Yemeni Rebels Warn Iran Plans Another Strike Soon

Introduction – Sept 22, 2019

Abqaiq processing facility ablaze. Click to enlarge

The following Wall Street Journal report contradicts itself and exposes how it was probably written at the behest of U.S. intelligence.
In the very first sentence it reports that the Houthi have warned that Iran is “preparing a follow-up strike” to the one that hit Saudi oil facilities on Sept 14. Readers will recall that the Houthis claimed responsibility for this.
However, in the fifth paragraph the WSJ reports that a Houthi spokesman had denied that the group had delivered any such warning.
The giveaway that this report is probably disinformation is its source. No names are given nor how they know but according to the WSJ this information is based on what “people familiar with the matter said.”
In other words “these people” could easily be U.S. intelligence analysts who are passing on their views to the WSJ.
The Houthis claimed responsibility for the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities on Sept 14. Yet the WSJ’s source implies that Iran, not the Houthis, was responsible.
This fits in with the ongoing U.S. narrative that seeks to implicate Iran in the attack. Thereby providing President Trump with a pretext to launch a strike on Iran, should he decide to do so.
To add insult to injury, the Wall Street Journal expects you to pay for what is essentially disinformation. Ed.

Yemeni Rebels Warn Iran Plans Another Strike Soon

Dan Nissenbaum – Wall Street Journal Sept 21, 2019

Houthi militants in Yemen have warned foreign diplomats that Iran is preparing a follow-up strike to the missile and drone attack that crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil industry a week ago, people familiar with the matter said.

Leaders of the group said they were raising the alarm about the possible new attack after they were pressed by Iran to play a role in it, these people said.

It couldn’t be determined how serious the threat was and Houthi claims have long been met with skepticism by Western officials. But Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have both received the information, according to people briefed on the warnings.

Saudi Arabia has beefed up its security in response, according to people familiar with the moves. Saudi Arabian officials are concerned about an another attack on the oil industry or a strike on civilian airports, including the one in Riyadh, the capital.

Mohammed Abdul Salam, the Houthi spokesman, denied Saturday that the group had delivered any warning to foreign diplomats about potential Iranian attacks. A spokesman for Iran’s U.N. mission in New York didn’t respond Saturday to requests for comment.

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have accused the Houthi forces of falsely claiming to have carried out the Saudi attack to cover up the role Tehran allegedly played in orchestrating the sophisticated airstrike, an accusation that Iran and the Houthis have denied.

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  1. So the Houthis have become some kind of early warning indicators to the US and their proxies. Sheer propaganda. that´s what it is.