Time To End The Jewish Fed

Brother Nathanael Kapner – Real Jew News Sept 11, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

6 responses to “Time To End The Jewish Fed”

  1. Well said….but HOW are the carriers to be removed?.And there is another factor at work here.Once they get their third world war started….they’ll want to depopulate….at least Lebanon in an ethnic cleansing operation……so jews abroad will have to be forced to go and live there.
    But of course they WONT stay there…they’ll probably head to Asia…..remember the strange movement of Jews to China early last century…..they have now vanished into thin air…..intermarrying with locals and creating the nucleus of a new network matching what they have established in western countries…..that means that there are probably already Jews established in the Chinese media and banking.(Interestingly…it is still possible to identify some of the Jews in the Indian movie industry because of their names…..no doubt the Jews will adopt names like Kirk Douglas….whose real name is some weird long Eastern European name.)

  2. Mao Tse Tung had just 2% of support from the Chinese people
    but Rothschild in 1950 went to see him, and said Communism is the way forward for the world
    Communism has been defined by experts as ” putting the power and the money of the people into the hands of the few” ( jews)
    Rothschild said there is much gold in the temples of Tibet, go use it to pay for the invasion and making China communist, he said when the jews took Palestine in 1948 no one did a thing and so it will be with Tibet
    Dr David Cohen has been telling us that the jews since the 1700s were planning 3 world wars, i will hide my kids no way are they going to any jew wars
    we need to sort out israel, thats the only step for world peace

  3. yes we love this guy and hes right we need to end the Fed and Bank of England

  4. Demand eveyone’s silver and gold coinage back – nothing else will do.
    See a lawful challenge to central banking legal tender at the link https://deuteronomy4verse2.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/price-instability/

  5. The real problem that EVERYONE is missing, is the Estate/legal fiction/strawman, whatever you want to call it, ARE YOU FICTION OR ARE YOU REAL? Get your head out of your ass, people..

  6. Brother Nathanael Kapner is one of the greatest truth tellers of all time. He deserves all our support.