BAFTA’s diversity quotas want to counter hate but they’ll make producers & audiences hate TV

RT – Oct 11, 2019

Gary Carr playing jazz musician Jack Ross in Downton Abbey. There were very few Blacks in Britain during the late nineteenth early twentieth century when Downton Abbey was set. Was the script deliberately rewritten to accommodate the dictates of diversity quotas? Click to enlarge

The British Film Institute has declared that TV productions must meet strict diversity requirements to be considered for its prestigious Bafta awards – but forcing “tolerance” breeds resentment and strangles artistic freedom.

The BFI has imposed a plethora of diversity quotas which signal that a show’s superficial embrace of minority groups is more important than its content, staying power, or popularity with audiences. Already incorporated into the industry’s film awards last year, the standards manage to insult both minority groups and the straight white masses.

To be considered for an award, a show must meet the BFI’s diversity requirements in two of four areas: onscreen cast, offscreen crew, industry access, and audience development. At least one main character should come from an “underrepresented group,” along with 20 percent of secondary characters, half of whom should be female, and the main storyline (or multiple secondary storylines) should be about an underrepresented group. And heaven forbid you cast a member of that group in what could be perceived as a stereotypical role – you might as well be filming a Klan rally.

With dozens of requirements to meet within the four categories, production crews will be forced to spend a significant amount of time tailoring their scripts to fit the BFI’s diversity dictates – and many are likely to resent such stifling rules. Some mandates (“significant amount of crew/staff resident in the UK outside of London and the South East of England“) seem designed to make production more difficult, while others (“the target audience of a project is an underserved audience group, with a clear strategy to reach them“) directly affect the subject matter.

Certain productions (an obvious example is Downton Abbey, a profoundly white period drama from a period where Britain was profoundly white) either won’t get made, or will be made with the conscious awareness that they will not merit awards consideration or wide release.

Forcing tolerance down the industry’s throat is likely to make producers choke. Even if they do dutifully meet all the requirements, the resentment against “diversity hires” – or members of underrepresented groups who might wrongly be viewed as diversity hires – will be palpable on set. The writer asked to change the race or sexual orientation of the protagonist, or the production crew members forced to hire a certain number of disabled employees only to end up doing the work they are physically incapable of doing, may exhibit ‘tolerance’ on the surface, but inside they seethe.

Such quotas actually dis-empower underrepresented groups, sowing in them the seed of doubt – were they hired because they were the best person for the job, or because the producer wants to win a Bafta? Such mistrust and suspicion can ruin a production. And the BFI’s unhealthy obsession with being woke is doing a psychological number on its own employees, too.

The BFI has put its committees and jury members through “unconscious bias” training, a program that has become a popular way for companies to burnish their progressive cred even though the “implicit association test” (IAT) on which it is based has been thoroughly discredited. Individuals who take the test are almost always told that despite what they may believe about themselves, they are, in fact, horrendously racist – instilling a profound guilt they may seek to expiate by, for example, picking Bafta winners based on the number of diversity boxes they check rather than on their artistic quality.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be inclusive – the UK is undeniably a multicultural society, and it’s to everyone’s benefit that different groups get along. But strangling artistic freedom in the name of tolerance is likely to backfire in the extreme. Hollywood is losing audiences rapidly as viewers from minority and majority groups alike resent the endless churn of “woke” remakes – will Britain learn from its mistakes?

By Helen Buyniski, RT


8 responses to “BAFTA’s diversity quotas want to counter hate but they’ll make producers & audiences hate TV”

  1. Sad to hear that the BFI has moved from being a pinnacle of excellence in the film industry to being merely a political commentator and policy enforcer. I shall seek to avoid films that come with the Bafta label of real discrimination.

  2. The BBC TV show Dixon of Dock Green was the most watched weekly prog of its day, in fact it was so popular that its star who played the beat copper PC DIxon ( Jack Warner ) played it untill well into his 70s, the Police Assoc did not like a doddery old boy playinga policeman, but the BBC did not want to upset viewing figures.
    Su great news, the BBC is considering bringing back Dixon of Dock Green
    but this time played by a black actor who is homosexual and does rap music in his spare time.
    remind me please what country this is ?

  3. As much as people are complaining, nothing, whatsoever, will be done to combat against it.
    This is cultural Marxism is full swing.
    Shows like this will DELIBERATELY target the younger audiences, to actually believe that there were the same amount of blacks in Britain, all with respectable jobs and no different to the indigenous whatsoever. This will then be promoted, later on, that blacks are infact the indigenous of Britain and the whites were the invaders of their land. They will completely alter the very racial makeup of this land, fudging haplogroup statistics, to make whites look ever and invaders of black lands, when it’s the complete opposite.

    Don’t believe me?

    Cultural Marxism targets the youngest generations with which to bring about societal change. The Sexual Offences Act (1967) decriminalised homosexuality. 50 years has past and the overwhelming majority of people see nothing wrong with homosexuality, whatsoever. In fact, 20 years ago, they drastically altered their stance courtesy of homosexuals in film, msm, TV, radio and now sports.

    This is why ANYONE who promotes Marxism should be executed as they are, without any shadow of a doubt, traitors and committing treason against the peoples of the land they inhabit.
    This will not happen.
    The west is very quickly becoming communist. What happened in Russia post 1917 will happen in the west, as the whites are completely demonised. It won’t just be Hitler, but all, who will not only have to defend themselves against the multicultural and multiracial society condoning, younger globalists of their own race, but all those of immigrant status and immigrant ancestry too. Then of course you’ll have more and more immigrants piling in to help.

    Once you lose your younger generations, your society and nation is essentially dead.

  4. Not surprised at all to hear about your Dixon of Dock Green. It’s now SOP for all western governments, with the exception of Hungary and to some degree Italy and Poland. The idea is to render nearly all formerly white countries into slavish “yes Women”, so there is no blocking of the future insouciant consumer society, overseen by banking Globalists. Here in Canada, the white replacement agenda is in full swing, brought to you by traitorous politicians at every level.

  5. TV adverts all show every couple a black man with a white woman
    this is a hateful racist attack on black women who are left to one sode discriminated against
    and ignored.
    Why do people put up with zionist political correctness ?
    makes me damn sick

  6. Humm ??
    Why don’t you protest my way ??
    I have put my “idiot box” on hard rubbish collection about 15 years ago …
    Sleep like a baby since then & don’t wet my bed even ??

  7. Remember Dr Who B4 the sex change? Consider this. After years and years of wishing, and hoping 4 a spot on the television/ mass media. P.O.C. Are deciding 2 do 4 self. That means Yt CONTROL mass media is LOSING it’s viewer base. So now, “They” have 2 interject a P.O.C. in the vain hope that WE still GAF.
    BTW, JMPO but I think start out Yt, end up Yt. Want P.O.C? Start a story AFTER WW2, during the rebuilding of London. Bet’cha never gonna touch THAT.

  8. As a social worker of many years dealing with kids of both sexes abused by homosexuals
    yes both sexes, homosexuals use the anus, so in many occasions girls wil do
    The reason Tony Blair D noticed Operation Ore Operation Radium the Nene report and the Longford papers, was that is corectly identified Homosexuality with pedophilia.
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