Russia’s Pundits On Greta Thunberg: If She Wants To Live Eco Life, Send Her To Amish Community!

Russia Insight – Oct 5, 2019

5 responses to “Russia’s Pundits On Greta Thunberg: If She Wants To Live Eco Life, Send Her To Amish Community!”

  1. Wow… What a colossal difference there is between articulate, well-informed and intelligent Russian pundits having a discussion, and the totally disgusting, ignorant and stupid “pundits” that infest the sewers of shitstream media!

    Non Grata Thunderberg is right about one thing: she SHOULD be back in school but not in the “west”. It looks like they still teach real science in Russia. If Thunderberg wanted to get genuinely upset about something serious, she might look into the ravages caused by the Fukushima cataclysm and the insanely destructive nuclear “industry”. Then there’s 5th Generation Microwaves, Directed Energy Weapons, the criminal banking and monetary systems, the corrupt “justice” systems in her country and most of the Masonic Western countries. There’s plenty to be upset about, yet these indoctrinated infants are led to believe Carbon Dioxide is a serious threat…!!! It is completely absurd and ridiculous!

    This IS child abuse. And when you consider that most adults have been rendered infantile, it is the abuse of naive, gullible and ignorant people everywhere.

    But what else is new?

  2. I was ready to read the story, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch a video. There was just something about that mug, and the how dare you? Nope.

  3. The video of the girl, speaking and shouting “how dare you” was truly and utterly cringe-worthy and vomit inducing. We all know Soros (Rothschild) is behind this. Not one of the many copy and paste ‘journalists’ out there will speak out against this, either because they’re completely brainwashed, left wing loonies, or because they know that if they do, it’ll be Blacklist City for them and an end to their career in journalism and the lavish lifestyle that it brings.
    There is no integrity left within journalism these days. It is truly devoid of all morals and ethics.

    No one should care a hoot what stupid, little, ignorant children, like Greta Thunberg has to say. She’s Swedish and that in itself should instantly mean ‘ignore’ forever. Sweden really isn’t winning any favours, or support from other European nations as it shouts “come on people, everyone in Europe, let’s all jump off the cliff into the abyss below”. Bloody morons!

  4. At least the petradollar is based on something coming back in the future. I can touch oil.
    Green bonds are speculation on a doomsday theory that no one can grasp.
    The vid is spot on that global warming the product is speculation.
    And that the label creators are our losing enemy. Global warming was firstly organised to diminish industrial rivals this means it was originally aimed at Russia and China and still is under neoliberalism.
    The pendulum generator is perpetual with gravity as its fuel and doesn’t emit any gas.
    One PPG(perpetual pendulum generator) can power 5 large homes and takes up the space of a small garage. Perfectly safe and quiet.
    Like “climate change” it doesn’t exist but gee it sounded good.

  5. The absolute biggest joke about this climate farce is that the underlying assumption is wrong. CO2 does NOT force temperature. You can raise CO2 levels as high as you want, until we choke to death and those little molecules, and they will NOT raise temperatures or stop ice age cycles.

    CO2 was 10 times higher in a previous ice age. Did nothing. See the chart:

    CO2 follows temperature, all the data confirms this on all time scales. CO2 has never driven temperatures on earth in the last 4.5 billion years.

    This CO2 assumption is almost as big of a fail of “sin redemption” when there is no such thing as sin, it was a concept made up by the priest. The entire platform of Christianity rests on the Adam and Eve sin story being literally true. Not true, a fairy tale story, thus Christianity was wrong because the underlying assumption of sin was wrong. For two thousand years millions upon millions of people were duped, and lived their entire lives under a memetic spell of sin.

    Ideas are very powerful and men can be made into life long slaves based on very simple concepts.

    The modern day priests found a new way to guilt trip humanity. This time the new sin is consumption. In order to save ourselves we must stop eating and breathing. And they are serious as a heart attack – they seriously think we must turn to cannibalism to save ourselves.

    Al Gore, who never took any science showed a chart of CO2 causality when in fact that exact chart did not. Al Gore got the cart before the horse – and even though thousands of learned men know this the spell is on and AL GORE HAS BEEN DEIFIED LIKE ANY CATHOLIC SAINT. Climate change is a religion, it is not science.

    It is doubtful the climate change by CO2 spell will last much longer as it is forecast that a new little ice age is starting. This means temperatures will drop significantly. Global Warming by CO2 will be a total bust if temps cycle LOWER than the previous low – see holocene temperature taper chart: