No Paul, Trump Is Not History

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Oct 13, 2019

IN A FIT OF PESSIMISM, Paul Craig Roberts posts that “Trump is history” due to the impeachment effort that would cost him the White House.

“The “US is in its final days,” says Roberts, claiming that Trump doesn’t know how to oppose the Democrats in their quest to annul the vote of 60 million patriots that put him in office.

No way.

Trump is handling the Democrats very well calling them “haters of America,” “corrupt,” and joined in an “unholy alliance” with the “dishonest media.”

As regards impeachment there is no substance to the complaint against Trump.

It alleges that Trump asked Ukraine to “locate and turn over servers.” Trump did not.

And there’s no evidence Trump engaged in a “quid pro quo” by withholding military aid to Ukraine unless it “opened an investigation” into Joe Biden. Trump made no such threats.

The Ukrainians say they had no knowledge aid was being withheld until a month after the call. You can’t demand a quo when the target is unaware of the quid.

Moreover, the aid was released—despite no “investigation” or “dirt” from Ukraine. And Ukraine’s President Zelensky has twice said there was no “pressure” or “blackmail” from the US with regard to an investigation. View Entire Story Here.

The real reason for impeachment is to drag Trump and his supporters through enough mud so as to give his upcoming opponent—Hillary most likely—the edge in 2020.

TRUMP IS ON TOP of his game creating great enthusiasm for his reelection just coming off of three rallies in a row.

“I’m energized,” Trump said of the combat with Democrats and the media. “These people are cons, all they want to do is win the election.”

Patriots should also be energized regarding Trump’s many achievements that the Jew-owned press refuses to air:

+ Appointing hundreds of conservative judges to the Courts.

+ Blocking funding for Planned Parenthood.

+ Deregulations providing competitive prices such as with Hearing Aids.

LET ME TELL YOU a secret that only I can fathom, having grown up in the synagogue.

The reason Jews hate Trump is because he’s the face of ‘White Christian America’ which Jews fear and hold in contempt.

The cultural genocide of the white race waged by Jewry comes to a grinding halt in Trump and his silent majority of ‘deplorables.’

These are not ‘white supremacists’, nor ‘racists’…Trump’s ‘deplorables’ remain the racial white majority of the US population.

Though hated, they are the virtually voiceless conservative, patriotic, and Christian whites of Middle America who were long ago thrown under the bus by the ‘progressive’ Jews and elite fellow-travelers who deplore hard-working Americans.

The same can be said for the marginalized and discarded in the minority Black and Latino Christian communities who are trying to hold their lives and families together.

JEWS NOT ONLY HATE those who oppose them but those who could someday face them down.

With Trump’s contrarian spirit running up and down his spine, and his unpredictability, stooges like Biden and Hillary are much easier for the Jews to control.

And for Yids like Adam Schit and Nadler the Turd, a patriotic backlash is just a few more years away.

And then another kind of ’schit’ will hit the fan.


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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

7 responses to “No Paul, Trump Is Not History”

  1. Sure thing…..that’s why Trump shifted the embassy and legitimized the Jews seizing the Golan Heights.

    Then theres Trumps daughter married to a top Zionist jew.

  2. The vast majority of Americans who work for a living support Trump. They know that voting Democrat is akin to signing their own death warrant.

  3. Then there’s that disturbing event from ancient history in which TWO planes literally pulverized THREE skyscrapers. Then there’s the odious stench of how it has all been brushed aside. Then there’s the crocodile tears of Trump, who has to write letters to the parents of dead American “soldiers”. Soldiers who essentially died for Israel.
    Stuff it, Kapner.

  4. This is ridiculous. Nathanael must be limited hangout shilling for Trump suddenly. Trump is surrounded by and infested by Chabad, Rothshild and Neocons BIG time…..they have him by the balls from the get-go. All this circus and divide & conquer won’t change anything but distract from the fact that Trump is just a shill…

    “During the election it was unclear to me if Donald Trump was a puppet of the elites. He could have simply been a convenient scapegoat for the coming crash. Today, it is obvious that he is indeed controlled opposition”

  5. Trump is surrounded by and infested by Chabad, Rothshild and Neocons BIG time…

    You remind me of the same people that claim Putin is a shabbos goy because he talks to Henry Kissinger, or that he keeps the Russian Central bank under BIS “western bankster” rules.

    You will have to square the fact that Trump is surrounded by various Neo-Con Jews and Christian Zionists. But, simultaneously, other Jews are busy going after Trump with lawfare, made up hoaxes, threats of death, and everything else they can dream up.

    One way to look at it, is there is a schism in Jew world, and there always has been. Some Jews do not go along with Talmudic method. Then there is the Christian Zionists, who are part of Trump’s base. Christian Zionists have been brainwashed that Jews are god’s special people.

    Here is a general truth statement: Trump floats ideas at his rally’s, and then SAMPLES THE CROWD for a response. This is a sort of feedback system, where Trump then changes his policy position as needed. In other words, he zigs and zags, but he knows his real power base is his electorate; but he also has to appease a power faction of Jews, especially Mossad, so he doesn’t get killed by the parasite deep state infesting Washington.

    Also, military intelligence is on Trumps side in this on-going coup.

  6. Trump/Killary, Democrats/Republicans = two cheeks of the same satanic/paedo/cannibal/totalitarian ass! All pretending to be Jews (never existed). They are all part of the Khazarian mafia. Only sexual deviants and materialists can rise to the top in their “firm”. As I said on this site before read the works of Conor MacDari which are free online and you will quickly realise that Hebrew was a secret priesthood language derived from the first language – Irish. The Khazarian mafia/Ronan Empire spun a bullshit story about the “Jews” being a “chosen” people through rewriting the IRISH written bible. Ireland had the first truly worldwide empire and language and introduced art, medicine, agriculture, maths, etc to very simple tribes around the world. This is evidenced by the many pyramids and cairns across the world. It was NOT little green men as Discovery Channel have you believe. Wake up people!

  7. The Irish? Nice one.