The Zionist Path to NWO – US Imperialism — Nov 16, 2019

Humanity has a choice between a Communist (Left, globalism) and Zionist (Right, nationalism) path to world government Rothschild tyranny, aka “globalism.”
The Communist path is epitomized by George Soros and everything he epitomizes ( Satanism, EU, gender dysphoria, migration.)
If Neocon Thomas Barnett’s Pentagon’s New Path (2004) is any indication, US imperialism is the hod carrier for Zionist NWO.
Ultimately, the goal may be to start a world war between the Communists (Russia, China, Iran & EU?) and the Zionists (US, UK, & Israel?)
Irrational people who will fight against this “mingling of races”, and put up any resistance against the global world order, should be killed.”
Thomas P.M. Barnett, ex-director of the Israeli military consultancy ‘Wikistrat’ in his book ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ 2004

The Barnett Plan: The Pentagon’s Dead-End Map for Neocon Globalism

by Russ Winter — (abridged by 

The so-called Barnett Plan, described in the book “The Pentagon’s New Map” by Thomas Barnett, is a continuation of the New World Order (aka New Underworld Order) plan of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. I will dissect my own reading of this unfortunately influential but God awful book [.pdf is here]. Barnett was asked by the United States Air Force to give the indoctrination presentation to every new officer who attained the rank of general.
Barnett presently is chief analyst for the Israeli geostrategic analysis think tank Wikistrat. Whodathunk — and another rabbit-hole topic in itself.
Barnett provided a precise strategy for establishing what will appear to the masses as a global socialist “democracy.” But in reality, this will be a global kakistocracy that will inevitably evolve into Illuminist global tyranny.
Thomas_Barnett.jpg  Furthermore, Barnett, left, sees the U.S. military sistema as the linchpin to carry out the New Underworld Order (NUO). Underlying this is drinking the Kool-Aid that the United States in its current, quite Satanic, Disney-like, clown world construct has something to offer to people living in what Barnett calls “the Gap.”


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6 responses to “The Zionist Path to NWO – US Imperialism”

    As rule I do not have much time for conspiracy theories, but something happened that defies any other explanation.
    At the Thanksgiving family get together, we all chat about just everything.
    My brother normally stays fairly silent as he has a stressful job as a senior F.B.I. agent,
    but he looked so stressed as he continually knocked back bourbon and tonics, while the veins stood out on his temples, as they always do when he is very worried.
    I asked him if he needed to talk, and he said it was something so secret that the whole free world was at stake, he told me that when he guarded the safety of the president of the United States, it filled him with pride and honour, yet he would go mad if he kept it to himself.
    I thought he may burst into tears, so gently took him by the elbow and guided him to a quiet corner and said “come on fire away”
    What transpired was to make my blood run cold,
    He blurted out that he would lay down his life for his president, but could never talk about what had happened.
    I pressed him gently to tell, and the knowledge he imparted shook me so badly.
    What transpired was the president wanted a photo opportunity to be seen as an animal lover before the election, and decided to visit the zoo.
    My brother who is one of the F.B.I. men who guard the president, said they stood and smiled by the cage as the keeper fed the monkeys.
    The keeper opened the cage door to throw in the feed, and that is when it happened.
    The monkey somehow slipped away and in the confusion, god forgive me for taking my eye off the ball, in the confusion by mistake, the keepers bundled president Obama into the monkeys cage, well we continued on our tour, and unknowingly I was now guarding the escaped monkey,
    On the drive back to the white House he waved back as people waved at the presidential car, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
    The White House cook complained about the amount of bananas being eaten, and the constant baffling call of “warron terrr” none of the staff knew what this was until the boy who shines the shoes, and has a way with animals, interpreted this to mean, we must bomb Afghanstan Libya syria and Iraq, impound their money in foreign banks, steal their oil, and put in an Israeli friendly puppet leader, and of course kill as many people as possible.
    The Senate claim we are better off with things the way they are, but the zoo are complaining, they want their monkey back.

  2. Brilliant analogy fat freddy………..And probably not too far from the truth!!

  3. Makow’s entire article is worth reading. It is linked to the Winter Watch site which until now I was unaware of. To see what is going one and know how monstrous are the evils I am sure most people do not care to know as they can handle only so much negativity and dissonance regarding their views of our establishment – actually made up of the elites in our government bureaucracies, entire government departments, intelligence agencies, politicians, legislatures, UN NGO’s, the financial system, the corporatocracy, the media, the entertainment and propaganda industries. As they continue to suppress the truth and shut down site after site, it seems overwhelming even to try to fight back. However, if we don’t there will be nothing left to fight for in the washed-out, depraved life styles the Godless lot is converting the the majority of people to accept as the norm.

    Yet, they who regard us as the enemy and everywhere use divide-&-conquer tactics,
    all manner of deception and lies to conquer other nations, AND US, are a distinct minority, and they themselves are already fragmented entities both on a personal level, and as a core of establishment elites. The money barons clutch on to their wealth and are deathly afraid of losing it and so they obey and they command obedience through the money-chain of command, knowing that if the economic boat is rocked too much they are the ones the hungry crew will throw overboard first. The government bureaucrats are even more vulnerable as they require an ever-growing tax base and subjugation to policies which could be overturned any minute and yet they would hold all of the blame for any wrong doing. The elites have to stand together but are really always at each other’s throats. They have to try to hold all the contradictory sham measures together:
    borderless nations;
    mass migrations to spread out the low-cost labor pool;
    balancing the books when they have long been thrown away,
    colonial nationalism and corporate plundering;
    cultural Marxism;
    birth dearth and demographic privation;
    etc., etc.
    These are the things they have instituted and are responsible for and they are deathly afraid of POPULISM AND THE PEOPLE RISING UP AND TAKING BACK CONTROL OF THEIR NATIONS AND THEIR LIVES.

  4. Give Fat Freddy a brazillion dollars and charge it to Obama 🙂 🙂 That’s the best piece I’ve seen in weeks.

  5. There is a third path, restore freedom and liberty by outing the Jews. This is being done, and the motivating forces are 911 and the collapse of the nation due to Jewish rule. The Jews are reacting to the information being outed about them and they are trying to squash it, but are unable, the information has already gone viral. They are doomed and don’t even know it, like the fools they are they have put up the National Menorah and shoved it right in the face of Amerika.

    Jews are insane because they keep making the exact same mistake, they are so full of themselves that once they get power they boast about it, thus bringing on the inevitable and necessary reaction. I’m throwing a party the day Israel gets bombed off the map.

  6. “Ultimately, the goal may be to start a world war between the Communists (Russia, China, Iran & EU?) and the Zionists (US, UK, & Israel?)”

    Iran is counted among communists!? MEK the terrorist group that US loves, is essentially a communist group. They failed to have any share after Iran’s Islamic Revolution so they killed 17000 people on the streets of Tehran, any random man with beard and woman with hijab was target. They did a bomb attack in which Iran’s president along with many key figures were killed. Later they helped Saddam against Iran. In fact Iran’s supreme leader miraculously survived another of their bomb attacks, his right arm is completely disabled from back then. The famous Shiite scholar Motahari who would regularly defeat MEK communists in debates was shot dead on the street by these MEK scumbags. They even helped Saddam commit crazy atrocities in Iraq too. During Mersad operation MEK suffered a heavy defeat from IRGC. They are now led by that old which of a woman who paid John Bolton to attend their event. Only a monster would tolerate and deal with a monster. The lowest of the low have attracted one another and have all teamed up against Khomeini’s creation, the seed that he buried in Iran is now grown into a tall tree, no longer easy to chop it down.

    Anyways, Iran too contracted the virus of communism, but it was defeated inside Iran, today Iran has almost finished off the other bad disease namely Liberalism. After president Rohani you can be sure Iran will accelerate in growth in every way. No more Liberalism or Communism, just Nationalism and Core Shiite belief will remain, both can coexist so Iran’s energy will not go to waste dealing with internal friction.

    Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution had a main slogan: “Neither East nor West, but Islamic Republic”. Iran is a thing of its own, neither of the east nor of the west, if you ask me I would tell you it is the true Islam and the fruit of a long Shiite struggle throughout history, but many would disagree. No one can disagree with the fact that Iran has nothing to do with communism though.