Quasi-Bible of the New World Order

Justinian Deception – June 4, 2017

4 responses to “Quasi-Bible of the New World Order”

  1. The incredible infatuation with the Jew Bible absolutely astounds me. Who cares which Bible they use to enslave us, all Jewish religious texts are enslavement memes for the Goyim. Humans are a slave specie and some say the Anunnaki created us as slaves and the God Yahweh is really an Anunnaki slave master. Sounds correct to me.

    Who cares if you have to kneel before some Pope in a bedtime costume and be forced to kiss his ring or be dragged in chains before a magistrate or stand trial because you said or did something some mother f-cking Jew priest at the ADL didn’t like. It is all slavery. Anyone holding some Bible in awe of God is a pathetic slave and not worth spit. All Bibles should be immediately burned or used for toiler paper, that is, if you have even one little bit of lifeforce still in you and want to be free.

    How did the state get power to force laws down our throats? The claim authority over us. Well who gave them that authority when it is plain as day obvious no one has one bit of authority over another? Where did this magical authority to one’s self come from? From the Bible – that is why it is in courts (some have removed it).

    The authority of the court comes from one place – myth of an external agency called God which has authority over all creation including us. It is myth, it is not true, yet it is the primary assumption of the Holy Bible. God has authority because it (illegally and immorally) created us. If you believe that you are doomed, and if you do then go kneel before your local Jew supremacist and put your neck on the chopping block because you are already dead.

  2. Well I have a question for the most intelligent person on this planet. if there is no God then how did we get here? Why are we here? Just so happened everything lined up perfect for our creation out of thin air huh. You got a lot of faith if you belive that.

  3. Nobody is forced to kiss the Pope’s ring. It’s a feudal act of submission to a noble’s authority. Feud means oath, by the way.

  4. But there’s nothing in this Jerusalem Bible version for Roman Catholics that offers any support for the pagan practices that define Romanism. And here’s a view that challenges its “booster” (surrounded by nature):

    “In conclusion we may describe this ambitious work as attractive in format, vigorous in expression, often felicitous and vital in its wording. But its cavalier treatment of the Received Text renders it unsafe for doctrinal study or biblical exposition. It often translates an original text which never existed except in the imagination of the translation committee. Its perspective is quite identical to that of liberal Protestantism, apart from occasional concessions to modern archeological discovery (as in the well-written introduction to Psalms, in which the writer comes out clearly for Davidic authorship of at least a few of them, and casts doubts upon Maccabean composition of any of them). It is rather strange that such a modern translation failed to adopt the modern usage of capital letters for pronouns referring to Deity (although of course “Church” is capitalized!); nor did it see fit to use quotation marks, in violation of universal modern practice. Only a reader of professional training will be equipped to use this Jerusalem Bible with profit, capitalizing on its virtues and avoiding its errors and its anti-supernaturalistic bias.” — Gleason Archer, “The Old Testament of The Jerusalem Bible,” Westminster Theological Journal 33 (May 1971), pp. 191-94.