What Light Does Trudeau’s Adviser Shed on Him?

henrymakow.com – Oct 13, 2019

Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau-Castro, at McGill in the 1990s

Like most Illuminati errand boys, Justin Trudeau has a limited resume. 
No substitute drama teacher could become Prime Minister of a great country like Canada if he did have an Illuminati bloodline. He is obviously in over his airhead. 
His homeboy Gerald Butts, 49, does the thinking.  According to Wikipedia,As … Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Butts was praised as the architect behind the entire Liberal Party of Canada platform that led to their victory in October of 2015 …”

by Henry Makow PhD

Justin Trudeau is likely a mind-controlled Illuminati puppet  His friend Gerald Butts seems to do all his thinking. The proof is that Butts was reappointed as Trudeau’s brain in July just four months after he resigned for his role in the SNC Lavalin affair.
Gerald Butts is a political operative. He has an MA in English. He cut his teeth advising the disastrous Ontario Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty.
He was appointed Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on November 4, 2015.
On September 21, 2016, The Globe and Mail reported that Butts charged $126,669.56 in moving expenses to Canadian taxpayers to relocate his residence from Toronto to Ottawa. In the wake of the controversy, he apologized and said he would repay $41,618.62.



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  1. The WWF is a front for the Illuminati. Large swathes of “protected ” areas of Africa have been used for covert wars over the decades. Just research the who’s who of founding members.