Grandson of Holocaust survivor bears witness as former Nazi guard goes on trial

Introduction – Oct 21, 2019

In Germany, 93-year-old Bruno Dey is on trial for being an accessory to the murders of more than 5,000 people — because when he was 17, he was a guard at a Nazi concentration camp. Click to enlarge

The grandson of a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp will testify in the trial of a 93-year-old camp guard who has been charged as an accessory to mass murder.
The trial itself seems to be motivated more by a desire for retribution rather than any genuine desire for justice. Especially as Bruno Dey, the accused, was only 17 when he was a Nazi guard.
After all, had he refused to serve as a guard the 17-year-old might have faced a Nazi firing squad himself.
Instead, nearly 80 years later Bruno Dey will face charges of being an accessory in the murder of 5,000. In a trial in which Ben Cohen, the GREAT-GRANDSON of one Dey’s alleged victims will testify.
We have no idea what Ben Cohen will say in his testimony but he wasn’t even born when Dey allegedly committed his crime. Moreover, by his grandmother’s own admission, she has no “specific knowledge about Bruno Dey and what he did”. However, she does recall vividly what the other guards did and no doubt she’s told her grandson, who will bear witness.
So nearly 80 years later the great-grandson of one of Bruno Dey’s alleged victims will testify against him in a trial that could see him sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Nazis did not murder Jews, it is an acknowledged fact that they did, although the exact numbers and historical details are still disputed. However, Bruno Dey’s trial is not about justice or making amends for past wrongs.
To put things into perspective: can you imagine the great-grandson of a murder victim testifying against the accused nearly 80 years after the crime? His “testimony” would not even be considered. But this is not about justice it is about retribution and reinforcing the idea of the pre-eminence of Jewish suffering.

Grandson of Holocaust survivor bears witness as former Nazi guard goes on trial — Oct 18, 2019

On Friday, Bruno Dey went on trial. The 93-year-old German man is accused of being an accessory to the murders of more than 5,000. 

During the Second World War, Dey was a Nazi SS guard at the Stutthof concentration camp. He may be one of the last people to be prosecuted for his actions during the Holocaust. 

Ben Cohen’s great-grandmother was one of the thousands of people who were murdered at that camp. His grandmother, Judy Meisel, was also at the camp, but survived. She is one of the co-plaintiffs in the case but was unable to attend the trial. 

As It Happens host Carol Off spoke to Cohen about his grandmother and what it meant to attend the trial on her behalf. Here is part of their conversation.

What has it been like for you to be in the courtroom to see Bruno Dey face trial?

This is the second trial that I’ve attended on behalf of my grandmother, Judy Meisel. The anticipation on the first day is always really high. Seeing the accused brought in in a wheelchair for the first time is always really very intense. There’s a little bit of a almost feeling of theatre to what’s going on sometimes in the courtroom.

It’s been a really remarkable experience. I’ve had a chance to meet the amazing prosecutors and investigators working on this and, in a way, I felt like I’ve had a good chance to engage with the process.

Your grandmother has been speaking with German officials about her experiences. She didn’t go. She’s, I believe, 90 years old. Is that right?

The only reason I’m here in Hamburg is because she can’t be here herself. She wishes she could have come and stood in that courtroom and given her testimony in person and looked the perpetrator in the eye and faced that herself.

But she can’t. Because she’s 90, traveling here is no longer possible. So I come here on her behalf. I felt it was important that someone from our family could be here to be a witness to these trials.

My great-grandmother was murdered in the gas chamber at Stutthof. My grandmother survived with her sister, Rachel. And, you know, for me to be able to be here is, in its own way, just a miracle.

And so I do that for my grandmother. I do that for my family. I do that in solidarity with the other survivors and the victims who can’t be here.

Stutthof is the camp where Bruno Dey was a guard. He started there when he was 17 years old. What does your grandmother remember? What does she say in her remarks about her memories of Bruno Dey and her time there?

She has very vivid memories of her time at Stutthof. She doesn’t have any specific knowledge about Bruno Dey and what he did. She knows what the guards did. She was there. It was total brutality. (Emphasis added)

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  1. The German men were needed to fight a massive war of aggression on them on two fronts, these work camps ran on a skeleton staff, they had “Trustees”
    usually jewish overseers who kept the internees in line.German camp guards could and would be punished for any cruelties, but the jewish over sers were very cruel
    even and in fact especially to their own.
    It is horendous that a 93 year old man should ona charge like this,
    i am wondering if in 75 years time whether Jews will still be hunted for their awful crimes aganst the world.

  2. The hate and racism shown by the jews sickens me.

    Princess Diana went to Silfield primary school, this still exists and is at 85 Gayton Rd near the Q E hospital. Norfolk England.
    The head gardener there, i cannot remember his name, but he said as British troops poured into Germany at the wars end, he was shocked at the total appalling desolation,with very few buildings still standing, the whole country was a bombsite.
    This man as a young British soldier said he was part of a team who had to go round with flame throwers, kick in the doors to the cellars and ignoring any screams, give a 30 second burst into all cellars.
    He said he was following orders, the whole team were, but on kicking in one door heard a small baby cry, he called out, come out come out now !
    and a stream of starving dirty frightened German women with babies and small children came out blinking in the sunlight.
    He realised that there were no German men, all either dead or captured, and the FT Team ( flame thrower team ) had been burning women and children, he said the Russians and Americans were the worst shooting hundreds maybe thousands of surrendering German troops.
    Those close to Churchill had told the FT Team that the killing of Germans was the most important goal of the war, he said no one really took much notice of Churchill as most orders he gave were when drunk, he later forgot what he said and changed the orders, this man said the ordinary soldiers hated Churchill.
    Its interesting with the recent Zio-encyclicals that the white Anglo-Saxon race must be exterminated, and it endorses what the old gardener to the School said when he was on the Flame Thrower team.

  3. The improvosational distorted painting of history on a fabricated canvas background of lies continues…The Myth of German Villainy continues…May Churchill the perverted psycopathic drunk…Rosenfelt the dupped commie SOB…his Uncle Joe Stalin and the terrible Swedish Jew Eisenhower as notated in his West Point year book burn in Hell. Hail Victory! And long live the spirit of General George S. Patton and the honorable German people,

  4. The Holocaust Hoax has been exposed so thoroughly too many times by too many people for anyone to still believe the lies and propaganda about Germany, Hitler, Jews, etc –

  5. Another act in the ongoing Jewish mythology to keep the fires of hate burning against Germany . As modern research has shown , a great % age of the accounts of mass murder in the camps is grossly exaggerated which is a main weapon in the armoury of the Jew. It is high time this story were brought to an end by publishing the truthful facts from records for the world to see rather than these allegations by great grand children .

  6. From wikipedia ( ) the execution of the SS overseers of the Stutthof concentration camp: Becker, Klaff, Steinhoff, and Pauls was already done on July 4, 1946′. Why the need to proceed with this trial of a man who was 17 years old at that time ? The Zionists have no mercy on an individual who very well may be truly innocent or even a direct accessory to the crime or crimes he is being tried for. This trial is a show trial to further express Jewish power. In this same wikipedia article the manufacture of soap from Jewish inmates is also discussed which even the Yad Vashem has officially declared as only a possibility and NOT A PROVEN FACT. My opinion there is absolutely no proof that this grandsons grandmothers sister was actually murdered but most probably died from typhus which was rampant along these camps during WW II.

  7. @ ellis c taylor

    The German men were needed to fight a massive war of aggression on them on two fronts ????

    Do you know the history a little bit?

  8. Actually a three front war for Germany. Do not forget that WW II is a continuation of WW I where the powers that be were truly concerned about Germany becoming an economic giant which was their right to be .

  9. The wording by ellis c taylor is a little confusing, but only a little. He says, quite correctly, a massive two front war was launched against Germany(the Soviets were just weeks away from invading the west, Hitler’s invasion was preemptive). It was all to destroy Germany’s economic miracle and bring it back under the fiat money system which Germany had successfully broken from. All Hitler’s numerous statements of wanting peace, writing letters to Daladier begging for no war, his generous proposals to Poland to have a reasonable peaceable end to the Danzig stalemate; his generous peace proposals to Britain, particularly in July 1940, all were ignored and generally mocked. The result was an unnecessary war with about 60 million dead. The Jews involved in this disgraceful puff up job on this former guard, is a crime against humanity, but typical.

    We hear in the news every day stories of doom and gloom
    which upset and distress us, but once in a while we hear a tale that uplifts us
    and restores our faith in human nature.
    I lived in London with my wife and 3 small children, we were right in the middle
    of where the race riots were,
    I later walked past the school and told my wife
    ” in the playground were maybe 8 or 10 white boys, all the rest were coloured, maybe this is why they get bullied so much”
    After we talked, we sold up and moved to a small rural community away from the crime and the noise.
    I became a postman and over the next 15 years got to know all the people on my round.
    One old man who spoke English with an accent was always working on his garden growing vegetables, which he would leave on doorsteps he also had an allotment, and the produce from this he always gave away.
    Over a period of time i became very curious about old Henri, and one day i stood behind a wall
    and peeping over the top i whistled a wartime German marching song,
    Henry dropped his rake and stood to attention white faced, then he turned and went inside.
    Next day his wife came out and told me, i had been seen, she said Henri was a wartime P O W
    Britain bombed Germany to nothing at the end of the war, Henri’s family was all killed
    he had nothing to go home to, so he stayed here worked on farms and married an English girl
    the lady who spoke to me.
    I replied look, the Jews are offering big money for the whereabouts of German nationals from the war,
    someone is bound to rat on him for the money,
    she said “Henri is much loved in the village, i hope not.”
    Over time the jews upped the money paid to informers and i was constantly worried about Henri’s safety.
    One day on my postal round, i noticed there was no one on the streets, the cafe and the two shops were closed, it was like a ghost town, as i popped my mail through letter boxes i wondered where everybody was,
    Then when i got to the little Parish church, it was choc full of people so much so they all spilled outside
    down the church path toward the cemetery, it appeared the whole village was there.
    Whats going on i asked ?
    A little old lady said ” its Henri he had a heart attack and died in his allotment feeding the people”
    I was shocked partly angry that i had not been told, i would have loved to have been there
    but also relieved that no one had given him up to the jews.
    Racism is an awful thing, and to think that almost 75 years after the war Jews were still offering money for the whereabouts of German nationals from the war, disgusted me.
    The people all chipped in and gave him a beautiful stone cross in the Church Cemetery, where ever Henri is now he knows how much he was loved by the village people he fed.

  11. Can somebody please give Patrick an education ?
    maybe hes still at school ? i dont know,
    Everyone knows they russia was ammassing trtoops on the border to attack Germany but Hitler got in the first punch.
    Churchill was ordered by the jew bankers to in their words ” open up a second front”
    This means as the author above said, Germany was fighting a war on 2 fronts
    * Maybe we could have a simple version of this website for the numpties

  12. The German men aren’t men anymore when a kangaroo court can bounce in this manner. Pathetic to say the least both on the jew part and the Germans for letting Mr jew walk all over them.
    Take the dog collar off Germany and put on a flea collar for f sake.
    How can a German walk talls with no balls.