TV Pushes Miscegenation

Renegade Tribune – Sept 16, 2019

9 responses to “TV Pushes Miscegenation”

  1. Who remembers that song. ” What we need is a great big melting pot…”. Take away the catchy tune and the lyrics amount to the UN Agenda 2030/NWO plan.

  2. The full meaning of these TV ads is that it dispaces Black women
    it is a major hate crime against a sector of society that feels powerless
    to combat this racism.
    TV subliminals are an effective weapon against already dumbed down and mind programmed white women, to put into their m ind that white women need to be with black
    men is horrifically racist and something onlya jew would think up
    Several studioes have shown that mixed race marriages dont work, you are best with your own people and even born near to where you were, this is the formula for success

  3. Yes all the “five eyes” countries have these miscegenation promo adverts on all the time.

    Okay…now tune in the lesbian jewess ELLEN DEGENERATE….Her program features a predominantly European women audience….which is somewhat unusual for these shows….and most of them seem to be middle class in appearance….this is also uncommon.
    But the half mad Ellen Degenerate is not finished there because she has her tame “house negro” performing a variant of an African tribal dance between the isles of the audience….
    Ellen Degenerate APPEARS to a joking laughing friendly host… .infact looks can be deceiving…she seems to enjoy humiliating her audience members with her pathetic games.She has homosexuals handing out big cardboard cheques….in a display of humility and generosity….much like you occasionally find with dictators in totalitarian countries.
    It wouldn’t be a exaggeration to say Degenerous is quite possibly evil…..she is certainly nuts.

  4. Only Black women are strong enough to keep Black men in check and make sure they behave themselves. Especially when it comes to fisticuffs!

  5. Globo Homo and Miscegenation brought to you by the grabbler.
    Turn it off.
    Boycott these MFs.
    Speak up in all instances.
    That’s all.

  6. What is the REAL reason why whites should not breed with blacks? That answer depends on whether Sitchin’s theories are correct. Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself:

    According to The Lost Book of Enki humans were created by Anunnaki geneticists, they wanted slaves for gold mining, so they first tried direct breeding with the local hominids, when that failed Enki used his DNA to fertilize a Homo Erectus egg and then by invitro Ninmah the Anunnaki nurse was impregnated.

    According to that book and all the cuneiform material the book is drawn from they did not stop there, they kept upgrading the human slave specie. The first human was an unfertile male Adamu which was used to make the first female Tiamat. This is the source of the Bible story of Adam and Eve. But both were unfertile hybrids. So they added sex chromosomes.

    Once they had a breeding population Enki once again ADDED HIS GENES to the mix. He found the best two looking females and impregnated them making the first civilized humans the Adapites race. Later he crossbred again making modern humans, the Noah line who he saved from the Anunnaki engineered flood.

    So according to this story, all of the current humans on earth are the survivors of the catastrophe and the breeding program. According to Sitchin, whites have the most Enki DNA. (Don’t believe a word I say, read it for yourself.) Noah was born blond haired, blue eyed with fair white skin – which startled the breeders meaning they didn’t exist until then. Enki defied his clan and violated a direct order for saving his progeny.

    Thus to understand the current Jewish sponsored race wars on earth then just examine the story – Jews claim origin with the Adamic race. They are (trying) to keep their bloodline pure. For whites, God (Enki) doesn’t want you diluting his genes. Right? To breed with a less pure Enki DNA race is to go against God’s plan.

    Just sayin’ the obvious. I write this because no one anywhere is talking about any of this and why whites should not crossbreed with the older races. BTW I AM NOT RACIST. What I present here is the logic found in Sitchin’s theory.

  7. Mixing with YT ppl is like adding milk 2 UR coffee. There will come a time when U’ll just have milk.

  8. So what does the word “racist” mean..? -that you like to race..? Or that you are of a race..?
    It is a totally empty idiot word meaning NOTHING.