INTERVIEW: Ian R. Crane on the Safety of the 5G Roll-Out

21st Century wire — Oct 17, 2019

More than any previous technological roll-out, governments and corporations are pushing extra hard to meet their timetable for the implementation of the new and completely untested 5G technology. As a result, any concerns about public safety are being treated as an afterthought, and dismissed by industry marketeers as irrational public superstition.

During a recent episode of the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, host Patrick Henningsen spoke with special guest Ian R. Crane to discuss his UK speaking tour, raising awareness about the dangers of untested 5G technology and how communities are beginning to push-back against the UK’s highly rushed 5G roll-out, as well challenges now happening in other countries too. Listen:


Researcher Warns That 5G Might Actually Cause Cancer After All

“Meanwhile, we are seeing increases in certain types of head and neck tumors.”

Jon Christian – Neoscope Oct 18, 2019

As 5G cellular network tech looms, conventional wisdom dictates that cell phone radiation is more or less safe for humans.

But writing for the widely respected magazine Scientific American, University of California, Berkeley, public health researcher Joel Moskowitz argues that we don’t yet understand the risks — and that more study is necessary before we roll out 5G infrastructure.

Moskowitz’s main concern: there just isn’t any research on the health effects of 5G. But he also points to a swathe of studies that suggest that the existing standards 2G and 3G are more dangerous than generally believed.

“Meanwhile, we are seeing increases in certain types of head and neck tumors in tumor registries, which may be at least partially attributable to the proliferation of cell phone radiation,” he wrote in SciAm. “These increases are consistent with results from case-control studies of tumor risk in heavy cell phone users.”

It’s hard enough to quantify the health effects of things that have already been deployed, nevermind an upcoming technology. But in SciAm, Moskowitz argues that regulators should listen to the 250 doctors and scientists who recently signed the 5G Appeal, a petition for a moratorium on public rollout of the tech until the health implications are better understood.

“As a society, should we invest hundreds of billions of dollars deploying 5G, a cellular technology that requires the installation of 800,000 or more new cell antenna sites in the U.S. close to where we live, work and play?” he asked. “Instead, we should support the recommendations of the 250 scientists and medical doctors who signed the 5G Appeal that calls for an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G and demand that our government fund the research needed to adopt biologically based exposure limits that protect our health and safety.”


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  1. 5G, is it not microwaves, and doesn’t microwaves heat/ cook food by vibrating the molecules of water creating friction and therefore heat. Now just curious, but wouldn’t 20,000 5G transmitters and satellites actually heat all the water on the planet, including the water in human bodies? Other than cooking our brains and boiling every living thing on the planet, would all these microwaves not zap all the water in the atmosphere, changing our weather and contributing to climate change?
    Some one should tell Greta, ring her on the phone. I think she has the latest 5G handset.