They all promised to honour the referendum result. Today they must honour that promise and vote to Leave!

Change Britain – Oct 19, 2019

9 responses to “They all promised to honour the referendum result. Today they must honour that promise and vote to Leave!”

  1. “Johnson’s BRINO CANNOT be repudiated by the electorate. Such Treaties are only entered into by states that have been conquered. The UK, the political class has been defeated, at the ballot box. But rather than accept that power should return to the people, the elite would prefer to be ruled by the EU”. Jon Holbrook, a barrister writing in Spiked this morning…

  2. Go , Mr Johnson, go!
    This time do not think of your own interests.
    The result of the UK referendum is: the people of the UK want to LEAVE the USSREU!
    The hypocritical opposition told the Commons to respect the outcome.
    So …

    You got all the democracy to carry out BREXIT at your hand!
    It is The Will of the People.

    Britania will never be a slave!

  3. Kol Nidre

  4. well said Barney
    An oath shall not be an oath a Vow shall not be a vow
    Britain is possessed by a foreign power and nobody but us can see it

  5. BRINO is NOT and never will be LEAVING!! We voted OUT so get us the fuck OUT! I am fed up of self interested Zionist JEWS freeloading off MY HARD EARNED MONEY! Whilst they inflict even LESS rights for us WHITE males in Britain…………….And NO!!!! Jerusalem will NEVER EVER BECOME the UK’s National Anthem…………..Time the Zionists were either destroyed or sent back to the gutter swamp they evolved from! 2,000 years of history shows what complete and utter cunts they are………………..And they failed every time! Denying us the right to bear weapons?? seriously?? Do they think they will get away with it this time?? We will STILL take the cunts down

  6. A country of Cowards: Guy Forks is turning in his grave at the pitiful snowflake country, that the UK has become, afraid to stand against the 1% who rule them by consent, as these sheeple continually vote for these Traitors, Committing Treason against the country and the people, instead of rounding them up and hanging them for TREASON. and resetting the system. there is no Great in Britain anymore, just Coward Britain. a shame to the human race, bowing down to evil.

  7. Yupp !! The Right Honourable Ladies & Gentlemen ??
    As in G Orwell, the word Honourable became perverted & any POS, “untruth teller”, cheat, crook, paedophile, faggot is now Honourable ??

  8. The elite has not been defeated at the ballot box. What we see in parliament is a scripted farce. The elite fears EU tax laws, they fear City crime cartel regulation (Cameron failed to get a veto) & they fear the EU will get rid of UK tax havens. Most MPs care about only one thing, what will my political reputation look like after Brexit, that is all they care about. The real ‘deal’ was done before the referendum. Ken Baker, a Thatcher minister was on the Today program and he said: “These things are made to look close.” They are made to look difficult so the sheeple accept whatever transpires.

  9. I can but add , Arise you English like lions from your slumber, cry havoc let slip the dogs of war. That day will come and the 13th century law of Jewish banishment will once more be activated .