The End of Israel

Gilad Atzmon – Sept 12, 2019

The lesson to be drawn from the current Israeli political stalemate is that Israel is imploding, breaking into the elements it has never managed to integrate into one. The schism is no longer the more quotidian dichotomy of Ashkenazi vs. Arab Jews (aka Sephardim); this divide is ideological, religious, spiritual, political, ethnic and cultural. Nor does it break down to Left and Right, Jewish Israelis are politically with the right even when they pretend to be ‘Left.’ Although some of the most astute critical voices of Israeli politics and Jewish fundamentalism are Israelis (such as Gideon Levi, Shlomo Sand, Israel Shamir and others), there is no political Israeli Left. Israeli politics break down into a lot of extreme right voters and many ordinary hawks. The Arab Joint List Party is practically the only Left party in the Israeli Knesset. This should not be surprising any more. Jewish Left, as I have been arguing for many years, is an oxymoron; Jewishness is a form of tribal identification and Left is universal. The ‘tribal’ and the ‘universal’ are like oil and water, they do not mix very well.
What is peculiar about the Israeli political divide is that the Israelis are more united than ever in their nationalist beliefs and in the primacy of their Jewish symptoms. Why is it, if the Israelis are so unified, that no one can form a government in their so-called ‘Jewish State’?
Avigdor Lieberman, formerly an enthusiastic Netanyahu ally and himself a radical Jewish nationalist, delved into the Israeli political deadlock yesterday. He maintained that the elections had already been decided: “The ultra-Orthodox and Messianic bloc reaches 62-61 seats.” The leader of the rabid nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu said, “If there is no voting rate of at least 70% in Gush Dan and Sharon, the Halacha government will be established.”
Basically, Lieberman said that unless secular Israelis in Tel Aviv go to the polls, they should expect to live in a Halacha State under an ultra right wing Netanyahu government.  Lieberman appears to hold the key to Israel’s political stability. Although he and Netanyahu are ideological twins regarding Israeli security and nationalist matters, the two are bitter rivals who fight aggressively against each other. Netanyahu has known for a few years that, absent a strong ultra right wing government, he can expect to spend some time behind bars, an adventure that has become common for Israel’s prime political figures.  Netanyahu’s natural partners are the ultra right parties and the orthodox parties. Ideologically, Lieberman should also feel comfortable within such a political coalition but Lieberman has made a crucial political decision, essential for his political survival. A while back he grasped that his political home base, Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, many of them barely Jewish and subjected to constant rabbinical terror, regard the Jewish Orthodox parties as their ultimate foes. Many of these Russian and Ukrainian Jews hold ultra right wing political positions but also see the Rabbis as an imminent threat to their survival.
Theoretically, Lieberman could broker a huge unity coalition with Netanyahu at the top, joined by Blue and White (Kachol Lavan) and its three right wing field marshals, Lieberman’s own party and probably the Labour party. Such a coalition would hold around 80 Knesset seats, more than enough to sustain a strong government but this coalition would refuse to guarantee Netanyahu’s immunity.
Netanyahu gambles instead on a weak ultra right wing religious government, a government that may not hold for very long but would buy more time for its PM to stay out of jail.
This conflict at the heart of Israeli politics is a window into the Jewish state and its fears. Israel is rapidly becoming an Orthodox Jewish state. Israel’s Orthodox Jews are the fastest growing group in the country. They are also the country’s poorest population, 45 percent live below the poverty line in segregated communities. Ordinarily, one would expect the poor to support the left, but Israeli Torah Jews are rabid nationalists and openly lend their support to Benjamin Netanyahu and his party.
Prof. Dan Ben-David of Tel Aviv University warned recently that Israel could cease to exist in a couple of generations. He pointed to the astonishingly high birth rate among ultra Orthodox Jews and predicted that, based on current trends, they will comprise 49% of Israel’s population by 2065. The ultra Orthodox parties are destined to dominate the Knesset within a generation or less. Ben David  predicts that their dependence on Israel’s welfare system will lead to a rapid decline is Israel’s economy. This is economically damaging enough and is made worse by the refusal of most rabbinical schools to incorporate standard Western subjects such as mathematics, science and English into their core curriculum. Consequently, Israel is educating a growing percentage of its population in a fashion that fails to equip them to contribute to the needs of a hi-tech society that is immersed in a conflict for survival.
The picture that comes across is peculiar. As Israel becomes increasingly Jewish and fundamentalist in its nationalist and religious ethos, it has also become more divided on everything else. The Russian immigrants find it impossible to live alongside the ultra Orthodox and vice versa. The secular enclave in Tel Aviv is committed to seeing their metropolis as an extension of NY. The Israeli Left has morphed into an LGBT hasbara unit. It has practically removed itself from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Jewish settlers adhere to the concept of a ‘Two Jewish States Solution.’ They want to see the West Bank become a Jewish land. Orthodox Jews are barely concerned with any of these political issues. They well know that the future of the Jewish state belongs to them. All they need to do is sustain a productive secular Jewish minority to serve as their milk cow.  On top of all of that we face Bibi’s survival wars that threaten to escalate any minute into a world conflict.
In light of all of this, the Palestinians are in relatively good shape.. They simply need to survive. Israel seems to be Israel’s fiercest enemy.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

10 responses to “The End of Israel”

  1. I think many jews know the truth of what Gilad says but are afraid to speak out.
    I watched a compelling vid last night about the theory that Adolf Hitler lived out his last days in the Scottish highlands, a sheep farmer spoke about the man who rarely left his home, and the milkman who claimed everyone knew the man was Hitler, a pleasant kind man who would only come out to the bowls club to play,
    how strange that no one gave him away, when jews were offering big money for information on where German nationals from the war now lived

  2. kathy that vid of Hitler in sacotland had been removed from Youtube and it was very convincing, the people who spoke on it sounded so genuine.
    But The Hitler expert Simon kaplan who had the full force on Mossad and every jew in the world looking out for German nationals in the decades following the war
    said all these stories of Hitler in scotland Chile Argentina and Israel are all bunk
    faked up FBI files and so on, are just nonsense

  3. Israel pretends it has a religious basis for its existence. Yet it lies about the origins of the majority Ashkenazi population. It was founded on the Rothschild deception of fractional reserve banking, and requires false flag atrocities like 9/11, 7/7 for its satellites to prosecute warfare in the Middle East on its behalf. So how can any entity based on human evil proclaim any divine destiny ? This is what I’m gradually beginning to realise about the Zionist entity: it can only march on over corpses and trample truth itself.

    The requirement to prop up this entity – which is perhaps just a part of what we call the NWO – indirectly effects many academic disciplines. From economics and history to medicine and astrophysics. Truth itself not just in the limited areas pertaining to Israel itself is being suppressed. We are living in a Dark Age period. I have tended to regard evil as an emergent quality arising from human actions that we ascribe to this phenomena; I’m not so sure now, and am half wondering whether evil itself is the driving force behind all this.

  4. I also saw the youtube vid on Hitler in Scotland
    i cant find it now so its been removed, they interviewed 5 people, the milkman was the most convincing, i half believed until i looked up the top experts who said he died in the bunker

  5. Israel has to end, they keep saying they will rule the world or destroy it and having 400 nukes it would be easy.The stuxnet virus they sent to iran destroyed japan
    Israel said they would go to war rather than pay reparations, which means send in the stupid americans.
    I never beliived the Hitler in Scotland thing, OK the guy looked and spoke like him but how many others did ? some idiots say he lived in argentina or Chile or went to israel
    the experts still say he died in the bunker

  6. Come Tuesday elections in Israhell, will Satanyahu get elected again? What will he do to stay in power? Nuke false flag?

    I say Bibi Netanyahu IS THE ANTICHRIST, and I say he WILL DO ANYTHING.

  7. @ Yukon Jack

    1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist
    shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the
    last time.
    22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is
    antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  8. @ Duke

    “Time to wake up and smell the coffee.”

    Why not wake up from the Bible spell and read “Caesar’s Messiah” by Joseph Atwill? You can read it for free online. The Gospels were written by the Roman state, Matthew Mark Luke and John are all pen names of Flavian authors.

    Making divine threats like “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” is what a low life scum like you are good at because you have no proof of your faith.

    Joseph Atwill proves beyond any doubt that Jesus is a 100% invented character. He proves beyond any doubt that Jesus’s 3 year ministry is the 3 year military campaign of Titus Flavian – he calls it the Flavian signiture. You ought to read up on this because you sound like an idiot to me you doesn’t know a thing about reality.

    Jesus the Christ never existed, denying that which doesn’t exist is sane, asserting belief without proof is insane. You are insane Duke and it is the Bible that has made you insane, so why not wake up from the Jew black magic spell and reclaim your own mind? I shall now call you Dupe, a most fitting title for a man who can’t seem to figure out that he has been completely duped by Bible text.

  9. ” You are insane Duke and it is the Bible that has made you insane, so why not wake up from the Jew black magic spell and reclaim your own mind? I shall now call you Dupe, a most fitting title for a man who can’t seem to figure out that he has been completely duped by Bible text. ”

    John 10:20 And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him?

  10. @Dupe It is never to late to try to regain yourself and own your own mind – but you have to actually want to be free and want personal sovereignty over evil Jewish literature that possesses your mind rendering your inability to reason and reply in a sane manner.

    What you do is simply read my response, see a word like “antichrist” and you remember in your programming the Bible verse that has that word in it, you look it up or recall from memory and then post it as a reply. Sometimes it makes no sense in the conversation, but you do the best you can to defend the memeplex that is lodged in your mind and brain. What I am saying is that you lack the ability to reason, to read and comprehend what I write and what I mean and then make a meaningful or even inspired response.

    You think I have some problem like I am the devil, but it is you in your state of faith that is the “devil” in this world. By reading, memorizing, and repeating Bible memes you spread this mental infection and the result of million of Bible bots like yourself the planet is now infested with rabid Bible believers loyal to Israel and hell on earth. You have empowered Jews and Israel, and you don’t understand that it is not prophecy manifesting but quite literally humans possessed by a rigid uncompromising religious memeplex that is spreading like cancer and devouring humankind.

    So I am not the devil like you think, you operate in an informational deficit caused by being in a state of negative knowledge by believing the Bible and making it your truth. What you don’t know is that the fundamental concepts like sin are not real, there is no such thing as “sin” and thus no one needs Jesus the Christ because no one needs to be forgiven, because no person is ever separated from God by sin like the Christian apologists claim.

    Peace brother and good luck cause you need it!