Alex Salmond appears in court accused of 14 sex offences against 10 women

Manchester Evening Post – Nov 21, 2019

Alex Salmond with Ruport Murdoch (left) pictured at a rally during the the Scottish Independence campaign. Click to enlarge

Alex Salmond has pleaded not guilty to 14 sex offence charges, including the attempted rape of a woman during the Scottish independence referendum campaign.

The former first minister of Scotland appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh today to face allegations of 14 offences against 10 women.

He denies all the allegations.

The charges include one of attempted rape, 11 of sexual assault – including one with intent to rape – and two of indecent assault.

They span a period between June 29, 2008, and November 11, 2014, with one sexual assault alleged to have taken place in the month of the historic independence referendum.

The 64-year-old is accused of attempting to rape a woman at Bute House, the official residence of the first minister in Edinburgh, in June 2014.

The indictment alleges that he placed her legs over his, repeatedly kissed her face and neck, groped her, then blocked her path.

Salmond is then said to have pinned her against a wall, pulled at her clothes and stripped himself naked before trying to rape her on a bed.

The former MP is also accused of sexually assaulting a woman with intent to rape in December 2013.

He is alleged to have forced a woman to lie on his bed then pulled up her dress with intent to rape her.

Both incidents were said to have taken place between the date of the Edinburgh Agreement in 2012 and the day of the independence vote in September 2014.

The first of the charges involved incidents where Salmond allegedly indecently assaulted a woman by kissing her mouth and groping her on various occasions around Glasgow between June 29, 2008, and July 24, 2008.

It is also alleged he sexually assaulted a woman on various occasions between May 2011 and June 2013 at the Scottish Parliament, Bute House and elsewhere by touching her bottom and stroking other parts of her body.

Salmond – who was Scotland’s first minister from 2007 to 2014 – is also accused of taking off a woman’s shoe and trying to kiss her foot in October 2013.

The indictment states that in September 2014, Salmond grabbed a woman by her shoulders at Bute House, repeatedly kissed her face, tried to kiss her lips and touched her leg and face.

Several charges involved the accused allegedly groping women, including one incident at the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in Glasgow in March 2012.

Gordon Jackson QC, representing Salmond, said his client denied the allegations.

Judge Lady Dorrian continued the preliminary hearing until January 22 and set a trial date for March 9, which is expected to last four weeks.

Speaking outside court after the hearing, Salmond said he would defend himself “vigorously” during the trial.

“I’m not permitted to say too much today save that we’ve launched our defence statement with the court,” he said.

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5 responses to “Alex Salmond appears in court accused of 14 sex offences against 10 women”

  1. Is this another of these setups by evil “engleezie bastardos” because the engleezies will have to store their NUKES in englander places. Like the disused hangers at Lyneham ? So discredit Mr. Salmond to get him out of the way. Well I am sure that there is not a skotty that believes this englander SHYT !

  2. I live in Scotland. My ancesters were Scottish and I tend to believe this. Why? Because FOUR DIFFERENT WOMEN have accused Salmond of sexual impropriety, at least two of whom either worked for the Scottish Nationlist Party or for the Scottish parliament. More importantly, Salmond’s wife is TWENTY YEARS OLDER THAN HIM. He married her when he worked for the Bank Of Scotland and she was his boss!!

    So he married a banker in order to get ahead. This speaks volumes about the man.

    No doubt his wife has lost any sexual appeal she might have had so he’s looking elsewhere.

    Don’t let your own prejudice (against the English) blind you to what should be obvious.

  3. Probably guilty. Its nice to get things cleaned up, but this is only the tip of the ice berg as is the Epstein/Mossad operation. Think of what the main function of our intelligence agencies has turned into. They are in the business of snooping, entrapment and blackmail. Think about how many dirty little secrets they have on everyone with any stature. If some minister has an affair on the side, they have him with his pants down. But that kind of control is not enough. They have to have more and so they turn their attention to the rest of us.

  4. While I am no fan of the SNP, Alex or Sturgeon for that matter…
    Salmond is a prominent male personage ripe for attack by the metoo squad, some of whom have sold themselves to men for advancement, become enriched and then moan about it later…
    How can prostitutes moan about a quid pro quo, fair exchange is no robbery but it still works to attack men.
    Maybe He did, maybe He didn’t, maybe it is exaggerated.
    Sturgeon knew about these historic allegations yet did not say a dicky bird. Sturgeon is now in trouble for abuse of email (think Hillary Clinton) and the court has warned the SNP NOT to shred evidence….

  5. Hereby the Scottish people are signalled: independence from Good Old England?
    No way.
    IMO people in high positions and government, military, etc are choosen while they have “some dirt” on them so they can be manipulated and carry out the wished (demands and orders) of the puppetmasters.