Jews Impeach Trump, Trump Woos Jews

Israel Shamir – The Unz Review Nov 21. 2019

The impeachment farce is basically a Jewish affair, noted the Israeli daily Haaretz. The soul and engine of the impeachment is Adam Schiff, ‘Shifty Schiff’ in Trump’s colourful expression. His name brings to mind the Jewish banking house of Schiff, top Jewish aristocracy of money and media. The second man is Greedy Goldman, or Daniel Sachs Goldman, the chief interrogator in the impeachment hearings. Sachs Goldman or Goldman Sachs, another top Jewish name and bank. The third Jew in the heart of the impeachment is infamous George Soros. Haaretz could add that the top witnesses for prosecution are also Jewish, the bizarre Gordon “Zelensky loves your ass” Sondland, or Vindman the Spy. Trump would never dare to notice this remarkable coincidence, concludes Haaretz. Only antisemites would.
Instead of pointing this open conspiracy out and calling the Americans to save the Republic, President Trump appealed to the Jewish sense of gratitude. He bestowed now his third fabulous gift to the Jewish state, namely recognition of the settlements for-Jews-only on the stolen Palestinian land, after he recognised Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Or perhaps the fourth, if you’d count his withdrawal out of Iran agreement. He legalised the settlements by the unilateral decision of the superpower, something the Israeli governments never could or dared. If the US were be as omnipotent as it was twenty years ago, that would be the end of Oslo and Geneva agreements, and practically the end of attempts to create a State of Palestine alongside with Israel, something Israeli nationalists wanted all along. With the US engulfed in the cold civil war, it could lead to self-de-legitimisation of the US, or to collapse of Two States paradigm. It is apparently a huge gift to the Jewish state.
Trump thought that his generosity would melt Jewish hearts, and they would let him govern in peace. But no, the Jews accept every gift as their due; it is absence of a gift that is surprising and troublesome, probably to be explained by anti-Semitism. They said that his recognition will annoy the Democrats, and they will take it away when they regain the White House.
Probably this reaction is exactly what Trump counted on, for he does not care about Palestine or Israel. His target audience is the US Jewry. Trump hopes that the Jews who care about Israel more than they care about the US would switch allegiance and support him, so the Democrats wouldn’t win the next elections and roll back the recognition. Judging by past experience, the Jews will gain by this competition for their favours, while the US will lose, and so will Trump.
It is worth our while to see who are the Jewish persons in the impeachment proceedings. Adam Schiff, whether a remote relation to the banker Jacob Schiff or just a namesake, could be a reincarnation of the old man; for he inherited his love for mass immigration and hatred to Russia. Before Jacob Schiff’s time, the US Jewry was a small community. Wealthy, yes, but very small. Jacob Schiff who arrived to the American shore in the mid-19th century, understood that he needed numbers, masses, demography on his side if he wanted Jews to become an important player. He organised mass immigration of Russian and Polish Jews into the US. “He lobbied Congress and President Grover Cleveland to prevent the passage of legislation which would have prevented the massive wave of Russian Jewish immigrants from whom most current New York Jews descend”, says the Jewish source. Millions of Jews arrived and eventually changed the US in their own image. Now Adam Schiff wants to import millions of Third Worlders to cement the change started by Jacob.
Jacob Schiff’s hatred of Russia had been quite extraordinary, even by the standards of that time. A prominent banker, he issued a war loan to Japan to build its fleet to fight Russia. Accidentally, the fleet built with Schiff’s money had attacked Pearl Harbour some years later, so every victim of the Pacific War and his descendants may sue Schiffs for their contribution.
Long before Soros and NED, Jacob Schiff played the regime change game in Russia, bankrolling the revolutionaries. (He contributed to February 1917 revolution, the liberal pro-Western coup, but the Russians screwed him by doing another coup in November 2017 and installing the Bolsheviks; his agents had to flee and Russia regained its independence, while Schiff had lost his investment.)
Adam Schiff is rabidly anti-Russian just like Jacob was. He dreams of a regime change in Moscow like Jacob did. He claimed Russian conspiracy had brought Trump to the White House; he refused to accept Mueller’s enquiry results and still insists that the Russians interfered in the US elections. His words of “damning evidence” of collusion with Russia, “more than circumstantial,” a scandal of a size “beyond Watergate” had poisoned Russo-American relations, and made Trump presidency a lame duck from the first moment.
Adam Schiff is so dishonest and unfair that even the WSJ noted his innovation in law. “Is it an impeachable offense for a president to resist impeachment? House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told CNN last week that White House officials’ refusal to testify in his committee’s impeachment probe could lead to “obstruction of Congress” charges against President Trump.” Perhaps, after all, Adam Schiff is a relative to another swindler, Irwin Schiff, who died in federal prison in 2015 while he was serving a 13 years sentence for tax evasion. (Probably it is anti-Semitic to mention the old canard that some Jews could be swindlers, but we’d dare anyway).
The chief interrogator Daniel Sachs Goldman has an excellent pedigree for a Jewish macher (wheeler dealer). He went to the school “President Barack Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia attended, as well as Chelsea Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden’s grandchildren, Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia and Theodore Roosevelt’s son Archibald”. His wife is a Vice President of Goldman Sachs Bank, the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity”, in the famous words of Matt Taibbi. His family had established a special program called The Birthright-Taglit. The name implies that every Jew has a birthright for the land of Palestine, as opposed to its natives. The program allows American Jewish youths to make a free (courtesy of US taxpayer) trip to Israel, to meet other Jewish young men and girls and to fight intermarriage by marrying within the tribe. That’s right, you are forbidden to approve of such racist measures, but Jews are allowed to run it as a tax-exempt charity.
Daniel Sachs Goldman’s family is also a founder of New Israel Fund, another tax-exempt, that directs money saved from the US tax authorities (where it could reach goyim) towards Jews-only purposes.
George Soros is another prominent Jewish participant in the impeachment proceedings. The old reptilian is so ugly that our soul (being naturally Wildean) feels he is immoral, too. The facts on the ground confirm this premonition. If the Ukraine had been turned from a jolly rotund East European country into pale grim disaster area, he is partly responsible.
While the impeachment deals with Trump’s alleged interference in the Ukraine, the case of Trump enemies’ interference in the Ukraine is open and shut. They interfered so rudely in the dealings of the ostensibly sovereign state, that they had a joke among themselves: “The Vienna Convention is optional for our Kiev staff”. The Vienna Convention is the international agreement forbidding the diplomats to meddle in the internal affairs of the state they are posted at.
Some of this meddling had been done by and for Joe Biden, who robbed the Ukrainian state of ample funds; George Soros had been another beneficiary of the State Department activity.
He has a few NGOs there, and the US Embassy under the Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch (another accuser of Trump) actively shilled for them. John Solomon discovered that one of the witnesses for the prosecution in the impeachment hearings, then-embassy Charge d’ Affaires George Kent (now he has risen to the lofty position of the Assistant Secretary of State) demanded from the Ukrainian authorities to drop investigation of Soros’ own NGO, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC). Moreover, on March 5, 2019, Ambassador Yovanovitch had delivered a speech asking for “Ukraine’s special anticorruption prosecutor to be removed.” And this woman dares to speak of Trump’s interference!
George Soros had a regular access to the Ukrainian desk of the State Department, to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria (“F*ck EU”) Nuland. It is difficult to separate between the twain, for the AntAC had been jointly funded by the State Department and George Soros. But George Soros is untouchable, for the ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt already determined that “Invoking Soros … is trafficking in some of the worst anti-Semitic tropes.”
A former Federal Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova committed this grievous crime, when he said on the Fox News that George Soros had a daily opportunity to tell the State Department through Victoria Nuland what to do in Ukraine. “Soros ran it. He corrupted FBI officials, he corrupted foreign service officers. George Soros wants to run Ukraine and he’s doing everything he can to use every lever of the United States government to make that happen.” DiGenova didn’t mention Jewishness of Soros or of his friend Nuland; it was not necessary. An attack on George Soros is an
attack on Jews the world over, concluded a knowledgeable observer.
Joe DiGenova indeed is guilty, but of understatement. George Soros wants to run Ukraine, he said. The Ukraine is a small though profitable part of the world Soros and his companions-in-arms want to run. The US is the more important part, and by running it, they can get the Ukraine for a side dish.
The impeachment indeed became an important affair, not as a threat to President Trump, but because it revealed the modus operandi of the liberal Jews. It would be better if instead of Donald Trump their opponent would be a shining knight on a white charger. But we’ve got what we’ve got. These guys should be stopped, and if Trump will do it, bless him.
His tactics of bribing Jews with rich gifts of Palestinian patrimony are immoral, and I doubt they will be effective. Probably if he were to call for justice and equality for Palestine he would not have a chance of snowball in hell. By dividing his enemies between Zionists and Liberals, he improves his chances, or so he thinks.
For people who cherish and treasure Palestine like I do this is a hard choice. Liberal Jews sound nicer; they speak against Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; they condemn Israeli shelling of Gaza and Syria. But we had a long experience of their ascendancy: they do preciously nothing for Palestine and they allow Israel to commit all possible crimes. A condemnation is not good enough if the flow of weapons and finances is not affected.
The Jews are used to play for both teams, and win twice. By going into absolutely forbidden, no-go area of seeing the impeachment team as a Jewish team, this game may be changed. If and when Capitol Hill will be free from occupation, the time for freedom of Jerusalem will also come.
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This article was first published at The Unz Review

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.

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    Dear Mr Rothschild, please send us some new politicians, the ones you and the israel lobby already sent, are not fit for purpose.
    Thanks the people

  2. When It Comes to Jewish Connections, Trump Trumps His GOP Competitors

    Not only is the outspoken Republican U.S. presidential candidate’s right-hand man a Jewish lawyer, but Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism.

    The article below reveals Donald Trump is a longstanding member of the satanic Masonic Jewish conspiracy that afflicts society: “Donald Trump is nothing less than a sideshow and a counterfeit medieval medicine man offering cheap miracle and ILLUSIONARY fixes for America’s problems here and abroad.”

    A Moroccan Kabbalist in the White House: Understanding the Relationship between Jared Kushner and Moroccan Jewish Mysticism
    “Simply being associated with an accused pedophile does not make one a pedophile,” but allow me to continue before you close this article.

  3. The bible tells us man cannot serve two masters, as he will love one and hate the other
    Trump was elected to serve the USA, so if he is really serving israel as in the pic
    he will be hating the USA the same as the clintons and upyourbumma.
    Trump should not be doing this in israel

  4. The Donald is a salesman and I am comfortable in saying he is one of the best salesmen in the world. Trump has convinced hard core Republicans that he is a Republican,  an extremely successful businessman and a devout “Christian ” Zionist. Not bad for a lifelong Democrat who did not even change his voter registration until after he was running for president.  Not bad for a Talmudic Kabbalahist who had his own Kabbalah teacher from a young age. As for his being a successful businessman…..well the information in the links below speak to that. 

    Is Trump a good businessman

    You’ve Been Trumped

    I am not sure if I am more amazed or disgusted at the people who are usually known as ” truthers”, that still defend Trump, blaming the “deep state” for decisions he makes.  They believe that this man, who can not put together a sentence better then a second grader, is smart enough to conjure up some sort of master plan to outsmart the ” deep state” and become the hero of the world.  I actually read a comment claiming Trump was bringing back the gold standard!  Seriously??  I explained to her that required the USG having gold, which is missing.  SMH 

    IMO, Trump was selected to finish what Bush & Obama started.  Watch the videos below. He has no power, he is a puppet, but a narcissistic puppet that needs to be convinced he is really in charge.  He is the personal btch of Netanutjob and Sheldon Adelson and such a loser in real life that he thrives on being the center of attention.   And like his fellow tribal members, he loves getting awards of recognition.  Regardless of how pathetically fake & ridiculous the ” awards” are.  Like an academy for the White Helmets. 

    Check the links below.

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    This is my 1st time to visit your webpage & I can tell I will be back to catch up on all the great articles  you have posted. I hope you don’t mind the long comment & my posting links. 

  5. The cast is tribal, another jew show to sedate us with the proposition that there could ever be any justice operated within the halls of global puppet power. Supposedly an investigation will reveal some wrong doing-but don’t ask the jewish actors to investigate Bibi on 9/11 by asking what exactly he was doing in NYC that day when his government had foreknowledge of fireworks at the twin towers. What was he in town for, exactly, and why would such a great friend (sic) of America and Trump not say a thing to warn anyone while his nation’s intelligence services were in place rolling film? Nah, that is not the kind of investigation a jew would want to open since it would show the nation of the jewish people is a backstabbing liar only out for itself. If stupid Donald, who well could have also had foreknowledge, circumstantially from his book text, and his association with Giuliani, Silverstein and Netanyahu, cut off his right hand for Israel it would mean nothing to the tribe. He’s just a damn gentile at the end of the day. Sucker.
    You’re telling me, Shamir, you think any made man in the mafia is going to stand in the way of zion and fight them for survival of his nation? I really don’t believe that. They are all just in a screenplay now.
    We all know there are no political alternatives in any politician above maybe town mayor. Better start with 9/11 Truth, you kosher investigators, if you want a political solution to America on the ropes being pummeled by the doomed big men as their three millenia bitch slapping the world comes to a screaming halt at the feet of public credit.

  6. Look….Trump is a crypto jew….this stuff by Shamir is yet more disinformation…..Trump shifted the embassy and recognised the Golan Heights….to help his fellow tribesmen….
    He has not locked up Hillary or built “the wall” for much the same reason….he is a jew and a fake.
    Shamir is a fake…..he exists to mislead…surprise!!.

  7. The Truthseeker… about publishing my comment on the Jewish fake Shamir… wont do that because YOU are fake….no wonder all your pseudo article writers are Jews…..

  8. Trump is going to learn that no matter how much you give to the zionist bolsheviks they still want more and more, until they have milked you dry and then they are going to purge you!

  9. We wont publish your comments about “Jewish fake Shamir” because they insult and deride him. Although we don’t always agree with him, we admire and respect Israel Shamir. Like Irving, Shamir has taken a lot of flack for his views. At one time his reports featured in the London Times. They don’t anymore because of his views on Israel and Zionism. As far as we are concened that confirms his authenticity.

  10. I’m not trashing Shamir, but I never fell for Trump hopium, nor Obama, Clitnon or Raygun, all galvanizing fakes caught in a tribal web of deceit. The last sovereign money out of the US was grounds for assassination. Trump has never even had the slightest thought about unseating the tribal money because first he is not intellectual enough to understand central banking and national sovereignty, but legally, under the Constitution it is not his business, it is the bribed Congress’ fiefdom. The setup of the US as a corporation is irrelevent because the original nation was flawed in not banning tribal money by law, which it seemed in the 1750s the colonies understood, including their masonic cadre. Nope, had to format a judaic colony hive mind with kosher money at the head of the pyramid. Who pays the piper calls the tune.
    Shamir in his article spoke alot of necessary truth. Vespasian is also on the right track insofar as Trump is fake, just like Obama and all the rest of the puppets.
    Kudos to Truthseeker for consistently publishing me and not censoring. Whether Drumpf is a crypto like FD Rosenfeld deserves an article some time.

  11. Good comments! As for Rixon, the truth or logic that you state may be correct, but remember the Zios (whether real or crypto/fake) will also throw you some bones of truth to mislead you. Someone like Gilad Atzmon comes to mind. Despite those few bones of truth, the ultimate goal is still deceit. Mossad motto, “By way of deception, we do war!” Remember deception can also mean some bones of truth. Whether deception or bones of truth, you must follow where the breadcrumbs take you and then see what the result is. Always think of it like this: statement – truth/lie – truth (yes/no) or lie (yes/no), the result/ interim goal (not endgame). Thus you end up with a flowchart / logic tree, that gives you the interim goal.. Norman Finkelstein (a Jew), who has not been heard from for a long, argued against fellow Jews and their Holocaust Racket in this way. Norman beat them every time at their own game and thus they stopped fighting him. By not fighting him they basically shut him down. Like Shakespeare said, “Thou protest too much!” This is why Climate change believers never argue about climate change with science, because it shouts down the scientific reasons against climate change. Climate change is all about politics and emotion – fear.