IRGC Spokesman: Rioters’ Ringleaders Linked with Foreign Services

Fars News – Nov 21, 2019

Head of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Public Relations Department Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif announced that ringleaders of the recent riots in Iran who had ties with foreign security agencies have been arrested in four large provinces.

The ringleaders of unrests in four provinces of Iran, including Alborz, Fars, Tehran and Khuzestan, have been arrested, General Sharif said, addressing a gathering in the Northern province of Gilan on Wednesday.

He noted that these arrests contributed a lot to riots to abate, adding that these individuals had links with foreign security services.

General Sharif said the enemies employed thugs to create unrest after the failure of sanctions against Iran.

The US and its proxies have gained nothing 18 months after the imposition of fresh sanctions on the Iranian nation, the general said, adding that the Americans have formally announced support for the riots and recent acts of vandalism and insecurity in Iran.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised people for keeping distance from the rioters who damaged public and private properties, and said the recent violence in Iran was organized by the US, Israel and certain reactionary regimes in the region.

“The number of people who had taken to the streets was clear, and there were only a few hooligans were among them; but the hooligans were well organized and armed, acting on behalf of the regional reactionaries, the Zionists and Americans,” Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran.

“As the Leader said, our people have foiled the enemies’ plots in face of different incidents, and they became victorious in the recent plots that the enemies had hatched,” he added.

Riots by a small number who had taken advantage of legitimate public protests against the government’s gas price hike plan in Iran were directed at sowing chaos through targeted attacks on public and private properties, forcing law enforcement to step in to stop saboteurs.

Early estimates of an intelligence body showed that a sum of nearly 87,000 protesters and rioters had taken part in protest rallies and gatherings since Friday night, mostly (over 93%) men. A large number of protesters had only been present in the gathering centers and avoided joining the rioters in sabotage attacks on public and private properties.

“The identical methods of the main core of violent rioters discloses that they are fully trained individuals who have been prepared and looking forward for the situation to rise, unlike most people who have been taken off guard by the sudden hike in gas price,” the report said.

The report showed that gatherings have been comprised of 50 to 1,500 people held in 100 regions of the country out of a number of 1,080 major towns and cities. The report says violent raids and damage inflicted on properties has been larger than what happened in February 2018 unrests.

Most cases of damage to properties had happened in Khuzestan, Tehran, Fars and Kerman provinces. The report says most casualties have resulted from armed outlaws’ attacks on oil storage and military centers, adding that a number of police and popular forces have been martyred in these attacks.

Nearly 1,000 people were arrested across the country while over 100 banks and 57 big stores were set on fire or plundered in just one province.

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2 responses to “IRGC Spokesman: Rioters’ Ringleaders Linked with Foreign Services”

  1. The lords of chaos, and death, (USA) are at it again, for their Bankster mates.

  2. These rioters were trained and equipped for the right time. This “right time” came about by no one other than Mr President Rohani and his team. They surprised everybody including their own friends. Couple of weeks before oil-minister Zangene the idiot in chief claimed with absolute certainty that petrol is not going to increase in value and these are rumors! Overnight on a Eid day, suddenly and out of blue with no previous warning they increased free petrol by 300% and a set monthly share for 150%, offering the income from this to the poorer population. Nothing wrong with the plan however the timing and method was obviously malicious. Rohani scrapped dual petrol policy when he became president saying this was Ahmadinejad’s stupid legacy, after 6 years suddenly decided to resume the same petrol strategy contradicting himself and his ministers, he could have explained this on TV for people and make the curve slower by increasing the price gradually, but no he wanted to put pressure on people and Supreme Leader. Rohani had promised “war” if judiciary touched his brother for corruption and it happened, now things are normal but the damage to the economy and the massive slow-down caused in these 6 years is unacceptable. If he is not an under-cover Jew, he is certainly the worst incapable man ever to lead Iran’s executive branch ever, those who voted for him will have to answer in the hereafter!!

    As I said before he was supported by the liberal camp. Today they are at the their weakest point people have been betrayed by them and they have failed to deliver, after Rohani… a great cleansing and purge will have to happen, the defeat of liberals will remove Iran’s internal friction, only nationalists and core Shiite revolutionary belief will remain that can mostly coexist and cooperate, Iran will grow exponentially in every field, specially now that outside borders in the region, Iran has become so powerful.

    None of this affects anything really, Iran’s Supreme Leader is still the man that saved Assad and Syria against the “will” of the entire corrupt world.

    Iran has its internal Internet only but things are supposed to be normal again from today or tomorrow.