UK school official suspended after questioning why parents weren’t consulted about LGBTQ books

Madness Hub – Oct 18, 2019

One of the new, and dare we say it rather sinister-looking role models that Minnesota public library presented, where transvestites read stories for kids. It’s all part of the same campaign to make sexual dysfunction seem ‘normal’. Click to enlarge

A U.K. school official was suspended after questioning why parents weren’t consulted about LGBTQ books becoming part of the school library’s reading list, Christian Concern said.

Maureen Griffith, 74, has been a governor at Alperton Community School in Brent, North London, since the early 1990s, Christianity Today reported. She helped shape the school’s curriculum, pioneered the school’s health and safety policies, and introduced better disabled access, Christian Concern said.

What happened?

According to Christian Concern, Griffith received a booklet from the school’s library noting its staff planned to introduce reading lists for LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

Then at the governors’ meeting on May 1 of this year, Griffith told the outlet she “said that parents had not been consulted [about the books] and that there would be parents with children from religious backgrounds who would object and not want their children to have this form of sex education. I urged them to consider those families and added that as a parent myself, I would not have wanted my sons to be reading LGBT books or to be involved in an LGBT Pride month.”

She told Christian Concern that immediately “a member of staff stood up and left the room, and the clerk of the school began to rage at me saying: ‘Look what you’ve gone and done, you’ve upset him.’ She then told me that I should be accepting of what was happening as it is law.”

On May 21, the outlet said Griffith got a suspension letter from school clerk Jo Sattaur saying she “breached the Governors Code of Conduct and made homophobic comments at a public meeting that were offensive to members of staff” and that an investigation would commence.

But the former nurse told Christian Concern she’s heard nothing since.

“My mother always taught me that things have to be done properly,” Griffith noted to Christian Concern. “Therefore, whether as a nurse where I am responsible for patient safety or as a governor where I am responsible for a child’s education and shaping the school environment, it is my job to notice things that others do not. In meetings where someone may want to push something through, I scrutinize, and this leads to discussion, debate, and finding consensus on the right way to move forward.”

She added to the outlet that “when they told me I had been ‘homophobic’ for scrutinizing the introduction of LGBT Pride month, I had to go home and look up what it meant. I couldn’t believe it. It never occurred to me that I could be ‘homophobic’ or scared of something. These things don’t come into my head. But now with this LGBT agenda — not just in schools, but across society — there is no debate, no questioning, and there is only a one-way democracy.”

Griffith also told Christian Concern that she’s “at peace over the whole situation. I am not annoyed; I am only saddened that this is happening in this country. My faith in Jesus is very important to me in good and bad times — it is my be all and end all. I can do nothing without his help, and he makes my burden lighter. This is how my mum brought me up.”

What did the school have to say?

According to Christianity Today, Alperton Community School issued a statement saying it’s “unable to comment on specific details relating to members of the school community for confidentiality and data protection reasons. However, we confirm that the school adopts the National Governance Association Governors Code of Conduct and that where complaints are raised in respect of governors, the school would always consider whether an impartial and independent investigation is necessary. We further confirm that the school’s policies and resources are regularly reviewed and are wholly appropriate for the school community.”


8 responses to “UK school official suspended after questioning why parents weren’t consulted about LGBTQ books”

  1. This lady is a herione for standing against this corrupt tide. I hope there are many more like her serving as governors and head teachers. Kids must be protected.

  2. These foul attacks on those too young to know any different must STOP.

    When “governments” reach this level of insanity, there’s only one option remaining, but to name it would be “illegal”, in the same way it’s been made “illegal” to resist the government-mandated brainwashing of kids with pure FILTH.

  3. Well so far there is no indication that Christian’s will be exterminated as happened in Russia post 1917 when the Jews took over….or in Spain under the jew Franco.
    WATCH THIS SPACE….its early days yet.

  4. All part of the left wing agenda to normalise deviant behaviour. Britain criticises Russia for its aggression, but the majority of people believe in God, and more than 50% of young people are Christian. Britain is going backwards.

  5. People, do have an inkling that the future is going to be bad, but they don’t realise how bad.
    Homosexuality will become the norm. Children will grow up being taught that heterosexuality is bad and homosexuality is good. Added to the fact that heterosexuality will most certainly be outlawed, well, only for 99% of the population. The Jews, will of course, be continuing the natural way of life in Israel just everyone else won’t. And they will grow to know no different. No culture, no nation, no races….just a world, mixed population, stupid, homosexual morons who’ll do what they’re told and party every night to find another partner to spend the night with. STD’s will be rampant, conveniently killing more of the population along with the poisoned food and water supply.

    And then of course, on top of this, the horrific authoritarianism.
    This won’t be stopped. It’s really all about preparing to be part of this hell, because you won’t stop it. The more people speak out, the more government will clamp down. The result will be people instantly losing jobs and being blacklisted from entering into the workforce.
    Full blown communism, in the west, is just around the corner. Along with the Jew, the homosexuals will become a protected class, with death sentences given to those who disagree. 100 million or so murdered during communism in Russia. Multiply that by at least six when it starts in Europe.

  6. Vespasian——can you really not be aware that Franco saved Spain from becoming Communist? That’s what the ‘Spanish civil war’ was all about. Did Franco crucify priests to church doors or rape and murder nuns like the “Republicans” (read: communists) did?
    Last time I checked Franco was a Catholic not a jew. If he’d been a jew, he’d have sided with the communist Republicans. He saved Spain and the media hacks never forgave him. Do you think when dealing with atheistic communists that the softly-softly approach works? Communism kills, as half the world has found out (Poland, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Hungary, China, Peru -the tupemaro guerillas to name a few.)

    There is no sign Christians will be exterminated yet; that will happen on a world-wide scale when the Antichrist comes. His arrival can’t be prevented but it can be delayed. The worse the world becomes (and we’re already much worse than the people of Noah’s time..) the more quickly he will arrive. Try the book: You can trust communists (to be communists) by Fred Schwartz.

  7. The woman should get all the praise there is in the world.
    She is protecting the children as is everybody’s duty to do so.
    Britain is Rothschild-country.
    Britain is the most and densed “spy-on-their-own-citizens” country in the world.
    It could be time for the British Government to install also spy-cameras in the gutters as preparation for the moral downfall of Britain due to LGBT terror.

    She must be elected as Prime Minister of crazy Britain for the purpose of keeping moral and to ditch the Political Correctness sh*t* entirely as Britain will finally be free and reclaimed by the people of these countries.

    She is an example for the West. Bravo Mrs Griffith.

  8. Christians invaded and slaughtered for less why the civilised attitude now?
    Unfortunately this story just means the old chook was caught off guard through her own ignorance. All the information is out there from the Frankfurt school and how it marched through the institutions courtesy of Rockefeller and cohorts. If she has only been bitten neoliberalism recently then sucked in she has only herself to blame.
    A woman in charge of education not knowing the history of western education?.
    Feed her to the sharks she deserves nothing more. What’s the bet she apologises.