U.S. Laws Have Legalized Pedophilia

Renegade Tribune – Oct 11, 2019

Even though there are age of consent laws in the states, marrying young children is perfectly legal and is taking place all the time.


4 responses to “U.S. Laws Have Legalized Pedophilia”

  1. Greville Janner said some years ago that all UK laws will have to come in line with israels
    and that the whole world will be ruled by jews from jerusalem, and non jews will be our slaves, he said its prophecy that each jew will have 3000 goy slaves, and the prettiest little boys will be our bumdillos.
    Several jews have said homosexuality will be normal and heterosexual activity a crime
    its already in sequence homosexuality is legal and encouraged and incest no longer reaches courts and pedophiles get off with a telling off.
    Remember Tony Blairs labour party sponsoring PIE and homosexual marches parades and magazines ? tip of the iceberg, when israel rules the world satanism will have won.
    unles we speak out and do our bit, it will happen

  2. Regarding Colin Marshall’s opinion it may be right about some in the tribe but would it not be best to find some more disinterested evidence than this before we go around blaming one extremely powerful minority for everything we find wrong. Seems like those who buy into propagating homsexuality and gender reativity are more evenly distributed among the secular humanist world than in any one group. It would be great if some journalists were more thorough and to follow the money. For instance if climate-change zealots are being paid 400 pounds a week, then find out where from and the power brokers behind that source. The same should be done regarding the gay and trans lobbies.

  3. I did mention some years ago..
    They legalised Sodomy first, then it will be paedophilia, Incest coming soon & then Zoophilia & last necrophilia, will be respectable….

  4. Fred B the web has its center where the spider resides. All evidence is beyond reasonable doubt now while “blaming”(pointing the finger) the sect is just a common courtesy. Not everything is their claim but from my learning 90% of the shit we are in now rolls back to the sect.
    Once the Golan heights get re taken and it will you will see just how much of that power has been projection. If they drop the rock life will deal them so quick the US slow moving missiles just won’t be good enough.
    Israel and the Jews, they are done and dusted already, the physical if they want to go on with it will be just be semantics.