New Epstein Accuser Urges Prince to Speak to FBI

Epstein accuser who was ‘assaulted by his female associate’ says the financier used Prince Andrew as BAIT to get her to his private island when she was 15 – and urges the Duke of York to speak to the FBI

  • A Jeffrey Epstein accuser, 31, has filed a lawsuit against the pedophile’s estate   
  • The victim, who did not give her name and goes by Jane Doe 15,  spoke publicly for the first time at a news conference Monday in Los Angeles
  • She wore beaded bracelets that spelled out: ‘Epstein did not kill himself’  
  • The victim says she was 15 when a female associate of Epstein began grooming her for sex with him by gifting her an iPod 
  • She said she was whisked off in Epstein’s private jet to his ranch in New Mexico with a group of other girls and was abused by the financier and an associate 
  • She said Epstein tried to bait her to his place in the U.S. Virgin Islands by saying Prince Andrew would be there
  • Prince Andrew has denied any involvement in Epstein’s sex trafficking 
  • Jane Doe 15 urged Prince Andrew  ‘help the survivors’ and speak to the FBI
  • She’s represented by Gloria Allred, who is representing other Epstein accusers 
  • The victim was one of a string of Epstein accusers who shared impact statements in New York federal court in August 2019 after Epstein’s death 

Jane Doe 15. Click to enlarge

Marlene Lenthang – Nov 18, 2019

A woman who claims she was trafficked and abused by Jeffrey Epstein when she was just 15 years old is speaking publicly for the first time to announce that she’s launching a lawsuit against the late millionaire pedophile’s estate.

The bombshell lawsuit was announced in a press conference held by feminist lawyer Gloria Allred in Los Angeles on Monday against Epstein’s estate in New York.

The 31-year-old victim, who did not give her name and goes by Jane Doe 15, had never spoken in public prior to this news conference. Her lawyer released pictures of her client at the age of 15, when she was allegedly targeted by the financier.

The victim says she was just 15 when a female associate of Epstein began grooming her for sex with Epstein by gifting her an iPod. The associate then sexually assaulted her at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch before passing her off to the millionaire, according to the New York Post.

Jane Doe 15 was seen wearing bracelets that spelled out “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. Click to enlarge

After the alleged abuse Epstein invited her to his estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands, luring her by saying Prince Andrew would be there, but Jane Doe 15 declined.

Though the Duke of York has been accused of having sex with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts at Epstein’s island estate, there is no evidence that Prince Andrew would have been there when Jane Doe 15 was invited.

The lawsuit is against Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, the executors of Epstein’s estate for undisclosed monetary damages.

Jane Doe 15 was one of a string of Epstein accusers who provided an impact statement in federal court in New York in August 2019, when the judge invited victims to court to provide their statements after Epstein’s sudden death.

‘Jane Doe 15 is clearly a victim of child sexual abuse. She does not wish to disclose her true name. Nevertheless she wishes to speak out on what she suffered upon meeting Epstein and those who were employed by him,’ Allred said at the press conference Monday.

Jane Doe 15 says she met Epstein in 2004 during a high school drama club trip to New York City.

‘Jeffrey Epstein started his targeted grooming and manipulation of me as a child when I was in New York City for a school trip. I first came into contact with an assistant of Epstein’s while on a high school drama club field trip to New York City,’ Jane Doe 15 said at the press conference.

‘I was invited to his home. There his assistant took a photo of me and later reached out to me inviting me to Epstein’s ranch. I only knew Jeffrey Epstein for five days,’ she added.

She went to Epstein’s massive Zorro Ranch compound in New Mexico, whisked on his private plane along with numerous other girls.

During the flight there, Epstein gave the the victim a tour of his plane, first starting in the bedroom, according to the lawsuit.

‘Epstein explained to Jane Doe 15 that, when he slept on the bed, he liked to have women sleep at his feet,’ the lawsuit states.

‘Jane Doe 15 again felt enormously confused, and did not understand what Epstein was saying or why he was telling her this. Epstein’s description of the women sleeping around him on the floor made her immediately think of slaves,’ the lawsuit added.

After she chose her seat on the flight, Epstein name-dropped Bill Clinton saying he always chose to sit there as well ‘as if to reassure me of the elite normalcy of that kind of behavior’.

Epstein’s island home. Click to enlarge

‘Jane Doe 15 found her interactions with Epstein on the plane strange. But she recognized one of the other girls on the plane as a model who had been on a magazine cover that month,’ the complaint states.

‘Jane Doe 15 remembers finding that reassuring, and thinking, “If she’s here, it must be ok,”‘ the lawsuit adds.

Once the flight landed at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, one of Epstein’s female associates, described as a woman with red hair, told the teenager that Epstein really liked her, according to the lawsuit.

That woman then asked the girl about her sexual history. The next day she summoned her to the main house on the ranch for a massage.

‘Without Jane Doe 15’s consent, the woman proceeded to use her tongue to “massage” Jane Doe 15, focusing primarily on Jane Doe 15’s vagina and anus,’ the court paper said. ‘The redhaired woman – Epstein’s agent – then told Jane Doe 15 that Epstein really wanted to give Jane Doe 15 an orgasm.’

The next day Jane Doe 15 was summoned to Epstein’s room where the financier was waiting in a bathrobe. He allegedly exposed his penis and pulled out a vibrator, which he then used to assault her with until she faked an orgasm and he stopped, according to the lawsuit.

‘Epstein then walked Jane Doe 15 over to the window of the bedroom. He told her how amazing a first orgasm is, and he pointed out to the desert and told her that he wanted to show her how beautiful the world is,’ court documents say.

The following day he gave her a new pair of underwear and photographed her in them until she started to hyperventilate, the lawsuit states. He then noticed and led her through breathing exercises and then started to talk about school with her.

‘She explained that she wants to study biochemistry at a specific college,’ the documents said. ‘Epstein conveyed to Jane Doe 15 that he wanted to help her achieve that goal, and he presented her with a check for $5,000 to give to the college. He also gave her several hundred dollars in cash.’

After the ranch visit, Jane Doe 15 declined subsequent invitations to join Epstein at his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the lawsuit states. She was allegedly told Prince Andrew would be a guest there.

‘I left Zorro Ranch with a deep sense of shame. Not just the shame of him having sexually abused me but the shame of knowing that I had somehow been duped. It was the weight of Epstein’s wealth, the isolation to which he subjected me and the discussion of his social connections that crushed me into submission far more than his physical strength,’ Jane Doe 15 said at the press conference.

She said the financier ‘took my sexual innocence in front of a wall of framed photographs of him shaking hands and smiling with celebrities and political leaders.’

In the press conference the victim urged Prince Andrew to voluntarily speak to the FBI and the public to become aware of Epstein’s crimes.

‘I’m here today to ask that when you hear about the crimes committed against me and other victims, you don’t feel sorry or bad for us. But that you feel angry. Jeffrey Epstein was only a small part of an insidious system of privilege that exploits children as sexual commodities and robs them of their youth,’ Jane Doe 15 said.

‘Just because Epstein is dead doesn’t mean the others around him don’t deserve their day in court as well,’ she said.

Though she did not make allegations against Prince Andrew directly, she said the royal and ‘any other who are close to Epstein should come forward and give a statement under oath on what information they have.’

‘Given that he appears to deny what has been alleged against him, then I think he should make arrangements to speak to law enforcement as soon as possible,’ Jane Doe 15 said.

She added that coming forward would ‘help survivors’ and the Duke of York could ‘set an example’.

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  1. In the newsheadline:

    “Jeffrey Epstein death: Jail guards charged for botching safety checks”

    should read “Guards who witnessed Epstein Murder/Release are Deleted”

    Those two poor shmucks will never see the light of day again as the coverup continues.

    Talking to the FBI is a very dangerous thing to do. Anyone having any evidence the counters the official narrative are in grave danger.

  2. New York Post story: “Jane Doe (15) and Gloria Allred along with two unnamed Epstein guards were spotted wearing concrete shoes in a small rowboat in New York Harbor today. Onlookers were puzzled why they suddenly dived overboard in freezing cold water”

    Prince Andrew was reached for comment, “This is a terrible tragedy and we should all pray for their souls an insist on justice for all”.

  3. Read this morning:

    Can someone please guide the NZ Herald to this article:

    May the hounds of Heaven root out the evildoers!