000 years and it hasn’t stopped.
    Yes, there are Christians on this forum whom I have a great deal of respect for and there are those who aren’t I also have, but if you did an overall poll, of posters on here, the Unz review, Lasha Darkmoon, the Occidental Observer, Renegade Tribune and all websites that oppose globalism and the New World Order, you will OVERWHELMINGLY find that people would certainly promote Jews to be rounded up, every one of them, dropped onto an island and left there to rot, with absolutely no contact with the outside whatsoever. They could build their Israel there and talk nonsense to one another for the rest of their days, away from causing mischief, chaos, bloodshed and continuing as the parasites that they are.

    Your complete and utter ignorance on Jews, shows in your constant ramblings on here. Judaism is a cult. It is a CHOICE to be a Jew or not to be. It is not a sub race/species of the human race. It is not an ethnicity. It is a cult of cabala and talmud worship, a religion created after Christianity and not before. Therefore any Jew, who calls himself a Jew ascribes TO this and if they say they don’t know about it, they’re doing exactly one of the main reasons Jews are hated – lying.
    You prattle on about the Coudenhove Kalergi plan, thinking that this has nothing to do with the Jews, whatsoever, proving your ignorance, yet again:

    What amazes me, about you, is that you seem to think there is actually a faction of people, within the caucasian peoples who are actively calling for their complete annihilation just for the sake of it. You have no idea that freemasonry is collectively known as TALMUDISM for the goyim. People who move up in ranks eventually find out that freemasonry has nothing to do with religion, well Christian or Muslim and everything to do with the Kabala and Talmudism.
    These peoples are collectively known as SHABBOS GOYIM, that is willing slaves, serving Jews, whom they foolishly believe are chosen peoples, when they most certainly are not, just fools, mumbling, mumbo-jumbo.

    I was like you in the past. I would argue with people about “It’s not the Jews, there are good Jews and bad Jews, just as there are good and bad non Jews” but that was long before I found out that Judaism is a choice and the reason Jews, continue being Jews is because it opens up doors for them, wherever they go. It’s one big secret club where Jews will become as successful as they desire, all for simply remaining a Jew and doing what fellow Jews ask you to do and keep quiet about it. And 99% of the time it’s about doing what’s good for the Jew to the detriment of the non Jew.

  8. Y’all above:
    All of you are right! The machination of the ZioBankster Jew is in everything and on both sides. These Elite Jews even use their own people as pawns. These machinations are to such a level and extent that it is like facing a berage of machine gun bullets. It is so overwhelming that people just give up and also stop thinking logically to figure out these chess board plots. To me Makow, Hoffman et al are just disinformation agents concerning WW2 and Hitler to keep you away from discerning the truth. I find the most honest Jew or former Jew is Brother Nathanael Kapner. As for the ultimate truth, it is as follows: Hitler with his economic policies from 1933 -1938 (Germany’s Economic Miracle) without using ZioBankster money got Germany out of the 1930’s Depression compared to the rest of the World; Hitler with his National Socialism (bad connotation NAZI) brought back national pride in being German, most nations today do not have that because ZIOS have watered it down to meaninglessness. Finally, Hitler purified Germany by removing Jews from all influential and important sectors of a country’s social, economic and political infrastructure. No Jews in politics, economics, banking,, business and culture. Kick them out. Hitler got rid of Jewish perversion (LGBTQ, books, art, music, etc.). Hitler had the secrets to destroy the JEW. If the sheeple knew these secrets, the JEW is in trouble. That is why Hitler is so demonized and the Holocaust victimhood made into such a business. But wait, there will come again a future leader in Germany that will be Hitler like. This leader will come in as a sheep and turn into a wolf and it will be this wolf that will almost destroy the Jews in IsraHell. Only the Christian Messiah will save those Jews, but they must accept him as such compared to when they rejected him 2000 years ago. This is Biblical. Before this happens though, the Jews and the World will accept the AntiChrist ( 2nd Hitler like figure) first. Again this is Biblical. Thank folks!

  9. Contemporary reports of jesus list him as having blonde hair, he was not a jew
    jews know that the real chosen people are the anglo saxons, look at their achievements and whiy jews hate them so much
    Jewish students in Tel Aviv are paid to make up blonde jokes how damn pathetic
    Where ever you find theivery there you will find the jew
    wherever you find kiddie fiddlers there you will find the jew
    wherever you find skulduggery and scheisting there also will you find the jew.
    Famous saying

  10. There used to be a website called wellaware1.com by Ed Chiarini, who claimed that famous public figures we observe, actually are other people in disguise, so i recall that Walt Disney was Adolf Hitler and Bro Kapner is film director Michael Landis. I have no idea how true these things are but submit that none of us can know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  11. Yeah, we always miss the Spirit and see the form, and that’s why we’re here. It’s not
    that we don’t have ears to hear, or eyes to see, but it’s the matter (and what’s the matter)
    that we focus on, while the spirit goes over the head. You would think otherwise, after
    such profound wisdom as: “Do unto others…” or “do good to those who hate you…”
    or even stuff from “those who say they are jews, and are not….” who say, “Those with all the gold make all the rules”, but no, it’s probably our worst fate and our best hope to learn
    slowly. So we make haste, slowly, and we’re still looking for all those “whited sepulchres”
    with the proof in em, but we’re digging in the wrong place most every time.
    But yet, we find such things as the dead sea scrolls and the nag hammadi codices by
    “accident”. So there is hope!
    Go figure…

  12. Here’s some REAL bible studies by Charles Giuliani, showing how the zewz, known as the Hyksos back in the days when they took over the Egyptian empire and ran it into the ground, used the same basic tactics they are using today to destroy civilization (and the biosphere in the process). Real smart these zewz, aren’t they?!

    More Parallels Between Ancient Egypt and Hebrew History (7-8-19)

    More Precision Parallels Between Hebrew Heroes & Egyptian Pharaohs (7-22-19)

    Solomon & the Hebraic Hijacking of Egypt (7-16-19)

    Uncovering the Real History of Hebrews in Ancient Egypt (7-29-19)

  13. This non-stop Hitler bashing is tiresome. What really happened will be debated forever, but I suspect that this non-stop (((shrill))) panic by (Makow/Hoffman et al) against Hitler is because Amerika is moving very fast toward a new Hitler and the Jews are in an absolute panic as the Goyim wake up and smell the Kosher stink infecting their Republic.

    You know when you complain too much about Hitler are you sure you ain’t a Jew?
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

    The Jew will always bash Hitler because HE OUTED THEM. Can you imagine if a future Amerikan President gets on TV and shakes his fist and pounds the podium about them Joos? Well it’s coming folks, like a freight train out of hell it is coming and it is going to smash this insane Jewish consciousness like a million atom bombs all lit off at once.

    These MFers Jews like Bloomberg and Adelson and Kushner are of the wrong stripe for most ordinary Americans. The good folk play along because they like to make money. Jews are good at money, so they respect the Jews. But what happens when all this QE ends up gutting the entire system and we are all left with empty pockets like the Germans in Weimar c. 1923?

    The vast majority of Americans, like all of my Catholic relatives, might be dumb as f–k when it comes to Jews and what is going on behind the scenes, but they are decent people of Irish and German descent and they are sure not for LBGTQ weirdos, nor are they for these violent Hollywood movies, nor are they for abortion, nor are they for these wars.

    These middle wealth folk are the rock solid middle American workers who never complain. They work and work and work without complaining. They are honest, they pay their taxes, they go to church and pray all the time. They do not whine like these pathetic Jewish creatures about some phony Holocaust. You tell me, how many Germans have you EVER seen complaining about WW2?

    If my folk lose everything in the upcoming crash then you will see them turn against the Jews in one heartbeat. They know it is true, but like polite folk they won’t talk about it, until of course there’s a collapse and they can’t buy food. So if Jewish control leads to a collapse then them Joos are going to rightly get the blame. You want to run the system? Better not screw up Mr. Jew.

    If you want an insight into Christians, like I suspect the fine people that run this site, it is their kowtowing to Jews, always feature the Jewish writers, this is because the Christian is and always will be a second stringer to the Jews. We all need to graduate from this insane primitive superstitions of some angry god and judgment, get our self esteem back. No person is better in the eyes of God, the real God never choose Jews over others.

  14. Until Adolf Hitler took the economy away from the jews he was mr wonderful
    the only man in the world to stand up to communism.
    He was voted man of the year, Homes and gardens mag, Manpower magazine
    Tip-Top and other mags idolised him, Henry Ford Dupont and several British industrialists
    said what he was doing was great, the only time the world has ever seen full emplyment was in 30s germany and he built up after THE JEWS SMASHED THE ECONOMY
    Neville Chamberlian said we should keep out of the coming war between Germany and Russia so he was murdered to get in the jewish lap dog Churchill
    the most hated prime inister we ever had apart from Tony Blair

  15. Why dont you AngloSaxons read EUSTACE MULLINS , he is an American , or Esra Pound.
    These People have sid everything about the Jews you need to know .
    Mainly Mullins : The Biological Jew . An article about parasites !
    As a German I am totally disapointed about the stupididy of my People but more so of the ignorance of the Americans . You have had more freedom to search for crimes of the Jews
    than we .

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