Here Come the Polocaust Deniers

Gilad Atzmon – Oct 5, 2019

Yesterday Haaretz published a tedious, clumsily written 5000 word rant titled, “The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed.”
It seems that some Israelis and Jews are very disturbed that Poles have a gas chamber narrative of their own. “For over 15 years, false claims that thousands of Poles were gassed to death in Warsaw were presented as fact. Haaretz reveals they are just the tip of an iceberg of a widespread Holocaust distortion operation by Polish nationalists”
I’m not even remotely an expert on gas chambers. I am neither an engineer nor a historian and have no opinion on the validity or historicity of claims that Poles were gassed by Nazis. But what is plain is that Israelis and Jews are insisting upon dominating any narrative of the past and not just the Jewish past. They are outraged that other victims of the Nazis claim to have been gassed. They insist that being gassed must remain the sole domain of the  Jews.
“It’s fake history,” says Prof. Havi Dreifuss, a Tel Aviv University historian and Yad Vashem’s expert on Poland and the Holocaust, when asked about gas chambers in Warsaw.” Professor Dreifuss, a Jewish-Israeli academic, feels entitled to comment on the validity of the emerging Polish gas narrative. I do not have an issue with Dreifuss’ sense of academic privilege, yet,  you don’t need me to remind you what happens to a gentile academic, comedian or politician who is even mildly critical of any piece of the Jewish holocaust narrative.
The Haaretz article is mainly concerned with the relevant Wikipedia entry.  Writing that, since the Wikipedia article on the “Warsaw concentration camp was opened in August 2004, and until it was completely rewritten this past August, it falsely claimed that there was an extermination camp in the Polish capital.”
Israel’s relentless quest to dominate Wikipedia is not a new story and is hardly a secret. Back in 2010 The Guardian wrote that Israeli “groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in ‘Zionist editing’ for Wikipedia, the online reference site.”  You can watch the rabid right wing Israeli politician Naftali Bennet commenting on a Wikipedia editing workshop that teaches Jews and others how to edit Wikipedia pages to favour the Israeli position.
It seems the Hasbara Ziopedia schooling produced the goods.  “The person who first discovered the scale of the (Polish gas chamber) distortion – and is now arguing to have it recognized as Wikipedia’s longest hoax – is an Israeli editor dubbed Icewhiz, who refuses to be identified by his real name but agreed to speak with Haaretz.  Icewhiz has already rewritten the English-language article for KL Warschau to reflect the accepted historical truth, but his attempt to cleanse other Wikipedia articles that incorporate material from it reveal that the principal entry is only the tip of an iceberg.”
Although the Israeli Wikipedia editing courses were initially set to teach Jews how to dominate the debate over Israel on Wikipedia and on the net in general, it seems it didn’t take long before the Israelis saw a duty to dominate the past of the Poles and of any other people’s history so their past fits with the primacy of Jewish suffering.
The message Haaretz delivers is that  God’s chosen people or maybe just the Israelis, want the Shoah for themselves, they will not share Nazi victimhood with anyone else.  Haaretz writes, “this attempt to revise the accepted history of the Shoah on the internet encyclopedia parrots the revised historical narrative currently being trumpeted by the Polish government. In this narrative, the Poles in general – not just the country’s Jewish population – were the main victims of the Nazi occupation.”
If this position is puzzling or if you wonder what is wrong with sharing Nazi victimhood, Haaretz answers:  “This line attempts to shift the light away from a growing body of research into cases of Polish cooperation and collaboration with the Nazis in the persecution of Jews. The effort to rewrite Polish history on Wikipedia joins Holocaust distortion efforts by Polish think tanks – picked up and echoed by nationalist media outlets – that try to increase the estimate of the number of Poles who perished during the so-called Polocaust, a term that has gained popularity in recent years and is used to describe the mass murder of non-Jewish Poles at the hands of the Nazis. Many times, this also includes minimizing the number of Jews who died during the Holocaust. And while this new Polish narrative has failed to make headway in academia or the world media, on Wikipedia it has thrived.”
Israel fights to prevent other nations from writing their own histories if such attempts seem to interfere with the most popular Jewish religion: the holocaust. Poland lost between three to six million of its sons and daughters between 1939-1945. This tragedy understandably compels  Poles to look into their past, to revise it and even to fetishize some elements of it.
Every day we read that Jewish pressure groups are publishing ‘alarming statistics’ about the rise of antisemitsm. If there is anyone who thinks that the attempt by Israel and Jewish bodies to dominate Poland’s past is likely to suppress antisemitism and make Jews loved in Poland please stand up.


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

12 responses to “Here Come the Polocaust Deniers”

  1. The British multilingual intell expert Sefton Delmar who was part of the documentation of the jewish holocaust said on radio many year back, the British under jewish control had to come up with a story that would explain the mass carpet bombing of German homes schools and hospitals, so the Holocaust story came into being.
    Sir Anthony Blunt said this before Delmar, that British hooray Henrys were drafted in to the RAF and told ” the war will be over by christmas join up now and give him a bloody nose”
    He said the pilots were joined by czechs and poles none of whom could speak english, they were given some quick rudimentay flying lessons and sent off to bomb Germany,
    but the military targets were defended, so many planes were kust dropping their bombs in the sea and coming home
    So to cover for this RAF cowardice Rothchild told churchill, bomb the undefended dormitory towns, leave the factories intact as i want to claim them after the war for reparations, so this is what happened, they could not fight the German army so took the war to their wives and children, John Colvile said churchill hada private cinema and would shout and laugh drunkenly when film of German cities were being destroyed by 1000 bomber attacks when the war was really over.
    The RAF also strafed refugee columns, a s they and the USAF did in iraq and libya.
    This reputation for cowardice has haunted the RAF to this day.
    The Moshe Dolom ons hour wa slistened to bya lot of people he interviewd one of the 5 dancing israelis, the weeks after he had David Cohen Isaac Geffen and another jew who told him the war against the gentile was already won, they admitted the jewish holocaust was a hoax, but said it wasa necesary one at that time

  2. This “Polish gas chambers” narrative is also a hoax. There is ZERO evidence that any gas chamber (ignoring potential experiments) was employed for extermination during WW2.
    Study Germar Rudolf’s story.

  3. Princess Diana went to Silfield primary school, this still exists and is at 85 Gayton Rd near the Q E hospital. Norfolk England.
    The head gardener there, i cannot remember his name, but he said as British troops pored into Germany at the wars end, he was shocked at the total appalling desolation,with very few buildings still standing, the whole country was a bombsite.
    This man as a young British soldier said he was part of a team who had to go round with flame throwers, kick in the doors to the cellars where people were suspected of hiding and ignoring any screams, give a 30 second burst into all cellars.
    He said he was following orders, the whole team were, but on kicking in one door heard a small baby cry, he called out, come out come out now !
    and a stream of starving dirty frightened German women with babies and small children came out blinking in the sunlight.
    He realised that there were no German men, all either dead or captured, and the FT Team ( flame thrower team ) had been burning women and children, he said the Russians and Americans were the worst shooting hundreds maybe thousands of surrendering German troops.
    The Russians on jedwish orders would order the women to come out and be gang raped any who ran were shot
    Those close to Churchill had told the FT Team that the killing of Germans was the most important goal of the war, he said no one really took much notice of Churchill as most orders he gave were when drunk, he later forgot what he said and changed the orders, this man said the ordinary soldiers hated Churchill.
    Its interesting with the recent Zio-encyclicals saying that the white Anglo-Saxon race must be exterminated, and it endorses what the old gardener to the School said when he was on the Flame Thrower team.

  4. HOLOCAUST ? yawn !!
    This is a statement from an old intelligence man on his death bed, i wrote it down as he dictated.
    lord Rothschild sent his 5 sons to the world capitals to instigate wars and then loan the money to carry them out.
    Before a world war the banks claw back every penny to then lend out at profit in the conflict.
    The 1917 Russian revolution is sometimes called the Jewish revolution because the Jews used communism to seize the country and the Czars huge monetary assets in the London and Paris banks.
    The remit of communism was to take the wealth of the people rich and poor and consolidate it in the hands of a very few called the elite, but done in such a way that the people thought it was being done for them, so Russia was robbed and thousands of churches were pillaged and burnt and millions of Christians murdered.
    Rothschild then concentrated on Britain, clawing out the money and the Jarrow hunger marches were in protest over those dying of starvation, as Lord Rothschild was telling his homosexual apostles that a communist government was coming to Britain, and he predicted it by the year 2000, he told them it may not be called that but that is what it would be.
    Germany under Adolf Hitler broke free of the international bank scammers and declared its own currency and the amazing success of this made the bankers worry as other countries could follow suit, many in England wanted to adopt the German economic system, and in the USA Charles Lindberg wanted to introduce it there, Lindberg was a hot favourite to run for political office, but the jews took his baby son and in a passover sacrifice of Rosh-Chodesh on March 1st ritually murdered the baby, Lindberg had to retire from the election race, and a half wit German national was charged with the crime and executed.
    So New York and London became the main areas of Jewish rebellion against the Germans who dared to throw out the jewbankers , Jewish led newspapers joined Hollywood and the BBC is issuing black hate propaganda to initiate a war on Germany, despite Neville Chamberlains 4 year secret study into the aims and directives of the Third Reich showing Germany had no intentions toward Britain, only to stop the constant threat of the Soviet communists.
    lord Rothschild from around 1933 but in particular in 1936 had bulletins read out in every synagogue across the UK
    saying jewish people prepare for war, get into any manufacturing concern that will accomodate this, and Herbert Morrison
    ( Peter Mandelson’s grandfather ) was posted by Winston Churchill as home Office procurement minister who made sure all MOD contracts went to fellow Jews.
    Jews were told especially from 1936 to buy up any small manufacturing concerns from making boots helmets shell cases uniforms, weaponry etc as war was coming.
    The Home Office would send out the order for what it wanted to these firms who would then say how much in materials it needed to complete the task, they always ordered almost double the material needed and some of these jewish firms found themselves very rich at the wars end.
    These jews would bribe members of parliament to demand the government order more uniforms more Hillman staff cars more Rifles or more army shirts or whatever the jewish owner wanted to sell more of,
    it was only after the war when huge stocks or army surplus took 45 years to sell off that the penny dropped the jews had robbed the British people again.
    I myself saw an East End button making firms wartime books, they made buttons for military tunics, and the profits were astronomical
    also some firms were using sheets of non ferrous metal, from wartime orders into the early 1960s
    one firm had a contract to make so many million gas masks, and to complete that contract were still making them in 1968 and they all lay rotting in a leaky warehouse.
    this is why jews were called ‘war profiteers’ what they gained in this way be it food for workers or whatever was often sold for cash
    and this was why jews were called ‘black marketeers’
    Churchill’s body guard Walter Thompson said Marks and Spensers dealt with all MOD food supplies and Burton tailoring made all the uniforms and demob suits, monetary kickbacks went to Herbert Morrison Winston Churchill and Lord Lendeman.
    However King George V was not happy with the jews push for war, and began to speak openly that he had seen his country smashed in W W 1 and would not allow it again, so Winston Churchill and Lord Rothschild spoke to the kings doctor Bertrand Dawson and the Kings doctor gave the King a fatal dose of Morphine, the King realised what they had done and his last words were to Dawson ‘god damn you ‘
    This murder was a state secret, but once an old intell whistelblower had told of it, the official statement was then released that the King was dying and they just sped his death up to meet the mornings papers deadline, what bollox, justice was later served as lord Dawson of Penn was himself silenced in march 1945.
    King Edward VIII we are told had to abdicate to marry Wallace Simpson, this is a lie, he was forced out by Churchill because he kept trying to make peace with Germany.
    Neville Chamberlain, listed as the most popular Prime Minister ever and one who wanted to keep Britain out of the war died mysteriously in November 1940, his death certificate said, ’causes unspecified ‘ this is such nonsense that the most important man in the land have this on his death certificate so this was later changed to bowel cancer, Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson claimed
    before his death that the deaths of Chamberlain the King Mahatma Ghandi and the intelligence chief Vernon Kell were among a batch of murders ordered by Rothschild for Churchill and Rothschild to oversee

  5. Patrick whistleblowers have told us there is nothing at all in any of the MI 6 archives
    on gas chambers jews going up the chimney or anythng similar
    Churchill wrote volumes on this ( mostly written by his secretaries as he was drunk through the war ) but not one mention by churchill of the holocaust on jews
    for a man who was in the pay of the jews you woud expect this, neither did De gaulle
    Truman EIsenhower in fact nome until 20 -25 years after
    the Rad Cross dont mention it RAMC dont mention it polish intell dont mention it neither does the NKVD or German or French intell, the extensive under ground vatican libraries
    dont mention it, and Bishop Wiliamson spent months going through letters in and out of the camps, camp documents health of inmate files, and the VBishop realised it was all a hoax
    like we have, its nice that many jews are now saying this too.

  6. I Love Gilad Atzmon as most Brits do
    At the outbreak of W W 1 the government said that the people of the UK responded with fervour and monetary war targets were met of raising £350 million ( about £37 billion in todays money) and from the public donations for its war loans scheme a further £250 million.
    However research from secret ledgers held in the Bank of England showed that this was a huge lie and that not only was the scheme to raise money from the public a total failure but the government colluded with the banks on faking up documents and signing what they knew to be false.
    John Gordon Nairne who was head of the Bank of England from 1902 to 1918 swore on oath under the “Statutory Declarations Act” that the money had been raised from the peoples donations.
    The government in order to wring the money out of the people embarked on a vicious trail of lies about Germany and its intentions, with Winston Churchill at its head, and even with this less than a third of public money targets were met, as the public just did not see the need for them to be involved in a Governments war, an excuse had to be found and the government settled on the murder of the Archduke of Sarajevo by a jewish fanatic, but the people had never even heard of Sarajevo and were not interested in going to war for some one and a place they had never heard of, hence all the newspaper propaganda, the Winston Churchill government were complicit in hiding all the peace offers from the Kaiser.
    Nairne and Ernest Harvey purchased the remaining war bonds in their own names with the Banks own money, under the orders of lord Rothschild, this was all hidden up under the title of “other securities.”
    Chris Cooper and Norma Cohen were researchers and whistleblowers at Queen Mary college Uni in London, said this is the first time government dishonesty about the war had been divulged, had this come out at the time it would have meant a propaganda victory for Germany and a collapse at home of public moral.
    Mark Stephens of Howard and kennedy solicitors has said had the banking fraud come to light both Nairne and Harvey would have gone to prison, and such a lack of response was seen by the public that the interest had to be raised from 3.5 % to 5.4% on the war bonds.
    Benjamin Disraeli the first Jewish Prime minister of the UK was finessed into office by Rothschild to ferment the basis of the war, and blackmail to get the 1917 Balfour declaration through was used extensively.
    Further documents in the vault show that we fought the war primarily for Rothschild, and he loaned us the money at huge interest to pay for for his war.
    Peter wright who wrote the masterpiece Spycatcher, had to take out the first chapter which dealt with jewish connivance in 2 world wars, through threat of legal action, but inferred what the First World war was really about.
    The pressure to involve America in the coming war started in 1909, long before the actual assassination of the Archduke.
    Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the Committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee’s investigation. The Committee stated: ” There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people. That leads them to a question: How do we involve the United States in a big new war.
    So the decision was made to involve the United States in a war so that the “life of the entire people could be altered to suit our purposes.”
    This was the conclusion of a foundation supposedly committed to “peace.”
    M I 5 archive section has few documents left as much has been purged, but Rothschild agent JP Morgan sold heavy weapons and ammunition including 6 million bullets which were on the Lusitania when it was sunk, this was Churchill’s ploy to bring the USA into the war.
    The true story of the sinking of the Lusitania is on the net by ex intel whistleblower T Stoakes now long dead on this website Truthseeker co uk
    W W 2 has long been called by experts “Rothschilds war ” these documents proved beyond any doubt that W W 1 was also Rothschilds war.

  7. The gas chamber narrative is a hoax to switch blame of war crimes. There’s no evidence of gas chambers in Germany or Poland. The crematorium is another hoax, why waste energy during the war when bodies can be pitched into a ditch?

    During war the gun is the efficient execution device as the prisoner can be marched up to the ditch, or told to stand in the ditch. No soldier wants to drag dead bodies around. The narrative that German soldiers dug up frozen ground in the middle of winter to turn Jew bodies into smoke is ludicrous. Go try digging up frozen ground – it is like concrete.

    So why the gas chamber and oven hoax? If you are manufacturing a victim count of 6 million you have to account for the bodies – gas chambers and ovens makes fake bodies disappear. If you said the Nazis executed Jews in ditches they would still be there with bullet holes.

    The excavation shows dead bodies with no bullet holes because they died of disease or starvation. All the evidence supports work camps, not death camps.

    So why this false narrative? The religious Jew views himself as superior to the goy, so how could the superior Jew, chosen by God, find himself in an inferior position? The book says they are better with a covenant with Almighty God. But WW2 proved that untrue, and many Jews lost their faith. Others decided to wax hate on the Gentiles with a false narrative.

    The official narrative is actually defamation against the Germans, post war false accusations for political and monetary gain. Jews don’t want any competition as the milk the Holocaust gravy train. As the article points out the allies were anxious to shift their war crimes on the losers.

    Now how do you explain the vile hatred against the Nazis coming out of Hollywood for the last 70 years? Jews can’t let it go, they are still mad as hell. Every movie has a Hitler or Nazi trope. The reason I alluded to earlier, the superior chosen one is like the little spoiled brat having a hysterical fit when they find out Santa Claus wasn’t real. The God of the Jews is not real, it is a concocted story of previous myths woven into a fantastic tale of spiritual redemption. Like Neale Donald Walsch says WE GOT GOD ALL WRONG.

    The tale of Moses leading the tribe around the desert for 40 years, because God is bad at directions, is like the Holocaust story, full of holes. Moses was monotheist Akhenaten some say. The biggest joke on the believers was the intense Israeli archeology looking for evidence of King David in Palestine desert. Nope. What fools, the stories are fake, just like the Holocaust. All these Bible dupes actually went out in the searing heat and dug holes in desert sands based on fairy tales.

    Jews lie, period. They live inside a cocoon of lies and self deceptions. There is no objective reality, Jews believe their imagined lies over hard evidence, they are intellectual frauds which is why so many question the Einstein story.

  8. Not surprised by the Jewish response to the Polocaust. The self centered view of many Jews is beyond comprehension with no consideration for even the possibility of a real Polocaust. But yet the Poles lost more than the Jews did. The brain washing of the good and common Jew is now considered complete by the Zionist New World “Odor”

  9. Atop the free money pyramid of disaster
    Insider trading is in the eye of the master.
    Swindled, cheated, deceived, and deprived
    Little Tommy could no longer stand the lies.
    So, off he went to talk to the press
    “The Zerts,” he said, “have made all of this mess.’

    “No, young man. How dare you glower.
    Don’t you realize the source of our power.”
    Quickly they then put him under arrest
    And brought him to court to see if he could pass the test.

    After the trial when the reasons came down
    The judge told Tommy with a very sad frown,
    “There shall be no determination
    Lest there be another extermination.
    The Zerts they say have had their fill
    And want you to get out of their till.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting more
    So long as you just keep buying at their store”

  10. Thanks yukon jack, really good stuff
    The word ” Jew” means believer, but they dont, they dont believe
    only in hate revenge and theft.

  11. We in the UK are sick to death of hearing about Holocaust stuff every day its a racket to get money even people in Gemany are believng this crap
    Thank god for Ursula Haverbeck who lived near a work camp and knew what went on
    also Ernst Zundel and Robert Faurisson who have all sufered for truthtelling
    The proposed Holocaust memorial on the banks of the Thames has outraged local people
    who want the homeless helped before winter, not monuments to something that never happened
    Thanks to Gilad Atzmon for being a good human being

  12. What the authors of the fifty-year-old “Holocaust” narrative were afraid of was the fact that the Poles might one day tell the world about the double betrayal of Poland by its Jewish elites in September 1939 — and in particular their disgraceful collaboration with Poland’s Soviet invaders, which resulted in the arrests of over a million members of the country’s Christian elite. Hence the need to blacken the name of the entire Polish nation: