Israel’s Mistress of Sex Entrapment Escapes Justice

By Kurt Nimmo – Renegade Tribune Oct 17, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and alleged child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell. Click to enlarge

According to the New York Post, two of the supposedly late sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators in the rape of minor girls—Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel—are hiding out in the Brazilian Rivera of Santa Catarina.

A former cop traced the pair through their phones to the posh resort, according to the New York newspaper.

The lurid front-page story of sex with children and Mossad blackmail has slipped largely from the news. Investigations into the disgusting entrapment scheme appear to be going nowhere. Both Maxwell—a documented Mossad operative—and Brunel have nothing to fear. It is unlikely they will be arrested and sent to the United States to face justice for their roles in the molestation of an unknown number of girls.

Maxwell was allegedly photographed at an In-N-Out fast-food joint in California back in August. I say “allegedly” because researchers, relying on photo metadata, say the photos are fake.

Regardless, a message was sent when the photos appeared in the media—Ghislaine Maxwell is untouchable. The farce was punctuated by a book Ghislaine was supposedly reading—“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives,” by Ted Gup.

Here’s the takeaway from the sordid affair—Israel’s Mossad is free to do whatever it decides necessary to protect its special status. From stealing state secrets, pilfering uranium to build atomic bombs, dancing before the backdrop of a burning WTC where 3,000 innocents died, and killing US sailors without consequence, Israel can do pretty much whatever it wants in the United States and the West.

Every member of Congress knows you don’t call out the racist state of Israel for its crimes (ethnic cleansing, the murder of journalists, medics, and the torture of children).

In fact, our “representatives” are expected to ignore murderous and racist Israeli settlers killing  Palestinians and flooding schools with raw sewage, among other despicable crimes. This ongoing cruelty and inhumanity are rarely if ever reported by a corporate media celebrating Israel’s “democracy” ad nauseam.

Instead of justice and punishment for crimes against humanity, Israel receives billions of dollars every year from oblivious American taxpayers (or, more accurately, their children and grandchildren because the state now operates in deficit fashion, borrowing trillions the unborn will be obliged to pay).

As I wrote earlier this year, the culprits in this execrable political blackmail scheme will never face a judge and a jury, and will certainly never see the inside of a prison cell.

Ghislaine is laughing in your face from her manse on the Brazilian Rivera. She is an asset cherished by the criminal and pariah state of Israel and will be protected, so long as she doesn’t make the same mistakes made by her double agent father (Mossad, British intelligence), MP Robert Maxwell.

Finally, it should be noted Ghislaine’s father was given a state funeral in Israel. After all, Robert Maxwell “was behind… [Mossad’s] successful attempt to install a trapdoor in software intended for government use, allowing the Israelis a direct pipeline into a vast network of computers installed with undetectable malware,” writes Jennifer Matsui.

His daughter’s service is of equal if not greater importance—keeping pedophile influencers and “representatives” on the zionist reservation through blackmail.

This article originally appeared on Another Day in the Empire.

3 responses to “Israel’s Mistress of Sex Entrapment Escapes Justice”

  1. My ex wife was a massage therapist at a private clinic, everyone enjoyed her beauty
    and she was good and popular in her job.
    She came home one day and told me a woman claiming to be Robert Maxwells daughter
    asked her where she stood in world affairs then askerd her ” how would you like to work for world peace ” ? then said how would she like to work for a freind on a secluded island for double what she now earnt.
    Then asked she mentioned her freind Jeffrey then in a veiled way asked if she would ever do prostitution for world peace, and good money ?
    My ex was aged 19 and had to bite her tongue and said no.
    But subsequently at the clinic rumours went about that very young school age girls were also being asked.

  2. Yes…the disgusting Jewish slag.Ever wondered why Jews have been subjected to “pogroms”… here is the perfect answer to the question…..Yet,remarkably they keep insisting they are innocent victims of persecution.
    Currently the Jews own the West….in more ways than you could imagine…..AND there does not seem to be any opposition which could topple them from power.

  3. Rumors being floated by the Jews Media on the whereabouts of Ghislaine Maxwell seem designed to mislead and confuse.

    Ghislaine probably isn’t in Brazil, California, the USA, an In-N-Out fast food joint, or any place published by mass media sources.

    People who think Ghislaine is in Israel, a Mossad safe house, or a foreign Israeli Embassy are probably making the best guesses.