The full diversity package

Irish Savant – Nov 9, 2019

They were the ideal modern couple. White wife, black African husband, biracial child. Their friends and neighbours could see it. Spectrum News NY reported that “neighbors described the couple and their young daughter as ‘the perfect family’. They were lovely. Just a normal, every-day family. They were part of the community, they were involved with the block association'”. According to ABC 7 NY he was described as “a friendly and kind man who adored his wife and daughter”. Yes, anthropologist Jennifer Schlecht and her devoted husband Yonathan Tedla were living the woke American dream. Poster children for the new polyglot family.
They nonetheless – like all families I suppose – had their problems. To wit: “Schlecht was found decapitated, with her severed head resting in her lap. Her daughter suffered a cut so deep to her neck that she was partially beheaded. The five-year-old’s father was found hanging from a rope tied to a bedroom door”. Who could have imagined? Certainly not Schlecht given that she majored in anthropology, which is the scientific study of human behavior and society. This should have provided her with the ideal tool-set to evaluate inter-racial marriages. Especially those between blacks and Whites. You’d expect the very first semester to highlight that a White woman marrying a black man is eight times more likely to be killed by him than by a White husband. Not twice as likely, eight times.
But today universities are not about factual inquiry and learning. They’re about propaganda and indoctrination. So the highly-educated Schlecht would have had less meaningful understanding of black pathologies than would the trailer-park White women whom she secretly despised. Same reason that a White progressive ex-colleague of hers lamented “that she should die under such brutal circumstances is beyond understanding.” Well someone said that when you lie to others it can work. When you lie to yourself… pay. Nature has a way of dealing with such people.
The fantasy black men Schlecht saw in the media – cool, clever, masterful, wise, top jobs, devoted fathers and husbands – were just that. Fantasy figures. I can  imagine how she preened and virtue-signalled in front of her equally woke friends. As Pompidor Quixote (not his real name!) observed over at the Daily Stormer “Even her daughter’s name was diverse. She got to experience the full diversity package, beheading and all.”


6 responses to “The full diversity package”

  1. Aw, come on, Savant! This is just a big, unpleasant (((coincidence))). Diversity is (((our))) greatest strength. You know it and I know it! Quit complaining.

  2. Only degenerates don’t understand, or those who think lifes all about a good ride to satisfy their hedonistic life styles, a result of un Godly brainwashing, or those who think they’re improving their race by introducing into it curvier physical attributes and a degenerative exotic rhythm to their mundane western style lives. Which obviously loses it’s flavour by the time culprits gain a maturer sense of intelligence and experience the gazes of disgust by those of stronger morals and principles….It all boils down to degenerative thought patterns thanks to ZOG! When you understand “God created TRIBES and NATIONS so you may understand each other and not despise or be unjust to each other”.It means MAINTAIN Gods Wisdom of Creating different people, which he did as a test for mankind and to show He’s DIVERSE methods of testing mankind. Promoting the amalgamation of everyone into a single race, leads to the loss of healthy rivalry and competition, hence healthy competition to improve one’s race is removed. Everyone degenerates into lower intelligence and lesser spiritual ideals…If you marry into lower intelligence and refinement you breed imbeciles! Modern education is not deemed fit to be a criterion of judging intelligence quota. It’s the sophisticated intelligent culture of a race and it’s systems of humane justice attributed to appeasing God’s Order which truly show singular and collective intelligence along with all its cumulative skills…For that a society needs to be of a homogenous single ancestor to make it cohesive and for it to have a strong sense of duty and a sense of Oneness ….Diversity only creates non inclusiveness and diversions to Unity.

  3. Ah, the Ghost has it. I think that animals are smarter than gullible propagandized people. Animals follow the rule of like attracts like between male and female. Bears don’t mate with Lions and tigers. Not to be racist but nationalities exist to form nations. Jennifer, the anthropologist should have studied monkeys / chimps / apes to educate herself to the realities of the world. Unless there is real biblical LOVE involved, when it comes to marriage, whites should marry whites, blacks – blacks, orientals – orientals. If you marry outside your kind you might be the victim of an Honour-killing. To save face is a big deal in many cultures. Jennifer’s consulation is that she is in a better place now, but too bad she had to learn a lesson the hard way!

  4. About a year ago, I sat in a hospital waiting room, and saw a couple leaving with their new baby. She was white, probably late forties, early fifties, and had that “cat that got the cream” look, as she carried the child. He walked behind, black, well dressed, much younger. He behaved more like an obedient child than a husband..

  5. Ghost Who Walks
    Yupp Diversity is our strength, if you want to commit suicide, like that stupid bimbo !

  6. Diversity is not allowed in israel but they force it on us.
    Hans Eysenck who wrote 70 books on psychology was asked to do , a throrough series of tests his findings were that Backs were stronger physicaly but weaker mentally, schizophrenia bordeline persoanlites etc, an indiference to causing pain, and a 4 times higher likelihood of commiting crimes.
    Black men see it as a status symbol to have a white blonde woman, many white women get attacked and beated by blacks for saying ” NO ”
    the TV personality Katie Piper is just one of many
    the fact is that black men do not stay with their partners, and huge numbers of miced race kids have no fathers