Sweden’s busy sexual assault police

Irish Savant –irishsavant.blogspot.com Oct 13, 2019

Something very strange going on in Sweden, the Land Where Women Rule. According to their crime statistics institute (appropriately named Bra)  “Almost a quarter of the population chooses a different route or another mode of transportation as a result of anxiety about crime… Among women aged 20-24, 42 percent state that they often opted for another route or another mode of transportation, because they felt insecure and worried about being subjected to crime. Young women in the 16-24 age category have seen a massive increase in sexual harassment. The number of sexual offences against this group has seen a surge from 7.1 percent in 2006 to 34.4 percent in 2017.”  [Side note: In Scandinavia virtually all rapes are committed by Africans and/or Muslims.]
But the sexual assault police are working on it. Look how this go grrrrlll all-female unit takes down an Afghan criminal with brutal and ruthless efficiency (start about one minute in). And there’s more! The cops have issued a Three-Step Rape Prevention Process (it’s on the web somewhere, I’ve seen it) which demonstrates a keen understanding of the African and Muslim mindset. So when the would-be rapist lunges the woman’s first response is to put one hand straight out (palm outward-facing) while saying ‘No!’. In the unlikely event that this fails to deter the tumescent attacker she’s then to put out both hands while saying ‘No!’ even more emphatically. If he still persists – and it’s hard to believe he would after all that – the woman is instructed to hit him with her handbag!
So why are they still they’re afraid of being raped?
Well maybe Mikaela Blixt can explain. After a man attacked her in the street and tried to rape her, the police did nothing, even though she knew where her attacker lived and could easily have identified him. The Swedish mainstream media outlet, Expressen, wanted to interview her, but only on condition that she not mention that her attacker was an Afghan migrant.  Surprisingly this attack took place in a remote farming community.  Surprising because diversity is, for now anyway, largely confined to Sweden’s urban areas and also you’d imagine there’d be enough sheep and goats around there to satiate even the most romantic Afghan. In any event “the police refused to send a patrol because the crime was not ongoing. She was referred instead to 114 14 where she ended up in hour-long telephone queues”.  Unless my Google Translate is way off, then you read that right. So while you’re getting raped in Sweden you must, if you want the police to help, manage to extract your phone, ring the help line and provide an approximate estimation of when the attack will finish. If the police can’t get there within that time frame then, well, you’ll be in Mikaela Blixt’s position.
Why are the sexual assault police so slow to respond, especially when their numbers have almost doubled in the last ten years? Well maybe they’re all busy stitching up Julian Assange. Vague accusations of sexual assault lead to an explosion of police and prosecution activity and man woman-years of background work, as prosecutors took his case up to the highest levels of Government in order to get an extradition order from Britain. Contrast that with the handing of the Mikaela Blixt case where nothing was done even though she (Blixt)  knew where the rapist lived!
I’ve said it before: We’re living in The Matrix.



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  1. That video of the foreigner and the female Swedish police is a hard lesson in how the world as it exits in reality, is nothing like the posturing BS virtue signalling of everything being “constructed”. People are living in this artificial media created matrix of evil white men and Hollywood and sporting ethnic “heroism”.

  2. Isaiah 3:12 King James Version (KJV)

    As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  3. Just another blatant fear monger article, designed to portray the African Migrants and Afghan etc as Muslim migrants.
    Make everyone who is racist or Islamaphobic get angry at an entire religion, based on the actions of a hand full of not religious (beyond taking the name of being a Muslim) people.
    If these people were men of God, they would know that the punishment for rapists in Islam is the death penalty, but that is not the actual punishment. God commands the rapists to death in this life and the true punishment for their grave crime is in the hear after.

    Besides most of these alleged Muslims are going out clubbing, drinking alcohol, looking for western girlfriends to fornacate with, all non Muslim actions.
    Very similar to the Asian criminals in the UK, who drink and do every sin under Gods law, but they adhere to not eating Pig only lol.
    All of the above sins are as bad in the eyes of God, but these people who do not pray daily, barely will attend Friday prayers, but what makes them Muslim is the fact they refrain from eating Pig….

    That would be like labelling the entire of the USA as terrorist, based on their foreign policy and war mongering, also labelling them all rapists, bacause a handful of vets would go out and rape and murder in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So once again well done for spreading fear and hatred on this site, seems like a very common theme these days.
    For someone who seeks the truth, they happily allow the NWO planned divide and conquer onto their platform.
    More than likely stemming from a personal dislike, hate or whatever, towards the Muslims in the UK…

  4. I wonder if the lady holding the sign feels like a complete idiot now.

  5. Swedish women are taking the lead in being the main reason why women’s rights to vote and to make decisions will eventually be stripped away. Under the coming technocrat order which is very anti woman in every sense, the stage is being set for reversal of so many rights once afforded to women. The Muslim faith, even in it’s most moderate iteration does subjugate women to a degree not understood by Western women. Without any doubts, Western women have lost the plot so much they appear, at least those dumb enough to follow the leftist liberal agenda, they are quite a few, their actions are justifying their upcoming removal of rights. Never forget the tight knit club of world overlords are mostly men and see women as merely producers of babies and no more than that.