Iran Military Capability 2019

Rumoaohepta – July 1, 2019

5 responses to “Iran Military Capability 2019”

  1. We in the UK are relying on Iran to bring israel to book for its crimes
    it wont be soon enough for me

  2. Little Satan should be punished for crimes against humanity.

    God bless Iran.

  3. The whole world is, never mind uk.

  4. have to agree Carry, Israel has to pay for everything they have perpetrated on the world and all i can say is fuck them i can’t till they’ve gone…

  5. Careful this video may be hasbara propaganda, i recall seeing the tunnel bit at the start before, where the picture of the Ayatollah is, there is an Israeli flag on the floor as the camera passes over it. Now the flag image is blurred, but you may be able to discern it, certainly the colours are there- light blue and white.