‘Repeated offenders’ banned from climate discussion

Sky News Australia – Sept 23, 2019

5 responses to “‘Repeated offenders’ banned from climate discussion”

  1. Kid of hip in a suit of luster
    What bullshit now you muster
    Are you sure to be sure
    To take from the poor
    A one sided debate
    Is not human fate
    So back on your bike
    and go see a psych.
    There will always be
    A tomorrow for we.

  2. I started the “Global Warming is a Gigantic Hoax” blog on Google Blogger back in 2009 and it was taken down with no warning or explanation. I went to wordpress and same thing. 40 blogs of mine just gone with no reason in the purge. I found out later that Google literally had Mossad agents purging their stacks of information they didn’t like.

    I went on a Time magazine forum and as soon as I posted my logical and science based facts they banned and gaslighted me. They literally kept me from replying while they brought in professional hacks to destroy my arguments NOT LETTING ME RESPOND.

    I can tell you first hand that whoever is behind the global warming hoax has real power. If you find some blog you don’t like see if you can make it disappear. Climate change is a new religion and they don’t tolerate heretics, and in fact if you deny global warming that is a sin like denying the Holocaust. Same people same mentality.

    The joke, of course, is that Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit what these lunatics think and we are in an Ice Age at the end of an interglacial, for the next several thousand years the temps will keep falling just like they have at the end of previous interglacials.


    What you need to know is that most of humanity is delusional and insane – and now these crazies are taking over the asylum – reason, logic, and scientific method are distained for emotions and political agenda.

    Notice how real environmental issues are ignored while all the media hoopla is all focused on a non-existent crisis of warming caused by two trace gases of CO2 and CH4 which are measured in parts per million and parts per billion.

    Anyone who thinks cow farts are a threat are batshit cra cra insane.

  3. Clearly the biggest source of pollution is not the hot air from cow’s asses but from all the the human asses right from the head-up-ass elies down through their prostituted scientific community, to their farcical news media and their corrupt hack politicians, to all the brainwashed junkies of political correctness constantly farting out their fake climate-change and global-warming mantras.

  4. hallo SKY News from Australia . I am a climate change denier , a negationist of the holohoax a whistleblower of Australian secret of state ( remember the Chief justice from the Hight Court with a false family background ? ) . Therefore I am a repeated offender and you and the ASIO, CIA , MI5 + 6 creeps cannot do anything to me , You should all consider giving up you despicable profession and dedicate yourself to training donkeys , you might be more successful . After decades of your monitoring , following , interfering with my private life you achieved zero . I am determined that we humans, must get rid of the the nefarious influence in governments of the tribe from Hell that controls Australia , and all Western Europe and the America.
    Signed : escapee from OZ

  5. I hear Satan is a liar. There are quite a few liars around; they abound! They astound by their unbelievably grotesque and shameless hypocrisy. But I must agree with Yukon Jack:

    Satan Yawhu is the biggest liar of them all!!!

    And the US Congress Hypocritters have been giving Bibitte and the zews, a very long
    standing ovation…What does that say about US politicians, their “values”, and the shitstem they promote?!

    Here is yet another pathetic, disingenuous and ignorant “activist” selected by the
    marketing geniuses who “work” for the Propagangsta Banksta Satanists (PBS):

    Greta Thunberg to world leaders: ‘How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my

    Thunberg is ‘not the messiah, she is an extremely anxious girl’

    General Jones jokes about Jewish merchants


    I think I’ll go outside now and set fire to an old tire dump…{smiles}