Former President of Microsoft Canada Tells Us That the Danger of 5G Is Very Real

Michigan Safe Technology — Sept 14, 2019

3 responses to “Former President of Microsoft Canada Tells Us That the Danger of 5G Is Very Real”

  1. Passing legislation to prevent any legal action suits being brought for harm from 5G is a step too far. If everyone affected in any way gets together to start a class action suit against those responsible for installations in their area, this attack on society can be stopped. Now that the public has become the target of criminal governments who are closely aligned with the criminal corporations behind the technology, we must all take action or watch our children die.

  2. This is very serious stuff. Please share far and wide.
    This is not some wild and woolly You Tube alarmist Fake Technology.
    Read to the end, we owe it to our children, and theirs..

  3. Good luck informing the comatose self indulging ignorant egotists. We will have to look out for ourselves since society at large has been completely brainwashed and is now completely mind controlled by the gadgets they love so much. Good luck convincing them that their toys are poisonous and don’t make any attempt to take them away ! Common sense has been usurped by dollar daze. I am penny wise in a pound foolish world !
    How about you.

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