Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil

DenierBud – Codoh.com Nov 13, 2019

Buchenwald has been portrayed by orthodox historians as the most-evil of German work camps. See this video to know the other side of the story. This video was made and narrated by DenierBud.


See the full length video here …

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  1. I bought a pamphlet from a boot fair where a chap was selling deceased effects
    it showed these lampshades chair backs and wallets made for SS men from human skin
    human bones made into childs chairs shrunken heads and jars of human fat
    at that time i did beleive it all, what got me thinking was the book written by a jewess who claimed she hid out the war in the Aushwitz laundry, a laundry ? why would they have one if it was a death camp ?
    This started me off and it was not long before i realised the whole holocaust myth was to hide up the awful crimes of the allies.
    I put my pamphlet in the bin, it was prints by united synagogues
    VERDICT – Holocaust=Bollox

  2. After years of Holocaust indoctrination which I whole heatedly believed, I decided to go on my own quest. And my conclusion is that the 6 million is a hoax. Yes we all know Hitler was a very bad man, but compare him to Churchill who starved 3 million Indians to death and firebombed German civilians. The nuclear bomb test on 2 Japanese cites which had no military significance. And of course Stalin with his Gulags.

    Now, I am hard pressed to tell the difference between the Allies and the Axis. We went to war because Germany invaded a part of Poland (which was German before WW1). OK. But after the war? Russia invaded the whole of Poland and Eastern Europe.
    We did nothing, and it can’t be because the USA was tired of war as they have had nothing but war ever since.

  3. Bollox is a vast understatement, we are so unbelievably fucking dead-sick of this insane, psychopathic sick SECT called Judaism

  4. blake foote, If you had ever met a german who was around at the time Hitler was alive you would very likely have been be told an entirely different story than that which the World at large has been told by the zionist controlled media. Hitler was under the control of the zionists but decided to run Germany his own way i.e he ditched their money system and issued his own type of money. After this Germany became a totally different country and the zionists declared war on him.

  5. WE did not go to war with Germany over Poland
    the British view was that Poland needed defending from the Soviets, not the Germans
    but when Hitler dared to take the finaces away from the jews, thats the real reason
    and its also the eason for the coming wars on N korea and Iran, how dare they not alow in rothschild banking ? what amuses me is these idiots who join the forces not knowing they are giving their lives for the jews

  6. Watch “HELLSTORM” https://www.bitchute.com/video/17nypWABfsmu/ to see how the “Allies” behaved

  7. @ andy carter

    Zyklon-B was used to fumigate clothing for lice in the laundry.

    The German Delousing Chambers Today at the former German concentration camp at Dachau, it is no longer claimed that Jews or anyone else were ever killed in the gas chamber there. In the room that is supposedly a gas chamber, one can clearly read a sign written by the museum authorities in five languages which says, “THE GAS CHAMBER disguised as a ‘shower room’ –- never used as a gas chamber.”[1] Although the room was completed in 1942, it was never used for its intended purpose -– presumably, it was used for other purposes; perhaps it was used as a shower room after all.
    At the western end of the crematorium building which houses the so-called gas chamber “disguised as a shower room,” one can today see and walk through four delousing chambers which were used to fumigate clothing.[2] The only explanation regarding these chambers is a sign above them, also in five languages, which simply says “Fumigation cubicles” in English and Desinfektionskammern in German. There is no mention anywhere within the camp of the important fact that these chambers used Zyklon-B to fumigate clothing as well as other articles placed within the chambers. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v07/v07p-73_Berg.html

    Disinfection Building at Auschwitz-Birkenau There are two buildings located on the south side of the Birkenau camp, which were used to delouse the prisoners’ clothing with Zyklon-B https://www.scrapbookpages.com/AuschwitzScrapbook/Tour/Birkenau/DisinfectionBuilding.html

    A Short History of Zyklon B on the US-Mexican Border
    Zyklon B came to El Paso in the 1920s. In 1929, for example, a U.S. Public Health Service officer, J.R. Hurley, ordered $25 worth of the material–hydrocyanic acid in pellet form–as a fumigating agent for use at the El Paso delousing station, where Mexicans crossed the border from Juárez. Zyklon, developed by DEGESCH (the German Vermin-combating Corporation) was made in varying strengths, with Zyklon C, D and E representing gradations in potency and price. https://www.counterpunch.org/2016/03/18/a-short-history-of-zyklon-b-on-the-us-mexican-border-please-dont-share-with-donald-trump/

  8. This video, though seemingly trivialising the problem, should (imho) be shared far and wide.


    The Rothschild bankers MUST be disempowered if Humanity – and our world – is to have a future.