More 5G Tree Deaths in Gateshead

CLC News – July 23, 2019

4 responses to “More 5G Tree Deaths in Gateshead”

  1. What’s the problem?? It’s only half a tree! Small price to pay for the convenience of having a smart fridge that can order milk digitally don’t you think?
    PS I’m being sarcastic. Can you imagine what that pollution is doing to the people??

  2. It’s coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The government knows the dangers as do their counterparts in the US. Some cities in Europe have had the sense to ban this terribly destructive 5G but not here. And even as people die and suffer physical disabilities and mental retardation from birth our government will not stop it. And in the next few years there will be 6G followed by 7G etc. Ahhh, progress!

  3. You need other more convincing examples or the anti-5G movement will fizzle. Was the tree like that before 5G was installed? We have a cheery tree in our backyard which is half dead as well and there is no tower around it.

    However, if 5G is a problem and your corrupt government bureaucracies keep ramming them down your throats (and they are all corrupt right from building inspectors all the way up the ladder) you are just going to have to get rid of them as well as the bureaucrats.

  4. I have just watched the above video by the guy with a funny accent (English)? As he talks and walks around the tree pointing out the dead side with the living side – nice healthy leaves on one side nothing on the other side (dried trunk and branches). He claims 5G technology is responsible for the damage. If he is right then what the f..k is that (5G) doing to his brain?
    I believe he must be partially brain dead due to 5G technology (much like the tree). A healthy person with a working brain would immediately destroy that 5G Post standing near the tree and then he can claim he was brain dead, saved the world and got on with his life gardening and searching out locations of other 5G towers and destroy them too. Looks like this guy is doing us a favor. A great idea would be to round up all those genocidal POLITICIANS and tie them to that tree to test his theory on 5G and see if half of them are dead over a weekend as he does his gardening.