A Successful Coup Against Trump Will Murder American Democracy

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org Nov 7, 2019

President Trump calls it a witch hunt, but it really is a coup against American democracy. The Democrats who want Trump impeached don’t realize this. They just want Trump impeached because they don’t like him. The impeach Trump people don’t understand that if the coup against the elected president succeeds, every future president will know that if he attempts to “drain the swamp” or bring any changes not acceptable to the ruling elite, he, too, will be destroyed. Voters who want real change will also get the message and give up trying to elect a president or members of the House and Senate who will be responsive to voters. It will mean the end of democracy and accountable government. Unhindered rule by the Deep State and associated elites will take democracy’s place.

It is unfortunate that progressives do not understand this. Progressives want real change and Trump impeached, but these desires are at variance with one another.

Few, if any, of the impeach Trump crowd are paying any attention to the fabricated case against Trump that has taken the place of the Russiagate fabrication that failed. They could not care less what the case is or whether it is a fabrication. Dislike of Trump suffices.

Nevertheless, let’s look at the fabricated case.

First of all, the alleged whistleblower is not a legitimate whistleblower. He is Eric Ciaramella, a CIA officer with a second-hand complaint who met with House Intelligence (sic) chairman Adam Schiff a month ahead to orchestrate the event. Ciaramella served on Obama’s staff when VP Joe Biden was point man for Ukraine. Ciaramella also worked with CIA Director John Brennan, the architect of “Russiagate,” and with a Democratic National Committee operative who encouraged Ukraine officials to come up with dirt on President Trump.

All of this and more has caused the “whistleblower” to withdraw from testifying.

Desperate for a substitute, Democrats have come up with tainted career bureaucrats who favor military aid to Ukraine and a hard line toward Russia. Bill Taylor a US diplomat in Ukraine claims that Trump’s ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, said that US military aid to Ukraine was conditional on Ukraine reopening the government’s investigation into the Ukrainian company, Burisma, an investigation that VP Joe Biden had closed down. Burisma is the company that paid as much as $1.75 million to Biden and his son.

Taylor claims that another bureaucrat, Tim Morrison, told him that Sondland communicated the “quid pro quo” to an aide to Zelensky.

Sondland rejects the claims by Taylor and Morrison.

A Ukrainian born rabid anti-Russian US Army officer serving on the National Security Council, Alexander Vindman, also offers two cents of unverified quid pro quo claims. Vindman’s motive seems to be that President Trump is inclined to follow a different policy toward Ukraine than Vindman prefers.

This is the extent of the case against Trump. Amazingly weak considering that Ukrainian president Zelensky has stated publicly that there was no quid pro quo and that the released transcript of the Trump-Zelensky conversation shows no quid pro quo.

Now for the issue of the alleged quid pro quo. It seems that everyone on both sides of the argument takes for granted without a second of thought that if there was a quid pro quo, there was an offense, possibly one sufficiently offensive to warrant impeachment. This is utter ignorant nonsense.

Quid pro quos are endemic in US foreign policy and always have been. The US government offered Ecuador president Lenin Moreno a $4.2 billion IMF loan in exchange for revoking Julian Assange’s asylum. Moreno took the deal. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-bought-4-2-billion-former-ecuadorian-president-confirms-imf-loan-exchange-assange/5674374

Washington offered the Venezuelan military money to overthrow President Maduro. The military refused the offer.

Dozens of examples come readily to mind. Research would produce enough to fill a book.

What do you think the sanctions are that the US president places on countries? They are punishments that Washington imposes for not accepting Washington’s deal.

As for a quid pro quo deal between the US executive branch and president of Ukraine, we have VP Joe Biden’s boast that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating corruption in the firm that had purchased US protection by putting Biden’s son, Hunter, on Burisma’s board. Joe Biden brags in front of the Council on Foreign Relations that he gave the Ukrainian president 6 hours to fire the prosecutor or forfeit $1 billion in US aid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCF9My1vBP4



As Biden was US Vice President at the time and is currently the leading Democratic candidate for the US presidential nomination, he is clearly guilty of what Trump is accused. Why is only Trump subject to investigation? If an offense that is merely suspected or alleged suffices for impeaching a president, why isn’t a known and admitted and bragged about offense reason to disqualify Biden from being president?

One would think that a question this obvious would be the topic of debate. But not a word from the presstitutes, Democrats, or Republicans.

Finally, there is the question of the whistleblower law. If this interpretation sent to me by a reliable source is correct, there is no basis in law for the alleged whistleblower complaint.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

3 responses to “A Successful Coup Against Trump Will Murder American Democracy”

  1. I am not moved by the impeachment of Trump. Good riddance say I. He has done so much damage to the Republic and his kowtowing to Israel that generations will pay the price for his loyalty to Israel. What loss is there if this mega liar is removed? Good. Put the bastard and Kushner both in prison for glorifying Israel over freedom.

    This utter retarded nonsense of a civil war over this depraved lunatic is laughable. Are you serious, are you going to take to the streets with pitchforks over some incompetent billionaire blowhard? Really? Well go ahead people, if Trump is your savior then you deserve everything you are going to get as the nation spirals into the toilet.

    PCR’s lamenting of the “murdering” of American “democracy”. Really. I think everyone on this site knows Amerika was murdered with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the Income Tax, world wars for Jewry, Vietnam holocaust, murder of JFK in broad daylight then the knife to the heart of the Republic when Neocohen-CIA-Mossad did 911. The nation is already dead Paul, just that you are catching on that this plutocratic oligarchical madness as typified by OLD WITCH PELOSI.

    Loser Trump did nothing to turn the tide because he is a rich bastard in on it with the murderers, and if you can’t see that you are double secret batshit stupid. This orange faced pirate gave Southern Syria (Golan) to a terrorist state, this yellow haired baboon now says we are stealing Syria’s oil, this lunatic in chief says Saudia terrorists did 911.

    Trump is a liar and fraud, the BLOTUS twitter blowhard, a twitmeister crisis actor pretending to be the leader of the free world. He lost his opportunity of actually using his charisma to change course of the dying war whore for Israel. He could of called in his military officers and started arresting Congress for loyalty to a foreign state, I mean you want evidence to prosecute these sellouts? The mother fuckers signed loyalty oaths to Israel. Prosecute them for treason, put them up against the Lincoln Memorial and have them executed by firing squad.

    Trump did nothing, he is no revolutionary, no real leader, he is a billionaire playboy grabbing pussy and power at our expense. So if he is impeached good riddance, a real leader would of had all the Jew traitors like Pelosi buried on week one. Trump is a clueless buffoon with a big ego and if he is gone good! PCR is clueless about the state of our crisis, we need violent radical action to stop the Bolshevik Jews from turning our nation into a coast to coast bloodbath.

  2. United States of America is just 13 colonies, the rest is stolen land, 50 states is an illusion that soon will come to pass.
    America is a continent that they never conquered, 1810 most countries independence from the Spanish crown, really?Who was the king of Spain? CarlosV of Germany Carlos I of Spain by marriage.

  3. PCR has a good blow by blow description of Russiagate and now Ukrainegate. The only coverage better than this is found on The Epoch Times, in print or online. Now as for Trump, he is just the latest actor to follow the black actor of Hope and Change, Barry Sortoro, Barrack Hussain (Muslim) Obamer. He spoke it and delivered NO HOPE and NO CHANGE. Obamer sold a lot of Snake oil, which was toxic, but sheeple still think he was a great President. Talk about propaganda, delusion and cognitive dissonance. Trump offered, as an outsider the same Snake oil trick. Trump was not a career politician and a supposedly successful businessman. Sheeple thought he could change things- drain the swamp. So far NADA. The test of this theatre production will be up to 4 men: AG William Barr, DOJ Barr appointed Durham, Inspector General Horowitz and Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Guilllani. Will anyone of them or all come up with evidence and carry out prosecution of the guilty parties in the Democrats from the Obama administration: Obama on down to his staff including Hillary Clinton, Biden and company and the traitors in the NSC, NSA, CIA, FBI and DOJ, etc. We will all wonder!
    Guillani and Mueller helped coverup 9/11. Barr covered up stuff in the past plus now introduces Pri-Crime legislation for a Police state. We can only hope!
    However Yukon Jack, what you say has truth in it, but you always seem to forget the Hegelian dialectic. The Dialectic is stated in 2 forms: problem-reaction-solution, where the Globalists / Khazarian Mafia ZioBanksters create the problem, get sheeple to react in the necessary way and then the Globalists provide the solution , which they already had beforehand. The other Dialectic form is: thesis – antithesis -synthesis, where 2 supposed opposites, ( Left vs. Right , Capitalist vs. Communist) are presented as choices. However, it is the fusion of the 2 opposites that creates the end result (Synthesis). Thus Trump’s Impeachment is creating a situation of Pro-Trumper (patriots) vs. Never-Trumper Deep Staters (secret Socialist Communists). In both cases, the sheeple of Christian Zionists / Evangelicals/ Blacks / Hispanics and illegal aliens, and Bread and Circuses deplorables, and MSM propagandized idiots will cause an American Civil War 2. Trump’s assassination may also be in the cards if impeachment does not work. Remember with fewer sheeple, the Police state will be easier to implement, probably under Hillary Clinton. Thus America as a supposed Super power is finished and will join with a fractured Canada and Mexico as the land of the North American Union. This goal depends on a weak America attacked from the Mexican border and through California. Eventually, since Obamer signed America over to the UN in times of massive Civil War, the UN troops in blue helmets with Russian and Chinese looks / accents will come here to take over Amerika. This is what TRUMP is being used for. However, since he is a member of the 1%, he will survive, whereas the sheeple will not. Despite the bleak outlook, there is hope if you have FAITH. Watch and search for the video: JFK to 911 – Everything is a Rich man’s Trick.