As of today, I am the only winner of the 12 December Election!

Gilad Atzmon – Dec 1, 2019

For the last 15 years I have been warning both Brits and Jews of the possibility of serious consequences that might result from the intensive activities of the Jewish Lobby in Britain and beyond. I have written thousands of commentaries about the topic, given endless talks and interviews and published the best selling books on Jewish Identity politics in return for which I have received relentless abuse. However, I survive and with just a bit of luck Britain may also survive the present chaos inflicted on it by the Lobby and by its own compromised political establishment.
For the last three years we have witnessed an orchestrated smear campaign conducted by many Jewish institutions against British political parties, politicians, intellectuals, artists, and various other members of the public.  The Labour Party has been subjected to a uniquely vile smear campaign: its leadership accused of being ‘anti-Semitic.’ The Labour Party, not, perhaps, a collective of distinctly sharp minds, was clumsy in its attempts to counter these empty accusations. The Party foolishly responded by surrendering to the  Lobby’s every demand: suspending and expelling some of its best members for telling the truth about Palestine and accepting the primacy of Jewish suffering by adopting the IHRA definition of antisemitism. The Party and its leader repeatedly apologized to the Jewish community for acts it hadn’t committed although this failed to assuage the Lobby’s unquenchable appetite.
In July 2018,  the three British Jewish newspapers united in an attempt to finish Corbyn’s political career by  simultaneously issuing a joint  editorial that declared: “Today, Britain’s three leading Jewish newspapers – Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph – take the unprecedented step of speaking as one by publishing the same front page. We do so because of the existential threat to Jewish life in this country that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn-led government.”
Since then Corbyn has been accused by  Labour MP Margaret Hodge and other Jewish celebrities   of being “racist” and “an anti-Semite. In a uniquely foolish move that conveys a severe inability to read his neighbours’  mood, British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has launched an explosive and unprecedented attack on Jeremy Corbyn calling on the Brits not to vote Labour.
When Rabbi Mirvis published his article the Tories were leading in the polls by 12-14 percent. Then came a remarkable shift. Corbyn was confronted by the BBC’s Andrew Neil who no doubt expected him to offer his customary words of appeasement but for some reason, this time the Labour leader refused to provide the goods. Four times Neil used the BBC to demand Corbyn’s apology and each time the Labour leader demurred. Corbyn stood firm and in the next poll, not surprisingly, the Labour Party bounced back.  The Tories and their leader, or so I read in the press, are in a panic and for good reason. A hung parliament may well result in Corbyn being the next British prime minister. Leading polling expert Sir John Curtice has warned that the recent election headlines predicting a Tory landslide were premature. The Brits have had enough of foreign Lobby interference with their politics. They are tired of a hostile pressure groups  weaponizing anti-Semitism, vandalising their culture and politics and openly defying the Athenian roots at the core of the British value system and its ethos.
The outlandish conduct of British Jewish institutions is perplexing. The Jewish press, the Chief Rabbi, the unelected BOD that claims to represent British Jewry have all apparently focused their energies on smearing Britain’s opposition leader.  But here is an interesting riddle. Jewish institutions and celebrities have repeatedly described Corbyn as an existential threat to British Jews. They practically equate the life long anti racist campaigner with Hitler. I assume that British Jews know that in 1933 Hitler won the German election with the support of just 33% of the German population. As of yesterday’s polls, Corbyn and the Labour party enjoy the same level of support from the British public. I reckon that if these Jewish institutions really believed that Corbyn is a Hitler figure as he is so often outrageously described by their leaders and press, the fact that a third of the Brits support him would mean that Britain is the new Nazi Germany and a Shoah is just around the corner. If British Jews really believed in such a ludicrous scenario there would be a mass exodus of Jews out of Britain and real estate prices in North West London would plummet. As of now, this is not the case. The cost of a three bedroom house in Golders Green is still way above the British average.
Not many scholars in the West tackle issues to do with Jewish politics, they don’t dare criticise Jewish power since Jewish power is the power to silence every person who dares to criticise Jewish power. I first realised in the early 2000s that Jewish power is very dangerous for Jews and gentiles alike. Jewish power is a sophisticated apparatus. In fact it wasn’t the British politicians or establishment that defied that treacherous spirit that has haunted British politics for too long. It is actually the British people who have stood up and said, essentially, ‘enough is enough.’
A video popped out this weekend showing health secretary Matt Hancock being  humiliated, booed and heckled at a general election meeting. In response to the Tory MP attempt to recycle  the ‘antisemitism’ spin, the entire gathering protested and ousted him within seconds.
The sudden unpredicted rise of Corbyn and Labour’s popularity is a fascinating phenomenon in light of  the failure of the dysfunctional British institutions to defend elementary freedoms in the kingdom. The transition of the Guardian, once a respected outlet, into a ‘Guardian of Judea’ is almost as compelling as the transformation of the BBC into BiBiC. Yet, in Britain, only a few brave souls have dared to look into these topics. David Icke has been doing an incredible job of this for which he has been subjected to relentless abuse. Stuart Littlewood has produced a substantial body of work on Zionist and Jewish pressure groups. Craig Murray has written a number of commanding articles about the Israeli grip on British politics. Jonathan Cook watches his homeland crumbling from the vantage point of Nazareth, Palestine. Each of them are intellectuals. They are not political nor activists yet are subjected to unrelenting abuse from the Lobby and its stooges within the British establishment.
I have immersed myself  in the study of the J-word. I realised a long time ago that as Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and enjoys the almost absolute support of world Jewry and its institutions, we need to ask what the J-word stands for. Instead of asking who or what are the Jews, I decided to examine what those who self-identify ‘as Jews’ mean by that term. In my books The Wandering Who and its sequel, Being in Time, I produced a study of the metaphysics of Jewishness. I examined different perspectives of Judeo-centrism. I attempted to untangle the concept of choseness. I have tried to understand what it is in Jewish culture that provokes animosity and causes Jewish history to be a tragic continuum.
In The Wandering Who I delved into the notion of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PRE TSD). In PRE TSD, stress results from  a phantasmic event, an imaginary episode set in the future; an event that has never taken place. Unlike PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in which stress comes as a direct reaction to an event that (may) have taken place in the past, with PRE-TSD, the trauma is caused by an imaginary scenario of destruction. The fear of Corbyn is clearly an example of such a phantasy. The illusion is self- perpetuating as neither Corbyn nor his party did anything to contribute to its escalation. No one within the British Jewish community managed to stop this snowball of collective stress. And now the results of this are devastatingly clear.  A crack of mistrust has opened in British society between the Jews and their host nation. I would think that Jews who find this upsetting can easily identify the Jewish pressure groups, leaders and media outlets that led to this unnecessary development.
My guess is that reading my work rather than burning my books could have helped the Jewish community to introspect and prevent this development. Engaging with me rather than attempting to cancel my talks might have saved the Jewish institutions from repeating their most obvious historic mistakes. I accept that blowing the whistle is a challenge. I understand that for most people, living in a state of denial is convenient, but I also know that truth unveils itself to us, often, unexpectedly. In the real world it is not us, the people, who seek the truth, instead it is actually the truth that haunts us wherever we are and against all odds.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

12 responses to “As of today, I am the only winner of the 12 December Election!”

  1. But these accusations of the Labour party being antisemitic are nonsense
    Tony Blair fought a devastating war on the people of iraq for the jews.
    But many people i know who are told that Labout is anti semitic are planning to vote for them in droves
    lets face it anyone with a conscience must be antisemitic, right ?

  2. This is classic Gilad Atzmon.
    Another article on Jews, Zionism, Israel and Corbyn.
    Corbyn would be awful for Britain and Gilad supports him. Why? Because he’s the only leader who will stick up for the Palestinians. I mean, who gives a shit about the British people? Who cares about the whites? Corbyn? Erm, nope. He’ll continue promoting mass immigration, while Britain turns from white into brown, into dark brown. He doesn’t give a flying rat’s poo whether the UK, becomes an Islamic state and the indigenous population drops to 5%.
    Gilad is a Jew, so for him, Britain’s population become minority indigenous is beneficial to him. All Gilad is concerned about is Palestine. That’s his only concern in this world. What’s good for the Palestinian people. He’s come to the UK, to use London as his base for his Jazz gigs to go out and campaign for the Palestinian people.

    As I’ve stated before, I really do feel for the Palestinians, but to Gilad, their well being (obviously being from that part of the world) is fa, far, more important than the British and European peoples. And the sad thing is, that Rixon, continues to publish this chump, because that’s all Gilad Atzmon is, a chump, batting for Palestine and couldn’t give a shit about the European peoples.

  3. Please watch before it is deleted

  4. In the USA anyone who wants to stand for election must borrow from the bank
    in order to do this the banks make them swear first allegaince to israel
    i beleive its the same in the UK

  5. Celebrity and elite Jews have said: “The UK is no longer safe, so we are leaving.” We are waiting, & I don’t say that out of religious dislike or hate. The Jewish community, led by deeply sinister forces, has exceeded its UK visa expiry date. Around 24% of the UK population would vote Tory even if Stalin was the party leader. That leaves 75% thereabouts & and despite the three-year-long antisemitism pantomime, Labour still has 33% or thereabouts. Considering the UK is a land of sheeple, that isn’t too bad.

    Take into account our vile press (inc Guardian) and the BBC, who has people on like Lord Sachs quoting around 1300 alleged antisemitic attacks in one year… that from a population of 66 million & none of these claimed attacks go to court or have the interest of the police apart from the ‘we must be seen to do something’. Barely three cases per day. Sachs’s claim isn’t significant enough to be recorded as a statistic worth merit.

    The next point is one of race. As far as I am aware, Jews are not a race and despite BBC presenters, BBC guests, & BBC pundits calling antisemitism a race problem and the BBC never establishes by definition, they just repeat this lie day in and day out. Maybe elite Jews actually seek to develope real Jew-hate in the UK. They seem to have courted this strategy throughout all history. Is Brexit a Jewish Lobby ruse to gain more control over the UK? Gilad, we have met ever so briefly if you read these comments

  6. Carl Jones,

    “Is Brexit a Jewish Lobby ruse to gain more control over the UK? Gilad, we have met ever so briefly if you read these comments”

    This is, as is everything else, something that’s been carefully planned ahead of everything. The most important thing for Jews, is and always will be Israel. People have to understand this. The most powerful player, in all of this, as you know is Rothschild [1]. Judaism is left wing. There is no right wing in Judaism. This is the cancer of Judaism, the far left.
    I’ll explain……
    The globalism of Judaism is Communism, but it’s also Zionism, which is incredibly odd. Zionism is Jewish nationalism. Communism is International Socialism – globalism. However, unlike normal national socialism, which sits left of centre but right of communism, Jewish nationalism seeks to be the only nationalism on this earth. All other nationalism must be destroyed. The only people on this earth, to Jews, who can be sovereign and Jews. Zionism sits with Communism. All Jews, regardless of left/right persuasion are Jews and will always rally to each others’ defence.

    So back to [1]. The stumbling block of the Jews is Israel and their treatment of Palestinians. They have tried to solve this problem by infiltrating and controlling nationalist organisations in the west (and they do) but this hasn’t worked. So they stepped it up by creating 9/11, all war on terror in the middle east, 7/7, Madrid, Paris etc in order to make their enemy, Islam, the enemy of the west. It never worked, so, now it’s Brexit’s turn. It’s a win-win situation for Jews. Every Brexit party in the UK is a ‘friend of Israel’. Nigel Farage is an arch Zionist and puppet and the ‘plane crash’ where Farage nearly died was a stunt, to make the people who know Farage is a Zionist puppet, think again. If they’d wanted Farage dead he would be. So, anyway, Britain leaves Europe. The EU then imposes heavy penalties on Britain’s trade and free movement throughout Europe, so as to stop any other nations leaving, along with huge fines. And who comes to save the day, offering trade and business with the UK? You guessed it Israel. This will then win over the hearts of the UK people and change their minds about Israel and their war against Palestine, softening the voices against them, especially with continuing, Zionist propaganda by the msm. By this time, they’ll certainly be shutting down most of the internet.

    And what happens if they decide to remain in the EU? Well, Israel keeps receiving billions from Britain’s payments to the EU (along with all the other countries), the mass immigration continued (as would still be the case with a Brexit as that’s never going to stop) and programming of Britons, along with the rest of Europe’s globalist states, with Cultural Marxism continues. Islam grows, more and more false flags until eventually chaos. By this time, Israel will be expanding into the lands, won through the war on terror and creating Greater Israel.

    The bottom line is, it’s heads Jews win, tails non Jews lose.
    Gilad is a shill. He doesn’t give a sh*t about the British people, or any others. I’m beginning to realise that all he is is a pied piper. He bangs the drum for support of Corbyn, who is most certainly ‘no anti Semite’ and would never, ever question the lies of the holocaust (he instantly ostracised himself from Jew, Pail Eisen who questioned the holocaust death toll and gas chambers BS). If Corbyn is elected, guaranteed, the mass immigration will continue, along with the promotion of the LGBTQ and more harsher legislation in Parliament for persecution of people who question the official stories of the Holocaust, 9/11 and 7/7.

    No one and I repeat NO ONE gets into Parliament unless they’re taking it up the backside of Israel and Rothschild. Corbyn is a puppet, a very good one, playing the Israel-Palestine conflict to perfection. More distraction, keeping everyone transfixed on Palestine, while the Jews, behind the curtain, destroy the UK, the US, Europe and what’s left of the western civilisation.

  7. @ Harbinger & Carl Jones:

    Both of you hit the nail on the head. Right on! To add to this, I thought the jewish publications would be: The Guardian , The Daily Mail and The Sun, not Jew this or that.
    Gilad is just CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. His concern for Palestine /Palestinians is misdirection. As a Jew, he wants every nation on earth, except Israel, to become like the Palestinians are: constantly under duress so as to eliminate them. In addition, Jews infiltrated the UK since the time of 1812, when the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England. From there their Bankster agents married into British aristocracy such that most Brits probably do not realize they are jewish. This Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, is just one example. As for the election on Dec. 12, the Jew Establishment and Jew Lobby, have their favorite, which will win, but they just care to make more money through making bets (shorts) on the London Stock Market. By this they will control the UK and destroy its Anglo-Saxon / Norman character. Thus the UK is like Palestine/Palestinians already. So if thetruthseeker wants the truth concerning Jews, stop giving Gilad a platform. Right Harbinger!

  8. Quote:The Edict of Expulsion was a royal decree issued by King Edward I of England on 18 July 1290 expelling all Jews from the Kingdom of England. Edward advised the sheriffs of all counties he wanted all Jews expelled by no later than All Saints’ Day that year.

    Question? Was that Royal Edict repelled ?? & by which King/Queen & when ??

  9. DNA results show only 2-3% of Israeli Jews are “Semites”, people with true ancient Palestinian heritage. Jews are Caucasians and Euros, that’s why they look like it. The leading expert on Israeli DNA is a Jewish Israeli citizen, so the anti-Semite label doesn’t work for him. Self-hating Jew? They had all the bases covered until DNA. Jewish media is not going to say peep about “Israeli” DNA.

  10. Thed British electorate cannot forgive labour For the war on iraq ona fudged up bunch of lies by Toerag Tony. this damage may never be repairable
    NHA figures show the British people are already well outnunbered by foreign nationals, our politicians have thrown the country away.
    In my high st are now 3 foreign barber shops, given business grants to start busineses
    our government gave away our money without any consultation from us
    i walk my 2 dogs as daylight approaches each morning 2 rought sleepers
    have died of cold during the night in the past 3 nights, these were our people.
    the only enemy we have is our own government

  11. some very good comments here
    very good indeed thankyou rixon and thankyou lads

  12. Thanks Stormin’ Norman and yes, I concur.

    Mr Reynard

    No the 1290 Edict of Expulsion was never repealed. It still stands in force today, but when one realises that the Rothschilds are monarchy, along with everyone in the Aristocracy and most of the gentry being Jews, then this is obviously why nothing has been done about it.

    Interestingly enough, two men from the UK: Simon Shepherd and Stephen Whittle aka the Heretical Two were brought up on charges for their comic book ‘Tales from the Holohoax’ and other writings. Their website was They contested, correctly, that no Jew should be in the UK because the Edict of Expulsion was never repealed and still stands in force. An arrest warrant was put out for the two and they fled to the US, claiming political asylum. Bad move as you know that the US is a colony of the Crown. Upon arriving in the US, they were immediately arrested and thrown into jail. When their trial did come up, it was refused. The judge, a black woman (who clearly would have taken instant dislike to Stephen Whittle’s writings under the pen name Luke O’Farrell) denied both men asylum, having previously granted a former member of the IRA asylum, wanted for the murder of British servicemen in the past. Subsequently, the two men were extradited back to the UK, where upon arrival were arrested by UK police, imprisoned, tried for hate speech and racism offences and imprisoned for around 4 years each. Yes, 4 years for writing a website and articles the establishment didn’t like, calling them out for what they were and writing honestly about the sad, state of affairs in the UK and the rest of the west. Of course, the Jew press had a field day with these two.

    They’re both incredibly courageous and intelligent individuals. It was in fact Stephen Whittles writings, under the pseudonym Luke O’Farrell which really woke me up to reality, back in 2008. His writings didn’t just scrape the nerve, they severed it. He had a clear dislike for Jews and non whites, understandably as he was watching his civilisation be murdered by both. Regularly he would write about non whites, assaulting, raping and beating up white people, given a slap on the hand by the corrupt Judicial system. Don’t get me wrong, his language towards non whites and Jews would certainly put the faint hearted off of reading him, but nonetheless, his message was an honest and a truthful one about society.

    The powers that be instantly shut down people like Whittle and Shepherd, because their truth is far more dangerous to them and their agenda, than violence, but then, you aren’t really seeing any violence from white people against the agenda, as this is not how whites behave, until that is the agenda destroys everything they have and people wake up.